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  1. From Twitter a logo for the scare zone Happy Horror Days.
  2. Location of the first revealed house. HOWEVER on the Universal Studios Singapore blog was a full reveal! 7 Deadlier Sins are represented by 7 Icons!!! The SINisters! Malice, Obsession, Manipulation, Narcissism, Cruelty, Deception & Perversion. Five houses - Death Mall features Malice, Make the Cut (a K-Pop house!) features Narcissism, Terrorcotta Empress features Cruelty, Hex features voodoo and Manipulation and Inside the Mind features Obsession. Two zones - Happy Horror Days (sounds like Bloodengutz!) features Perversion and Pilgrimage of Sin features all 7 Icons! But what about Deception? That SINister gets a show, Laboratorium. A second show, Slice of Life features Narcissism. Oh and there's Zombie Laser Tag! Death Mall Hex Inside the Mind Pilgrimage of Sin Happy Horror Days
  3. There doesn't appear to be an Icon this year. Checking the park's info I found references to 7 Deadlier Sins. Could there be 7 Icons? It says 5 houses and 2 zones. There will also be 2 shows. The image on the site may only be a highlight for the house, Death Mall. The next image was from the park site and was labeled in the code for the image "Malice". Is that the name of the creature? Only one of the houses has been revealed on the HHN site. Death Mall. It promises the remaining four will be revealed on Fridays over the next four weeks. Note that it is already Friday morning in Singapore when the site went live! The next house reveal will be August 18 - but for us the afternoon of August 17! It is possible that like last year a full reveal will be given to media shortly, so pay attention to Dejiki.com where our friend in Singapore will likely be posting it.
  4. Sadly no, the video was taken down from vimeo the very next day. Fortunately I downloaded it and uploaded it to my post. Idk why it doesn't play for you unless it has to do with the type of phone you have. It is a quicktime file I believe.
  5. And now a video! Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studio Singapore 2017.mp4
  6. The first teaser image for HHN 7 was Tweeted this morning.
  7. Somehow in my last post I left out Zombie Code 16 the Little Girl. Here she is:
  8. Big updates on the Universal Studios Japan HHN 2017 site! They changed the name of the maze Dead or Alive to Dead Man's Forest to "avoid confusion" (and lawsuits) it's their first Outdoor Maze! Two new Maze announcements: the return of NOES and The Exorcist. Enormous details on 19 different Zombies! And Cursed Attractions featuring Sadako (Ringu) and Gakko no Kaidan (haunted school). The Zombies are: 1. Clown Anthony, 2. Clown Luke, 3. Bugs, 4. Split, 5. Prisoner, 6. Heavy Meta, 7. Fat Family Nick, 8. Fat Family Amanda, 9. Fat Family Bob, 10. Fat Lock, 11. Blond Oscar, 12. Black Hair Andre, 13. Original Grandfat, 14. Mother of Baby, 15. Baby, 16. Little Girl, 17. Red, 18. Carrier and the 19th type is listed as "rare" the Pirates who will apparently only come out in the rain! Mazes. Cursed Attractions
  9. The first tantalizing clue to HHN 7 has popped up on Instagram. It is a prop for the upcoming commercial for the event. Hashtags reveal it is a branding iron and has something to do with the Ching Dynasty.
  10. Universal Studios Japan has now begun announcing their Halloween Horror Night 2017! As usual the streets will be filled with zombies. this year in addition to the "regular" zombies and "Super" zombies there will be Pirate Zombies and Clown Zombies! And it looks like they will be doing the Thriller Zombie dance shows again as well. So far they have only announced three Horror Mazes. Dead or Alive, Cult of Chucky and the extreme upcharge maze, Trauma 3. they are promising "more to come" likely additional maze and street announcements, and possibly their usual haunted attractions. And as always, there will be a more family friendly day time event with a parade and trick or treating. HHN 2017 will be held at USJ in Osaka, Japan on select nights beginning Saturday, September 9 to Sunday, November 5 2017.
  11. Dude, you had two souls. Had. Now both have been collected.
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