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  1. I'm being extremely clever up here and there's no one to stand around looking impressed! What's the point in having you all?

    1. Dr. Jimmy

      Dr. Jimmy

      that's cuz we're all down here discussing spoilers.

  2. Nice! Thanks for posting those. I was so jealous of those houses. I wanted them here!!! Same with the Clive Barker and Rob Zombie houses. We do have great houses, but those sounded especially cool. Mae
  3. I like your point of view, especially your observations of SnS. I guess my hopes are that we don't fall back on the 'mindless monsters' again. Yes, they are fun (and I'll be first in line for another Fred Krueger house any day you want), but the thought and deliberate provocativeness of last year's houses and zones were splendid. I don't know what the general public thought of them. though...is there any light to shed on that? Still, structurally speaking, I could see them changing some things for future events that would be considered 'new era'-like; the possiblity of age requirements (and the enforcing thereof), a no alcohol night, extension of event dates...more than just the layout of the park or the subject matter of the offerings. Mae
  4. I do too, tho I would rather it be one of the indoor, blacklight versions. They're fun! On the HHN side of things, since things are due to spin up here in the next few weeks, how 'new' does everyone think it will be? Honestly, do we really expect something groundbreakingly different? I'm not really sure how I feel about that 'new era' business. We know that they've had a hugely successful run with the current formula and that they look at the numbers more than anything else; how much does that allow for much change? Not much, especially in the current economic climate. I wonder if we aren't working ourselves up over the prospect of something new and will be bitterly disappointed when it doesn't follow through, even more than last year with Fear. Mae
  5. Wow, I'm not sure how I missed this post but THAT is a GREAT idea!!! I'll have to remember to add that one to the HHN surveys from now on! Mae
  6. Darn. Oh, well, I guess it is a little too early. When does it start? June? Still, I like the idea of a film noir house; all black and white except for the blood. It would be very Hitchcock. Mae
  7. My husband said I sounded like Renfield when I saw this post... squee!!!!!!!!!!! Mae
  8. "I'd say you're a genius, but I'm in the room."

  9. The bestest archive for HHN sites, HorrorNights.be...is NOT FOUND! Does anyone know anything???? Mae
  10. I'd be happy if we got something similar again, too. I thought Ghost Town was spectacular. The details were stunning and there were so many places to hide a scare in each scene, just the suspense of where they would be was enough to throw you. It had a very authentic feel to it, as if they worked with the scareactors to become 'actors'; they had appropriate accents, lines and 'screams' consistent with the story/theme of the house, and a certain carriage to them that made it feel very real. Line entertainment and comfort is something all parks should be working on constantly! Mae
  11. Here's something interesting...I was diagnosed as asthmatic today and given treatment. So, with my lungs clearer, how much louder do you think I can scream at HHN this year????

  12. Fez's are cool.

  13. OMG Jimmy! That's why I recognized the name! DanielMyron....gah, there aren't enough face palms!! Mae
  14. There's more to the de Sade quote that I found interesting: "Evil is a moral entity and not a created one, an eternal and not a perishable entity: it existed before the world; it constituted the monstrous, the execrable being who was also to fashion such a hideous world. It will hence exist after the creatures which people this world. " A monstrous, execrable being that fashioned such a hideous world...from a Creationist point of view, that could very well be an insult to God. Still thinking about the preacher thing. Legacy, if it doesn't turn in this direction within the next two years, I say you start your own event!!! Mae
  15. One night a line attendant did the entire Thriller dance! It was a definate highlight! Mae
  16. I have to agree; 2004 had the best queue entertainment yet. I liked the 2007 Freddy video, it had some thought put into it and introduced the storyline of the house a la infomercial style, but the rest of the houses from that year had very little to offer after the first 5-10 minutes. I remember seeing the same sequence 10 times while waiting to get into TCM that year, and we weren't even in line that long! I did, however, enjoy the little text games they used in 2008 and 2009. They took me back to my youth and those text rpg games you got to play when you took computer classes in 7th grade. In this age of high function, super fast phones with internet/wifi capabilities, I would love to see a game with 'rewards' if you finish. Give us a downloadable video or song, or a digital badge that could culminate in some sort of hurrah on the website at the end of the run...it's the 21st Century, USO! If you want to begin a new era of fear, you better get with the times!!! Mae
  17. Now THAT would be an event to remember! All silliness aside, we've all noticed the word 'evil' coming up a lot, but now 'moral' has come into play. Who was it that brought up a sort of psycho religious figure as an icon? They might have been onto something. ETA: In fact, the concept of Saws n Steam from last year, with the 'speaker' and his message, would fit in that well. What else is a 'preacher', but one who bears a message? The CDT were his disciples, and the masses in the city were the sheep. Anyone who was 'outside' was fair game, and outside has applications beyond just not in a covered structure.... Mae
  18. For some reason a house filled with mole rats just came to mind...they're those hairless rats...but they all look like the one from Kim Possible. Which is more phallic than zombie-esque, but still vaguely alarming. Mae
  19. Mae


    I feel like I've done this before... But I love talking about HHN, so I'll do it, again! I have a difficult time deciding what is my favorite house. Frankenstein had some of the most amazing costumes, make-up, and sets I've ever seen and the actors were so good. Their timing was flawless every trip through. I loved the steampunk feel and the continuity to the story. My scares were intense, one time causing me to run straight into a wall...which I'd never actually done before. I had to sort of 'hold on' to it for a few seconds to get my bearings...it was that good. Dracula was gorgeous and those brides made me scream so damn much on one visith that I lost my voice! It was never where I expected, either; I never got the up scare, but the one just after that...every time. The Wolf Man was much scarier than I had anticipated. The forest scene was tremendous with growls and howls coming from everywhere and you never knew where the Wolf Man actually was; it made for a great first scare. The sets were beautiful again, with fun trivia thrown in for good measure (thanks Unmasking the Horror tour; though I do still wish we'd been able to take photos). Silver Screams was great fun and had the BEST facade, ever. EVER. I could have stood there and watched that for an hour. I somehow always got scared by the My Blood Valentine scene, even though I never once thought the movie was all that scary. (I only watched the remake for Jensen Ackles) and I was so in love with the Phantom at the beginning I felt like a groupie. (Why hasn't The Phantom ever had a house, I wonder?) Although I enjoyed the other houses; Leave It to Cleaver was great fun and the Child's Play house had one of my all-time, top 10 scares, they were weren't as much fun as those top four. I declined Saw and Spawning on my last few visits. I LOVED War of the Dead. Again with the scareactors...they even got me in broad daylight! I loved the set pieces and the costumes and it was fascinating to be in that zone. The sound and lighting effects were awesome, especially for an outdoor venue. It was where I started my night every time, cutting through there to get to Horrorwood and Silver Screams. The Horrorwood Die-In is, I think, quintessential HHN. The atmosphere was fantastic, down to the popcorn stand and the cheesy 70's 'make-out' van. The shift changes were almost as fun as the previous year's Skoolhouse changes (almost). Lights, Camera, Hacktion! never failed to amuse and entertain and I do love the smell of metal, oil and gasoline. Containment and Apocolypse didn't start out so good in my opinion, but they both improved tremendously and by the last weekend they were in fine, fine shape. I didn't think much of the Cirque du Freak, perhaps it was just too crowded. I liked HHN 19, but it did have some things that weren't my cup of tea. It started as a bit of a disappointment after the previous year, but there was still lots to enjoy. I'll have to add more later. Time to go home! Mae
  20. I loved the incorporation of the rides into HHN 10. I don't remember much more than Jack in the Jaws ride, but Earthquake (Dark Torment) and the Kongfrontation walk through (Nightmare Creatures ) were just cool. Dark Torment was especially neat because you went through the 'scary' part of the Earthquake attraction, then had to leave through the haunted house. It was genius. The queue for Nightmare Creatures had creatures in it, too. I remember one of them sneaking around a pillar to scare the group in front of us while we were waiting. Loved it. I've wished for that sort of interaction at HHN ever since. I would be very happy to see it, again! Mae
  21. I loved those extra large scarezones, but I confess to only seeing Field of Screams and Fright Yard in 04. In 05 Jack's Rat Race was closed due to inclement weather (Hurricane Wanda), more's the pity. I loved loved LOVED the 'tunnel' in 2004. It was only lighting and fog, but it was spooky and when the cast changes went through it was a completely unique experience. You never knew what was happening in there. The more I think about it,the more there seems to be a lot of interesting places USO could use for scaring that go to waste. I'm still bitter about missing 2002. Between that, 2004 Howloscream lost to Jeanne, and HHN 15 to Wanda in 2005, I missed too much and now it is a moral imperative to go multiple times a year. I've bought FFPs religiously since then. Mae
  22. Weeelll.....3 major players and 1 minor player in each. The best part of HHN at IOA was the textural differences in the locations of the houses. Poseidon's Fury was an awesome house location and I liked the Ripsaw Falls queue for Ship of Screams (I didn't get to see ST2). There were so many little differences that were just neat when you were used to the old park. Mae
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