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  1. I did that ONCE.... I honestly got tired of explaining to people about HHN. Of course being a super fan Im always selling it but sometimes (rarely) I have to get some shit done!
  2. gracias! Never heard of TPU.... Bride, Beetlejuice and Leatherface are exciting... Pumpkin Lord and Icons house sound cool too... the rest... we'll see. Im still scratching my head about Billie Eilish, I dont get that one.
  3. can I get a copy/paste of this list??? I dont even know what TPU stands for....
  4. TCM? Where did this come from? Did I miss something?
  5. who knows.... they might have had every intention on going forth with it.... might be a recent decision to nix the whole thing... I mean refunding money is a few mouse clicks. I wonder if the BOGO tix sale didnt produce the numbers they were looking for?
  6. as opposed to murders, disease, monsters, catastrophes, etc? Silly as hell... but people like to nit-pick what they are offended by now a days.
  7. https://attractionsmagazine.com/universal-orlando-citywalk-planning-partial-reopening/ Interesting... now sure how this effects HHN but looks like things are starting to move.
  8. Youre probably right... but when I drop $2500-3000 going there the thought of it being a pain in the ass frightens me. Who knows. Maybe it will add to it and HHN30 will be the one everyone talks about for years to come.
  9. Ok lets say you have to have your temp taken to get in, the crowds arent there, no shows, no scare zones, your in a mask, staff are in masks, you have to keep 6 feet away from everyone.... now tell me... how fun is this event gonna be?
  10. Yeah it was pretty vague. Asking about limiting the number to 25%, 50%, 75%.... and asking how you feel about it.
  11. eeeeeeeeeeeh I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you two.... but whole heatedly agree with you!
  12. I've heard from my wife constantly over the years "you have a face that makes you unapproachable. You always look mad". LOL I'm also not a small guy at 6'5" and 235 lbs.... maybe wearing a face mask would be good for me!!!! ha!
  13. The irony of Bill Gates stopping a virus is not lost on us IT nerds LOL.... but I agree. I will keep high hopes that this even will go through.... but I think its a slim chance. Wont cancel my flights just yet....
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