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  1. 8 hours ago, marmoset said:



    The town of Amity sure knows how to throw a killer 4th of July celebration! Wait where did the funnel cakes go?ay find yourself in another part of the world





    They disappeared like magic or something, now it's the opposite of Fourth of July.


    God Save the Queen.

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  2. On 6/14/2017 at 9:34 AM, mystiquephreeq said:

    Marketing is either more inept or more clever than I thought. 


    They are obviously using a play on (Don't Fear) The Reaper. 


    Inept: Icon is a reaperesque character. You shouldn't tell people not to fear the icon of a horror event. 


    Clever: Remember I mentioned the roses linking to Mary. She also wanted people not to fear. Maybe they are retconning her into a Lady Death character. 

    At the risk of messing with your head even more.. the girl in the song is named Mary.

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  3. On 6/13/2017 at 10:20 AM, QueenoftheBunnies said:


    Damn I was so ready for disco vampires 

     74 is too early for disco. Disco vampires would be more like Vamp 78 with John Travolta Saturday Night Fever vampires and Village People Vampires at Studio 54!!!!

    Vamp 74 could have been funky blaxploitation vampire pimps vs. kung fu werewolves!!!! 

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  4. The lofty kin tweet was made right after HHNRumors tweeted that the Ifrit might be the same person as Emeric Belasco/The Autumn Wind. For new people Emeric Belasco was a clue giver in 2010 and changed His/Her identity to The Autumn Wind in 2011. I believe the Ifrit was directly responding to that.


    I know for a positive fact that the person who gave the Emeric Belasco and Autumn Wind clues back in 2010-2011 completely retired after that and is no longer involved in such activities at all. whoever the Ifrit might be, it's not that one. I stress this because people's careers could be endangered.

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  5. 19 hours ago, HorrorUnearthed said:

    Aiello wouldn't so much be the guy though, its always Patrick, Patrick was the one who threw out the first two codenames, Mike is presenting yes but Patrick is the one that is leading the team for the houses, and no worries lol, I've been counting down the days as well, 146 days till HHN 27 to be exact now XD but anyways, if we get something soon, it might have to deal with the codename Brains, now everyone thinks it could be the icon, who knows, I mean we'll probably get the icon announcement in June like we did with Chance I believe, its hard to remember with so much stuff going on. Then again, the codename Brains could be an original maze, last year we got Cobweb and that led to it being Tombs of the Ancient last year, so Brains couldn't be an ip but an original maze, the only things that come to mind is Dead Exposure, then again probably it won't come back this year, but Brains might mean a certain past house could potentially be returning this year, another house is Catacombs from HHN XX, everyone is speculating if that is coming back but again who knows. Hopefully we'll get more clues from Mike and Patrick soon. Keep your fingers crossed because they might randomly throw out an announcement like they did with AHS, so keep your eyes wide open lol 

    Actually neither Mike nor Patrick can just make an announcement. All information released to the public must be approved by Publicity and Marketing.


    I remember at a press conference in London where Mike was going to announce a house a couple years ago, Publicity pulled the plug and he just talked about the houses that had already been announced. People asked him for clues and hints or "c'mon you can tell us, we won't say anything" But Mike pointed to Allison Lundell from Publicity who was standing right beside him.


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  6. 7 hours ago, WannabeIcon said:

    So Mike on twitter just mentioned about not being on NY time, and a NY set....with a pic of the cover art of the 1980 movie inferno?

    Can we gather anything from this??  I'm not coming up with anything, but just putting it out there if anyone else can draw a connection?

    Mike was retweeting something a friend of his said - his friend had arrived in NY and due to jet lag couldn't get to sleep and watched a favorite horror film set in NY. Mike just retweeted it and said "Wonderful". He approved of the film choice and it likely has nothing at all to do with HHN.


    Inferno is a Dario Argento film that has some scenes in Rome, but mostly takes place in NY. It is his follow up to Suspiria and is the second film in the Three Mothers trilogy. The first two films are true classics and are quite wonderful.


    But it took Argento over a two decades to finally make part three: The Mother of Tears which was quite frankly a huge disappointment.


    Nevertheless a house based on either Suspiria or Inferno would be quite amazing, but I fear those cult films are just not well known enough by the general public for him to ever get approval. A long shot at best.

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  7. On 4/1/2017 at 9:32 PM, hhnfan95 said:

    I did some research and stumbled upon an HHN Creative Team member's social media page and in their bio they had this quote:

    "Bringing out the designs to scare you during HHN... then it hush hush dont say a word HHN27 killed the mocking bird."


    Later I saw that someone asked this person if an icon was coming to the event. You would imagine the response would be "can't say", BUT this person said (and I quote), "We shall 'si' ;) "


    That's my reasoning behind why I think we'll be seeing Mr. Albert Caine (weird how we have the same last name lol) at this year's event! :) I personally would love to see the Usher return (also weird that we share the same first name lol). Sadly my middle name isn't HHN related :( (Thomas).


    "we shall "si".


    hmmm, was this creative team member a person who might speak Spanish? If so maybe they weren't saying "we shall see" but "we shall yes!"

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