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  1. No need to find it my friend. Enjoy! P.S. UniversalFreak is right on one of the songs. The other song is called "Destroying the Lobby" - Bioshock 2
  2. For some reason...the tracks were released early. I searched through different sites that might of had the actual soundtrack. It took me a week to find it. Then WALLAH!! I found them on a fileshare site and downloaded them right from there.
  3. Just wanted to help you guys out by saying one of the songs from the que line video is "Melting Member" from Planet Terror. Here's a video.
  4. You can watch Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past in the (About Me) section.

  5. It's officially announced that we are in pre-production of Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past II with director Doug Olynyk in the helm. More updates coming soon.

    1. mz_


      Where is part 1?

    2. Freak


      Wha?!?!? They're making a movie on HHN? o.O

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