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  1. Greetings from fabulous Peoria, IL! LOL


    Ok so you know of a place that has good rates on condos? We are staying at the Cabana Bay this year, as we did last year. Yeah its pricey but its a cool place I guess. But I think I need to start looking for a cheaper alternative if Uni is gonna start jacking up the prices like they did this year.

    1. hunnylvr


      Did I respond to you on this?  I just went in to update my profile to put our business name on there because I REALLY want our Nightmares peeps to come play.. 


      Anyway, I happened to see this.  I don't remember getting a notification.  I can tell you that my family's condo is in Kissimmee (about 20 minutes to Uni from there - 10 mins to Disney).  It's in the Sweetwater Club condos... If you Google search that "Sweetwater Club Kissimmee for rent", you will see a bunch of them.  Usually they are about $50 per night average - 3 bedrooms, two baths, plenty of space, club house, pool, fitness room, grills, tennis courts, etc.   Can't beat it

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