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  1. Also they have added in scare zones and shows this graphic for the Scaremony Show now named Infinite Fear which is apt as that is the Theme of the Event. The new game is basically the same game as the first one, you running down a dark path grabbing items avoiding obstacles, the difference only that it's Lu Xi Fa you have to avoid instead of Pontianak, and little bottles of white power (looks like drugs to be honest, but Lu Xi Fa IS a Hong Kong crime lord as well as a vampire) instead of little golden nails. btw in case you wonder why the little nails in that other game? My guess is it has something to do with the original legend of the Pontianak where you can stop her by driving a nail into the back of her neck... supposedly she will turn into a beautiful woman and be "a good wife" to the man who did so - unless the nail ever falls out, then she'll rip his balls off! Not kidding, that's the actual legend.
  2. That's why I started the thread to inform those people that the full reveal has happened and that's why others have also put out handy info in English for those linguistically challenged. Like our own Scott Yuken who now lives in Osaka and gives first hand info on USJ here's his wonderful video with even more info on the site and all it reveals: And also Nicholas Yau Dejiki of Singapore who has now a wonderful guide to this year's HHN in Japan posted on his excellent blog: https://dejiki.com/2018/07/usj-halloween-2018-revealed-event-guide/
  3. Wrong. As can be clearly seen in my video the website is live. It is only the English language site that is not up yet. I show the Japanese site on my tablet in the video. It currently looks like this: and can be found here: https://www.usj.co.jp/halloween2018/
  4. Nobody started this thread yet? Well here's a video, then.
  5. Mine still only has Pontianak, only now with the video playable... weird.
  6. According to the Resort World Sentosa Blog the main characters of the four originals houses are the Event Icons. The Pontianak, Lu Xi Fa, Lady Oiwa and Yin Demon. Each will receive a beautiful short film. The first of these is for The Pontianak and will be released at 9:00 PM tonight... except of course Singapore is 12 hours ahead of us in Florida and so that was actually about 13 minutes ago. Enjoy:
  7. also He/She/It obviously got fed up with the "rhyming dictionary" taunts from RevFreako and went for a haiku this time.
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