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  1. I'd like a revisit to the old-school Beetlejuice show...with the Phantom and sans the cheerleaders. I liked the old show just fine and haven't really warmed up to this incarnation. Mae
  2. HELP! I'm trying to find a picture of Jack that I know was on this forum; he's coming out of the instant photo booth with a 'cmere' finger pointed at the camera....anyone know which one I mean???

    1. JDW
    2. Mae



      I could not find it! I went through that stupid thread for an hour! I must have kept skipping it, somehow.

      You rock!!

  3. I wonder what tomorrow has in mind for me, or am I even in its mind, at all?

    1. Stumpy


      Perhaps I'll get a chance to look ahead and see

      Soon as I find myself a crystal ball

    2. Mae
  4. I watched a spooky little haunted house movie last night called Spirit Trap. I think it's worth a watch.

  5. I missed my anniversary! Mine was May 16, 2009. :-)

  6. They did that in 2001 up by Mel's...it was pretty spiffy. Mae
  7. There is a movie called "Afterparty Massacre" and I swear that sounds like one of the songs on that soundtrack. I'd have to get the cd to pinpoint it, but there's a good chance it's on that one. Mae
  8. I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

  9. That rock wall is the one we keep slamming our heads into. And, Legacy, the stuff you pull out of your nethers is 10x better than half the stuff out there. I wonder why you don't work for A&D, too. Mae
  10. I get what you're saying. I'm more thinking about the folks who do nothing but complain the entire time and every sentence starts with "I've been coming since..." then goes on to say "...and it's not even fun anymore." Honestly, why come? There's one gentleman I can think of in particular, I've seen him at least the last 4 years, maybe even before that. Being near him in line drives me absolutely crazy. Plus, I've actually eased up on going with some of my friends because of that very same attitude. I can compare it to sports fans who's team may not be in its prime anymore, but they still pay to go to games only to sit around and badmouth the players and the coaches....are you really that wealthy that you can pay so much for something you apparently don't enjoy anymore? If I ever get that unhappy with it, you can bet I'll save that stack o' cash or find something else to do! Mae
  11. That's okay! I can still be happy to see you! Let's party! For legal purposes: Would flash mobs be appropriate for HHN? How cool would the 'Thriller' mob dance (as seen in various YouTube videos) be right outside the front gates? I'd think it would have to be on a non-peak night, either 1 or more hours before the gates open OR an hour or so after. I don't know if anyone else would think it was cheesy, but I know the night one of our line monitors did an impromptu performance of it he got a rousing applause afterwards. Mae
  12. OMG PUMPKIN!!! The fun can officially begin. Mae
  13. The world lost 10% of it's cool points when he died. Mae
  14. I smell like BPAL Samhain, I have a plate of jalepeno stuff olives and homemade pico de gallo...life is pretty okay.

    1. JDW


      wearing the robotic scarab myself :)

  16. They were in the witch's scene, carved on the cauldron (crypt? the thing they liked to jump out of and scare you!) and some of the surrounding walls. There have been so many types of runes, heiroglyphs, and pictograms used in HHN over the years, I think trying to pinpoint their source now will probably just drive us all crazy. Personally, I'd like to see more of The Hallow, meself. Anyone up for a trip back to Caledonia? The Celts weren't only in Ireland, y'know. Mae
  17. "Roll the bones" is a phrase that's been used for both runes and dice. Sorry, that's all I got. Mae
  18. If you were here, I would hug you. HUGHUGHUG Mae
  19. But, honestly, you have to LET yourself get scared. Nothing there is really scary. We all know that it's fake. The fun is letting yourself go and getting scared. If you go into the situation without 'lightening up' you'll NEVER be scared. If you're so far gone that you can't enjoy yourself then stay home. Mae
  20. I <3 this picture. I think Jim Henson should be sitting next to them, too. Mae
  21. I like biting; it's like kissing but with a winner.

  22. I agree with many of these (drunks, children unprepared for the event, destructive guests) but my number one, absolute, most heinous pet peeve is the person who has been to the event for years and can only pick and gripe about how 'this year sucks' and that 'nothing is scary anymore' and 'when I went...' Honestly, if it is that disappointing to you, just stay home. It will save you money and spare the rest of us how much you thought it sucked. Shut up, already. Mae
  23. I would LLOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE to see a pirate house by HHN, but I get the feeling that they think it's 'beneath' them. The snake oil salesman could be cool, too...reminds me of something from BPAL... Mae
  24. I'm listening to the soundtrack from Friday the 13th at work and no one has even noticed. Sigh.

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