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  1. "This is indeed a disturbing universe..." Egads, that would make my YEAR!!! Mae
  2. Oh, did you know that there is a limit to the number of smileys allowed on the forums? I didn't. And for good measure, Mae ps
  3. I do believe that David, myself, and one or two friends will make it paramount to be at this soire. Oh, wait, that should be Darnit! What's up with these smileys??? Nope. AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!! Okay...that's more what I was looking for! Mae
  4. This is the only way I can post while at work! Very odd, it shows me the entire site, but when I try to PM or post to a topic, there's no text box. I can edit, but I can't put something there TO edit. There's some sort of format problem, it seems. Sigh, such is my life.

    But HI!!! I will DEFINATELY do the Facebook add and add you here, too.


  5. Is there more to it than just entering 'universal' and 'permits'? Mae
  6. Soooo.....it's May 10th....did anyone find anything? Wasn't this the day that last year's 'clues' were discovered? I burn for those first stirrings of our approaching event!! Mae
  7. Shady Oaks...hmmm...Shady....brook? This is good stuff, guys. Keep speculating!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mae
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