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  1. Awesome idea, JW. I wish I knew how to do all of that...I'd start doing it myself!!! Mae
  2. Went traipsing around Tarpon Springs tonight with friends and found some nifty spooky buildings. and saw this one the way down... Mae
  3. Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?

  4. Oh, my second thought was Shel Silverstein's EPIC "The Devil and Billy Markam" The Devil walked into Linebaugh's on a rainy Nashville night While the lost souls sat and sipped their soup in the sickly yellow neon light. And the Devil, he looked around the room, then got down on his knees. He says, "Is there one among you scum who'll roll the dice with me?" Red, he just strums his guitar, pretending not to hear. And Eddie, he just looks away and takes another sip of beer. Vince, he says, "Not me, I'll pass, I've had my share of Hell," And kept scribbling on a napkin, some song he was sure would sell. Ronnie just kept whisperin' low to the snuff queen who clutched at his sleeve, And somebody coughed -- and the Devil scoffed -- and turned on his heel to leave. "Hold on," says a voice from the back of the room. "'fore you walk out that door. If you're lookin' for some action, friend, well, I've rolled some dice before. Mae ps It's an awesome tale that I highly recommend, even if it isn't relevant.
  5. All I can think of is BLACK JACQUES SCHELLAC Mae
  6. Eek...I don't remember when I first heard of it, but I do remember when I made my mind up to attend. I got a flyer from Spencer's, I think, back in 1994. I called my buds (one of whom had gone since Fright Nights) and we went that weekend. And the rest, as they say, is history. Mae
  7. Oh, good. A much better ending to a truly lousy day. Mae
  8. From a sig in the BPAL forum: "Douchebaggery is like glitter, it gets all over f*ck*ng everything and you can never get rid of it all."

  9. Mae

    Jeramy's Schtuff

    I absolutely love Villian's Way, especially the "Night on Bald Mountain" ride. I would pay for an annual pass so I could go see it once a month!!! Mae
  10. Alas, you will be disappointed by the jello shooters. They are horribly weak for what you pay. Mae
  11. Go on, ruin all our fun. If it was done in a non-descript area, and all we could see were the people's reactions, it might work. Ever see the America Haunts that went to The Beast in St Louis? They had a great scare involving a video screen, an animatronic, and a sensor. I could see something like that working... Mae
  12. Looks like a pink nightmare!!! Mae
  13. Could be Freudian....just sayin'... Mae
  14. I know the difference between a Krystal and a White Castle!

  15. I've gotten several items from HHN-Collective and never had any problems. There is, however, someone poaching the auctions. I've lost several things in the last minute of the auction...little things, too, like a couple of flyers and a button. I haven't received any second-chance offers, so I'm wondering if the poacher over-extended themselves and had to cancel out some bids. It happens, quite often. Mae
  16. More than anything has sucked before. Mae
  17. I like the sneaky aspect of the buttons, too. In fact, why can't they have some in line, with video of the scares as they happen playing for our amusement while we wait. THAT would be some great line entertainment! Mae
  18. I swear I remember 'ceilings' in other soundstage houses; NOES:DW (I even have a photo of the ratty cheesecloth from this one!), Creatures!, Psyschoscarepy:HFTH...what changed? It doesn't have to be much and there are tons of products out there that are fire resistant, if not fire retardant. I can't see how it would become a fire hazard with so many options these days. Mae
  19. Oh.... That's good. Really good. I wonder why they didn't use any sort of 'ceiling' last year. It was a bit off-putting, I agree, to look up and see the rafters of the soundstage. It doesn't take much, even some ratty cheesecloth is better than nothing! Mae
  20. I thought the exact same thing. How much fun, tho, would that be for a theme? Mae
  21. That sounds just fantastic!!! Please upload the flyer and ticket soon; I know I'm not the only person who'd love to see those! Mae
  22. I was doing a bit of thinking today...cuz I'm an HHN nerd and that's what I do...that the newer of the horror movies that make impressions on people's psyche's are very, very intimate (Paranormal Activity, Insidious, REC). They were some of the scariest things I've seen in years. I wonder if HHN can get that sort of intimacy into a house? Can anyone think of how they might be able to recreate that sort of environment? Mae
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