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  1. Wrong. As can be clearly seen in my video the website is live. It is only the English language site that is not up yet. I show the Japanese site on my tablet in the video. It currently looks like this: and can be found here: https://www.usj.co.jp/halloween2018/
  2. Nobody started this thread yet? Well here's a video, then.
  3. Mine still only has Pontianak, only now with the video playable... weird.
  4. According to the Resort World Sentosa Blog the main characters of the four originals houses are the Event Icons. The Pontianak, Lu Xi Fa, Lady Oiwa and Yin Demon. Each will receive a beautiful short film. The first of these is for The Pontianak and will be released at 9:00 PM tonight... except of course Singapore is 12 hours ahead of us in Florida and so that was actually about 13 minutes ago. Enjoy:
  5. also He/She/It obviously got fed up with the "rhyming dictionary" taunts from RevFreako and went for a haiku this time.
  6. There is no thread for the horde/zone of Dead Chainsaw Clowns therefore the only place to post this seems to be here. It should be appropriate, sorta, as it was shot at the event.
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