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  1. Ugh... I would have been landing in Orlando right now....
  2. Sorry man... that guy isn't afraid to cancel anything! I'm in IL so we are not too far behind you. Halloween is finally on a Saturday and we have to deal with a pandemic.... I'd say the devil is behind this, but you'd think he'd like halloween!
  3. anyone have an good shots of the Tribute Store? Would love to see them!
  4. got my Fright Nights poster up that I got from the merch store! Looks great! I guess this will have to do for this year ;(
  5. By the time I got to it, it had expired....
  6. Just an FYI bc I know some of you might dig it.... Kohls has a ton of Uni Monster stuff on their website right now. I bought a few thing
  7. Hollowed Past type room would be pretty awesome...
  8. Its the right move. Props to Uni for doing the right thing. With that said hopefully 31 is f**king bonkers!
  9. Officially Cancelled.... hopefully HHN31 will be HUGE!
  10. As someone who has to deal with planes, hotels, buses, etc to enjoy the event.... I opted out this year. Be my first time missing in 13 years.
  11. I have made the decision to cancel our trip this year. I hope if it does go on that everyone stays healthy and has fun.
  12. Rewatched it this morning... what a great show. Very fun!
  13. "ORLANDO, Fla. – With coronavirus numbers climbing and cases trending younger, Florida officials made the decision to immediately prohibit the consumption of alcohol at bars statewide -- again. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which oversees alcohol licenses, made the announcement Friday morning on Twitter. No information was offered on how long the moratorium will be in place or if bars can still serve food and to-go alcohol. On Tuesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke in Orlando about the recent “explosion” of cases, noting that patients are getting younger as more college-aged Floridians party with their friends. At that same news conference, DBPR secretary Halsey Beshears said his officers would be going to bars, restaurants and similar establishments each night to check for obvious social distancing, capacity or hygiene violations. Even before that, a bar near the University of Central Florida had its liquor license suspended after 13 employees and 28 patrons tested positive for COVID-19. The director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, Dr. Raul Pino, also said earlier this week that 152 cases have been linked to an unnamed bar near campus. Florida reported nearly 9,000 new coronavirus cases statewide Friday." This isnt a good sign for anything going on in Orlando any time soon.
  14. House of Mouse cancelled their Halloween festivities.... ouch.
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