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  1. It made me think of the Spanish Inquisition. Horror, indeed. Mae
  2. Every time I see Ace of Spades in the Spec II thread, I hear Motorhead.

    1. Legacy


      Lemmy would be a bad-ass Icon, and Motorhead would be a bad-ass house... lol

    2. Liam W

      Liam W

      totally agree Mae lol

  3. Dave and I were just discussing how they could work Amity into the boardwalk theme, too. Let's cross our fingers... Welcome. btw!! Mae
  4. The music sounds very Glenn Miller to me. I'll see what I can find. Mae
  5. Mississippi gambling boat? That would tie the Mark Twain references we've up with the visual we have in the teaser? Mae
  6. Look! Dr Moo has companions!!! And he apparently likes goth chicks... Mae
  7. Lots of talk about the Ace/Queen hand. Dave, my husband, watches the poker championships on TV pretty religiously and I heard that this is called 'the biggest trouble hand in poker'. Apparently, as good as a hand as it is, so many other combinations trump it that it has a reputation as a game-killer. I don't know if it's relevant; especially if our theme is Black Jack based, but I thought it was interesting. Mae
  8. Gangsters, not gangstas...two different beings. Same purpose, but you can't really compare a lion to shark....Real life mobsters would torture cheaters and traitors in some terribly brutal ways (instead of just shooting you) and the St Valentine's Day massacre was horror, pure and simple. I also remember lots of creepy TV things dealing with casinos; Angel:The Series had a couple of super spooky eps involving casinos. Star Trek:The Next Generation had one where they were trapped in a melodrama and couldn't escape....it sounds silly, but it was pretty creepy for ST. Supernatural had the wonderful Irish witch/gambler who would bet with the years of your life. Oh, and one of the most amazing pieces of music ever written, the Carmina Burana, was about not only about morality and religious tenants, it also had drinking and gambling. O fortuna, indeed..... The music and look of the initial site opens up great stuff for me from Film Noir to German Expressionism. I love the style and the look and they could use lots of very current themes, including games like Bioshock and LA Noir. There's also lots of great lit from that time period, HP Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, and even dear old Charles Addams. There was also the Invasion from Mars radio scare. There's LOADS of stuff they can use. I can't wait to see what's next!!! Mae ps There's also this! It was on demand a few months ago.... Haunted Casino
  9. OMG this year is going to be so freakin cool.

  10. The more I hear about this place the more I want to go. I'll be sure to check it out at some point this year. Mae
  11. They've all had things piped over the sound systems. Fear was especially prevalent in the area between The Simpsons and Central Park/Kidzone. I like the idea of a silent icon. There is a house on one of my America Haunts recordings that does not have any speaking done by the scareactors. I find that intriguing. Mae ps IT'S ABOUT DAMNED TIME MR B!!!
  12. In an update to the previous photo; David went to a craft store, bought supplies, and MADE Dr Moo a fez. Even the tassel. I have the best husband, ever. Dr Moo also now has a spiffy red bow tie. Bow ties are cool. Mae
  13. Dr Moo likes HNN. David bought me Dr Moo while I was in the ER last Friday. He's been my companion during the recovery, too. He has a blue bow tie on, which you can't see in the photo. I'm currently looking for a fez.... Mae
  14. LOL Fantastic perspective! Do we even know the dates for sure, yet? Is today the 90 day mark, or is that next Friday? Mae
  15. I am completely behind the faux-ceiling for houses, in every opportunity possible. The Freddy house in 2007 is my favorite example of that. It was just cheesecloth with holes in it, fire-retardant treated, and certainly nothing to keep any light, sound, water, etc out of the room but it still offered the illusion of a ceiling. It made huge difference to me. It was sorely lacking in the LT house, to be sure. Mae
  16. HORRORORLANDO Posted Yesterday, 09:37 AM (black mask, on 21 June 2011 - 02:52 AM, said: yeah I agree, also with roofs I think the houses would be overall scarier, a lot of times I am taken back to reality because of the roofless houses like Legendary truth, seeing the sound stage roof , some houses would be really scary if you looked up and saw nothing, or a black roof, that would freak me out That is another aspect I totally agree on. Looking up and seeing the tops of the tents, soundstages, parade buliding etc...really can give you that sense of feeling that ok you are just in a house that isn't real. With having the entire house covered in my opinion really makes the experience come to life. Your brain can't recongnize something if you don't see it therefore making the house feel more alive... I thought that was the point; to be totally immersed.... Legacy Posted 19 June 2011 - 08:22 AM HORRORLANDO, on 19 June 2011 - 02:49 AM, said: I agree to that to some extent but some rooms within a house need their own setup. You don't want to be walking through a particular part of a house and get distracted from the sounds and flashing lights coming from another part of the house. The anticipation of a scare coming from just around the corner is what makes a house so great. Sometimes it's good to be left in the dark... If the scareactors are doing their job, you won't be looking up. Ah, but up-scares become more and more popular....2009 had a feral bride in Dracula:Legacy of Blood at bout 10 ft up and there was a clear view of the ceiling when she was there. It did detract for me, but I am only one. Mae
  17. i love the new background

  18. Since I am an unwashed heathen, I went and looked this Candleja...er, CJ guy up. You guys are a hoot. He's a pretty creepy character, certainly, but how short would that house be?! Mae
  19. I am fond of the idea of the "Tom Sawyer and the Undead" treatment. Shoot, they could just do one house with that and "Huckleberry Finn and Undead Jim". The horror 'revisions' of classic lit are so popular currently, that I can't see why they wouldn't go for the 'Classics + Zombies/Vampires/Sea Monsters" theme. It would allow for great sets and costumes, plus keep HHN hip and trendy (something they seem to be more concerned about than most haunted events). Personally, I believe Pride and Prejudice and Zombies would be AWESOME. Mae
  20. Certainly not all of them, as it has got to be physically debilitating after that length of time, but there are many who seem to grow more...energetic. Or creative. Or both. I suppose the exhaustion can lower those 'normal' filters and make a scareactor a little less conservative. In fact, last year's Havoc was (IMHO) the best of the whole run that Sunday. It was downright dangerous. Mae
  21. From a protestant point of view, big European cathedrals are sorta scary. Mae
  22. If things continue as they are, there will be no HHN for us this year.

    1. JDW


      OH no! I hope not!

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