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  1. If Alice Cooper does happen again next year, maybe they could do a maze based off From the Inside? Some songs from that album sound like they could create characters for the possible 3rd maze.
  2. The 2006 thing where you choose Hollywood and Orlando http://websites.horrornights.be/2006site_After/index.php and HHN 2007 http://websites.horrornights.be/2007site/hollywood/
  3. I definitely agree with Freak. And this has total potential to become an amazing terror tram. I too am glad that they are going back to their roots with having a terror tram/maze theme
  4. I would love to see the program and everything else you have to show!!
  5. Umm I'm pretty sure it was midnight. I remember waiting for it to get to 12 for the news to be announced
  6. We got a midnight a release for the Thing: Assimilation last year
  7. alright then I just forgot thats all lol then maybe the maze can be based on the prison for season 3
  8. Yeah kinda early in the season. It broke down or something I think? I just remember it wasn't in season 2 for very long.
  9. No RV could also mean that the Walking Dead could still be coming, but maybe it'll based off different scenes such as the barn or even the prison.
  10. Also to add, John said he locked down a movie property for TT that they have never used before. Since Silent Hill isn't Dante anymore, are we considering it to be original or movie based?
  11. Silent Hill is going to be located in the area behind the mummy. So what could T2 be?
  12. So apparently, Silent Hill is actually down at the Lower Lot behind the Mummy
  13. So it hasnt been officially announced because of issues to obtaining rights to characters, not because maybe Universal wants to just spread out their maze announcements?
  14. So by the way they're advertising this, could SH be the featured property/ main icon for this years event?
  15. I agree with Freak, Bloody Disgusting has reported things before and they have come out correct. Excited to see how Walking Dead turns out as a maze!
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