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  1. Metallica scare zone would be epic. Fill it with all there tshirt designs from Pushead.... my fav band.
  2. Lets hope the prices aren't as big a surprise as the Disney Halloween event... I don't wanna have to refinance the house to go this year.
  3. Since all we are doing is waiting.... I came across these today and thought they were pretty cool. Few things in there that remind me of HHN. Some of these are a reach but some are spot on. Thought the HHN peeps might dig it...
  4. Happy Drac Day! Never heard of it before today but whatever!
  5. This is usually the trip ONLY my wife and I take.... has been for a long time.... well now the kids are getting older (4 and 8) and we start to feel bad about leaving them. I can deal with this guilt. No problem My wife on the other hand.... so she comes up with this idea.... lets take the kids.... and our moms.... oh and her brother is gonna fly in from Chicago too!!!!! So we are going to do 3 nights at HHN, 1 night at Disney and we have 3 babysitters for the evenings. This is either going to be the best trip ever OR a fucking nightmare worthy of its own HHN house.... I will give me official review come October.
  6. Well just booked flights for Sept.... hope all goes well this year.
  7. 2009 was my favorite year by far. I voted for The Wolf Man but Silver Screams could be it too. Both houses were epic. Im such a Wolf Man fan and walking in and seeing the Gypsy camp was just insane. But like said above I loved Julian Browning and his story and how everything revolved around him. Such a great year!
  8. THIS! my kids have watched the show from 25 like 1000000 times the last month. LOL
  9. happy new year everyone! was watching some HHN vids of youtube the last couple days... ugh.... 2021 better be good!!!!!
  10. Ugh... I would have been landing in Orlando right now....
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