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  1. Maybe drive? Not sure how all this works. That is insanity though. I am lucky that I'm coming from Chicago. We never had huge spikes here.. and we are in Phase 4. My heart just hurts that all this happened.. I feel bad for all the people affected, and I'm absolutely shattered that the BIG ANNIVERSARY YEAR will suffer for this.. no matter what.
  2. Same I haven't bought plane tix yet because I am unsure if the event will happen. If it DOES happen, I don't know if we will get Frequent Fear which makes it better for us to travel down for several different weekends. If we have to pay for each night individually, that could get VERY expensive. All that being said.. if the event happens, I would literally have to be dead to miss it. This is what i look forward to all year long. If i have to sweat my ass off wearing a mask the whole time to do it, I will. Screw this virus.!
  3. I could definitely do without Chucky as well. I absolutely HATE Chucky.. but I've said that before here. We need some things that haven't been done in the last couple of years (i.e. No more Chucky, Stranger Things or TWD). I'm ok with Uni Monsters because that is timeless and so much can be done with it. Monsters was my fave house last year. I'd love to see more of it.
  4. Not sure what you mean about the "A&D structure" because David is definitely still involved. I know because he's my friend. Also, Dylan has been getting in on it as well. He did a lot for Nightingales last year.. A lot of great minds doing great things. Can't wait to see what happens this year!
  5. Kind of a condescending remark. Further, who the hell has "fallen for the marketing"? If it was only about the marketing, I wouldn't still be attending after 16 straight years. It's about the creativity, the adrenaline, the love of horror, the camaraderie, the fun, the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR extended into two whole months! I get that Universal is a business first, no matter what. I get that the whole idea is to cater to the GP because they make up the most of the attendees. However, let's not forget that those of us who are rabid fans of this event are also, by default, sometimes their best marketing. We buy all the merch, and we wear it every where. People comment on the shirts, and we are thrilled to be able to talk about HHN to someone who doesn't know. We preach it like a religion, and we, therefore, also help to grow the "GP" at the event. I have worn my HHN shirts all over this country and in other countries as well, and I have lost count as to the many comments I get on those shirts and how many conversations I've had about HHN. Also, A&D doesn't discount its core fan base. They enjoy giving us whatever they can related to HHN history or to horror classics or whatever. I don't care about what Marketing says or does - to me, they are incompetent regarding this event. Too many tropes and cliches - they lose perspective as well as opportunity. A&D know how to pull the triggers, get the reactions and keep the fans. That's how you convert the GP into the crazies like us and organically grow this thing every year. I'm kind of tired of this whole snobby, eye-rolling reaction whenever the rabid fans wax nostalgic on a friggin site whose sole existence is for HHN. Let's keep a little perspective here.
  6. Frankly, I'm thrilled GOT never made it. There is so much better out there for house purposes. Did I miss something? What's the issue with the lagoon show? Is it not going to be a different version of Mayhem each year?
  7. First - hello all - long time.. excited to be back reading spec for this year. I would LOVE it if they finally got a Conjuring house. I've said for ages that I thought the original Conjuring movie was the scariest horror movie in 10 years. I was so disappointed that it was pulled due to legal issues a couple years go. Other than that - my wish list is the same as it has been for years. I figure if I keep repeating it, maybe some day, one or all of these will happen: Phantasm - I've wished and wished for this every single year. I've told TJ and Aiello and David Hughes directly that we needed this. Hope I planted a seed. Stephen King - yes, I know. I, of all people, know of his resistance to allowing a haunt to do a house based on his stuff. But, I can still wish. However, as SK himself says, "Wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which fills first." Bloody Mary - if they were able to bring her back, I would lose my mind Legendary Truth - how can we have a HUGE anniversary year without LT??? Body Collectors - another version of BC would be great. We've had SO MUCH FUN in the BC houses previously. The actors have been amazing, and they all play with us An original as breathtaking as Winter's Night A scarezone in Central Park like Grown Evil - one of my faves of all time Monster of Mayhem Part 2 in Lagoon And here is my last big one: A "limited edition HHN only Horror Makeup Show". I've laid this out many times, but it's a new spec year, so I'll do it again. Every year at HHN, we walk by the Horror Makeup Show and wonder aloud why this isn't used at a HORROR event. There are always so many of us asking for more shows.. so why not use one of the best gems they have sitting RIGHT THERE? Theme the limited edition show to include whatever content is out there for that year.. create a script around that. Play some clips from the trailers of whatever IPs are being featured that year. Give a little makeup / FX history in the script for those same IPs. It's pretty much a no-brainer.. and they would fill that little theater for every single show. It would also be the humor show we've all been missing since the loss of B&T - but this would be better because the humor would be tailored to the event and the jokes wouldn't be stale. I presented this idea to A&D last year.. the response was "can I steal that idea?". YES, YES YOU CAN. Let's all start hoping now.
  8. I think I only agree with you on Ghostbusters. That should be #1 on everyone's list. I literally cried after going through it the first time. It was my childhood in a 5 minute walk through. I loved it!!!! I'm going to write a review as well, but I want to attend one more time before doing so. We went three nights over last weekend. We will be back a week from Thursday to attend two more nights.. then, it's review time! FYI - aside from Zombieland - the scarezones are one big pile of suck.
  9. I thought the new lagoon show was kind of silly as well. I mean, the effects were good, but the content was a snore. However, if they projected a bunch of monsters there, I'd be into it. Rob Zombie.. meh. I think he's an overrated hack. NOTE: THIS IS JUST MY OPINION. I'm happy for those of you who like him. I'm also happy there are nine other houses. Wonder when they will tell us what the other show actually is?
  10. I would love a lagoon show.. I enjoyed the hell out of it when they had the monster movie collage going - what year was that? It was a while ago. Kinda cool we actually have something else to speculate on. However, I am sure the rest will be announced pretty quickly. I'd suspect before week end. So thrilled that Zombieland is coming!! Rob Zombie.. meh..
  11. From what I've seen in the last 24 hours.. it appears we are getting another announcement on Thursday. Anyone want to guess what it is? I think Killer Klowns.
  12. We've done Hollywood four different years in addition to Orlando. I've always said that Orlando is WAY ahead on quality overall. The only house I enjoyed better in Hollywood vs Orlando was Alien vs. Predator. That's it. Even given that, if I had to choose, I'd take Orlando every time. Unless there is an extremely compelling reason to attend the Hollywood event, I doubt I'd travel there to do it again. My money goes to Orlando. I agree on the Express - it seems to get worse every year. Also, since you can only use it once per house per night, you KNOW they are WAY over-selling Express. I could see express lines going beyond 30 mins if you could use it more than once.. but you can't. So, there is the answer. I have no doubt they make an absolute killing on those passes. Frankly, I wouldn't object to paying a bit more for the Express if would price out a larger group.. but they would need to cap the sales at a smaller number. I really don't have complaints about HHN Orlando. I love this event more than anything else all year. I just hope common sense overrides greed when it comes to pricing these passes in the future.
  13. You beat me to this! Your comments wouldn't apply only to overseas travelers, but for out of state travelers as well. Legacy's insane idea for pricing would have me paying $2400 for my group of three to attend 8-10 nights. That's ridiculous. If they wanted to increase passes by that much, then they would have to take into consideration the fans who travel for the event who can only go a certain number of specific nights. Even Matt's suggestion wouldn't work for us though because we travel to Florida 4 different weekends over the course of the event, so we can make it last as long as possible. However, most times, we attend two nights for each weekend we are there - except the last weekend, we go three nights. So, again, buying FF+Express is currently the best financially for me.. but not if they were to ever increase it that much. It would really break my heart. There are lots of HHN fans who don't live in Florida.. and considering how much they push for tourists.. it probably isn't good business to piss us all off at once. They could do a reverse resident pass - so, if you DO NOT live in Florida, you can get a separate HHN pass. How about that?
  14. Body Collectors 25 was one of our fave houses. We had so much interaction with the actors in there.. we always stopped and golf-clapped for the spine-ripper.. and we always got intense looks for our Nightmares shirts.. I bet you were one of them. Can't wait to hear where you'll be this year!
  15. I'm sure you don't miss the crappy Chicago weather though. SO OVER IT! FYI, Buona Beef ships via www.goldbelly.com. Just sayin. Also, if you miss the perfect Chicago dog, sometimes we do big open house promos at our escape room (www.dare2escape.com), and we've been known to serve real Chicago food - last time, it was actual Vienna beef hot dogs.. Chicago style. I did crack up at the looks on some of the faces when they saw what we put on them. However, a lot of people tried it for the first time and asked for more. Maybe we'll do beef sandwiches next time, and you can come by and get a taste of home. I'm completely bummed that there will be no video promos for the originals. I thought they did an excellent job with those last year. I always look forward to all the promo videos and have all of them saved on my YouTube account. Sometimes, we just watch them all for fun. I know we go through this every year - everyone complaining about how long it takes to get announcements.. but it's just hard not to complain about. I think the reason we are all here - the love of this event - naturally makes us impatient and demanding... like toddlers. Doesn't make us bad. Just makes us nerds.
  16. I thought we'd be getting an announcement today! What the hell? And why is it so quiet in here?
  17. This is fantastic! I suspect you'll be back scaring us all this year. Please let us know where you will be. Do you pay attention to the Nightmares shirts when you see them? That's how I know which scareactors are part of the Nightmares family. We wear our shirts constantly.
  18. I also loved Krampus.. and speaking of humor with houses.. they nailed that with Cabin in the Woods. I absolutely LOVED that house.. probably in my top 10 ever. We had SO MUCH FUN in there! I realize HHN's mission is to scare, but it's also for us to have fun. Since I rarely get scared (more of a startle than anything), it's important that we all have fun. I love it when we get good interaction with the scareactors. It makes the whole even for me. I think this lineup looks excellent. I am not thrilled about House of 1000 Corpses though. I don't really care for Rob Zombie's stuff.. it's all gore and gross-out. But again, I realize that's what some people like, and as I've said a million times - HHN is great at mixing various elements of the horror genre to cover all tastes. So, if I dislike Ho1K.. I'll just skip it - like I did Blumhouse last year. No biggie. There are nine others to take up my time.. and god only knows what cool scarezones we will be getting. I hope they are ones where I can go back to people watching. Tooth Fairy may actually scare me though.. I'm one of those who has nightmares about dental procedures, so this will trigger me for sure. I mean, i still know it's not "real", but I expect a higher level of anxiety with this one. I am having a hard time deciding which is the one I am most looking forward to - I'm thrilled about Ghostbusters (if it really happens), but also Nightingales and Uni Monsters.. So, when is the next announcement??
  19. How about a Sopranos house? We could have "Don't Stop Believin" on an endless loop.. except for the Bada Bing room - of which there must be one.
  20. Was really hoping for an announcement today. Guess it will be next week now since Marvel will take over the world starting tomorrow night.
  21. For those of us who travel for this event, it is very much appreciated that more info is released earlier than later. Granted, I would go regardless, but not everyone is as HHN geeky as me. However, it does sometimes affect how many weekends I will travel. I will say it again now - I HATE Chucky.. and I'm annoyed that this is a possibility. Sooooooooooo STUPID. I'm holding out that glimmer of hope for IT. I know, I'm stupid.
  22. I am beyond myself with excitement for this. In 2011, my wife and I somehow managed to go through the Nightingales house at the end of the night BY OURSELVES. It is one of my most cherished HHN memories. With how crowded the event is now, I fear that may never happen again, so I treasure it even more. The actors that night had a field day with us - attacking from all sides as we were literal bait wandering through alone. It was amazing! It's just another reason I love, love LOVE the Nightingales! Plus, this concept is very original, and it sounds like it will be a top performer for sure. I'm just thrilled! This made my whole weekend, and it technically hasn't even started yet (glances at clock, can't believe how goddam slow it goes on a Friday..).
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