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  1. ...most importantly Mike Tweeted construction begins today and there will be pictures!
  2. The Carnage Returns was more than worth it. It was the best show I've seen at HHN in years, I even broke tradition on the final night to see that last Carnage show rather than the last B&T. Frankly, as much as I loved Die-In, even if they had scrapped the zone altogether in order to do the show it still would have been worth it.
  3. First image for HHN 6 in Singapore was tweeted last night.
  4. Murray said you'd go insane before you could decipher the clue. Fortunately some of us are already quite insane already!
  5. Why I think it is The Exorcist. Old School female animated Disney Character who has appeared in cell, computer and stop motion... Minnie Mouse. Something you can purchase in either a jewelry store or a music store... a pearl. i.e. Pearl Drums. Thus Minnie Pearl. Something associated with this person forever will make the IP obvious... her catch-phrase: As in Captain Howdy. Of course, Murdy never said the third code word was the same house to announce today..... so IF he's really being carny the clues and the announce could be two different houses and it may still be Krampus. But I'm sure the third code word is The Exorcist.
  6. As a matter of fact, this year we have not had such a major leak. Certain people who used to receive inside information have declined to do so this year (blinks eyes), and I have heard some whispers through the grapevine that those who may have actually leaked such info in the past are under tighter scrutiny and have been made to sign more binding Non-Disclosure Agreements. This makes such leaks more difficult to acquire. Although that may not stop the leakage from eventually occurring. However back in January a list of 8 houses was posted on HHN Rumors, and one of those has now been officially confirmed: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre based on the original 1974 film. Does that mean the other 7 houses on that list will also happen? Personally, I believe that list was NOT obtained by any sort of leaked info but was compiled through a combination of trend analysis, speculation, and wishful thinking. My own thinking on that list is that some of those houses may very well be accurate, but not all of them. For the record the other 7 houses from that January list are: The Walking Dead - based on season 6 of the program. Ash vs Evil Dead American Horror Story The Purge - likely based on the upcoming Election Year film. Krampus A house based on the films of Alfred Hitchcock A house based on the Cthulhu Mythos stories of H.P. Lovecraft In addition to that list of 8 houses there have been many other rumors. It has been strongly rumored that there will be 9 rather than 8 houses and the rumored 9th location is the Men in Black extended queue area. That location would present some interesting logistical problems if indeed it is used. There have been two rumors of original houses one with some sort of "Western" theme, the other the Chupacabra house that was scrapped in 2012. It may be possible that if these rumors are accurate that these could be the same house. All the remaining rumors are IPs, I have heard all manner of speculation and rumor about the following: The Exorcist The Conjuring Tremors Penn & Teller - either a house or a show Killer Klowns from Outer Space Phantasm Jeepers Creepers Candyman Green Inferno Thus by my count there have been 19 different house rumors, one of which has actually been officially confirmed.
  7. They have now corrected the error on the HHN Orlando website calendar. It now once again shows Sunday, September 18th and now no longer shows Wednesday, October 5th.Thus it is now back to the dates as originally given.
  8. But don't expect Scream (first scene in the second Die-In in 2006) anytime soon!!!
  9. Actually Leatherface has been used at HHN in Orlando 4 times. A scene in Universal's House of Horror in 1995. A brief cameo in Universal's New Museum of Horror in 1998. A scene in All Nite Die-In in 2003. The house, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Flesh Wounds in 2007. That's less times than Jack, The Caretaker, the Director or even the Lord of Darkness. That's exactly the same number as the Storyteller, The Cryptkeeper, Chucky or Eddie.
  10. Cinemacon is in Vegas right now. Lionsgate will make a presentation. Lionsgate is distributing the new TCM film. So this could be a tie-in with an announcement today. Possibly. Another possibility is Killer Klowns which has been talked about as a tv series quite a bit lately. Could there be a double announcement?
  11. Well if it is, then you will hear B&T inside the house! Unless they plan a really LOUD house there? BTW on Mike's tweets the other night a few snippets besides maybe Jack returns. One of his "Bucket List" passion project IP houses will be this year. No HHN Bear *sniff* No house based on Bioshock Always one house that reflects horror's past - likely the Bucket List one. No house based on Tusk. He's a wrestling fan, but that doesn't mean there will be a wrestling themed house... this year. Claims he's never seen The Exorcist. Think he's kidding. 8 or 9 houses? said Maybe maybe not. Infuriating. Has considered a Hannibal house. Doesn't mean there will be one. Says reveals will be... "soon". says Simpson Treehouse would be "complicated". Asked about returning or sequel houses, said "perhaps". Sais Zombies were "very hard to eradicate". Oh dear.
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