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  1. whats the LATEST spec line up? Can someone copy/paste and save me from scrolling???
  2. H1KC will be awesome. The scenery alone will be crazy! Now when they did it in HW did they have Spaulding, Baby and Otis in there?
  3. absolutely agree! that SZ was huge and so much fun!!!!!
  4. Please let it be a sweepstakes! Please let it be a sweepstakes! Please let it be a sweepstakes! Please let it be a sweepstakes! Please let it be a sweepstakes!
  5. We are cut from that same Midwest cloth....
  6. Swamp Yeti house would be epic. The Sasquatch-o-phile in me would be ecstatic! Still waiting on that cryptids house MIKE!!!!!! Are you reading this??????
  7. I really dont want to get into the in and outs of of it.... bc I hate Chucky. If I havent made that clear Now a Gremlins house would be pretty awesome. No chatter of that though right?
  8. Would LOVE an IT house.... Chucky can literally f*** himself.
  9. My very secret inside sources tell me Spung 1...
  10. This is a cool concept! Cant wait for this one!!!!! And that Spartan helmet!!!!! Was hoping for a promo video. Would be cool!
  11. My dad is ugly as hell.... CUJO house confirmed!!!!!!!!! I would love CUJO house. That is the film my dad always says he is going to so the grandkids. They are all terrified of the movie and have never seen it.... LOL
  12. Damn I didn't realize those movies brought in those numbers... but I'm 42... I'm old and out of the loop with anything cool... although Im glad the fanny pack is back!!!! LOL For real though.
  13. Is the Conjuring considered a mega-IP? I honestly didnt think it was that great. But do you think it would bring in ST type numbers at the park? Nothing but good people around here.... there were a couple of bad apples but I think they left. They were hilarious as they would get mad about EVERYTHING. LOL
  14. This sums up this place the last couple years. Everyone knows something but cant say what that something is so they give clues about clues. All very hush hush... Ive been going since 2006 and dont have a f**king clue what half this sh1t is... Another one Ive been calling for for years! One of Kings best!
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