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  1. House of a Thousand Corpses! Hell yeah!!! I love this movie!
  2. I want the Lagoon Show from HHN 16 back soooooooooooo bad!!!!
  3. do we have one house to be announced still?
  4. Let get real here..... who is lucky enough to be at HHN on Friday the 13th? And my guess is Jason will pop up somewhere in the park that night!!!
  5. I with you guys with stepping up the front gate game... been pretty blah the last several years....
  6. I have very low expectations for this. Not a fan at all of the film. Last years SZ was average. Best part was the smoke filled bubble IMO. The last several years there has been one house that I hit the first night and skipped the rest of our visit. So far if I had to guess... this will be that one. In years past: 2018 - Blumhouse 2017 - Blumhouse 2016 - Lunatics Playground 2015 - Purge 2013 - Havoc: Derailed. 2012 - Alice Cooper All once through and done. All well done but Im gonna spend my time going through something a little more "horror". And now that Im looking up all the houses... how effin great was HHN 21????
  7. I think GB will be a fun house! Lots to pull from ! Rush of Fear and Express passes purchased! $713.... ouch!
  8. Am I the only one that wouldn't be too excited about the Terra Queen? Seems they used her as a throw away icon or something. Half the time I forget about her all together.
  9. Im BEYOND excited for this house!!!! as a serious Squatch-o-phile I have been calling for a Bigfoot/Yeti house for YEARS on here. Last years swamp yetis were cool, but I have high hopes for this shit!!!
  10. Has anyone seen the trailer for CRAWL? Would be a perfect house for HHN Orlando!
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