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  1. That sounds good. I can get behind that. in light of the "house always wins" theme, a lost wager could certainly result in some punishment. Mae
  2. Sweet. Thanks! I still think the audio was the star in this house. Mae eta: PS who's douchebag?? LOL
  3. Why can't we all just get along? And, why not a Presidential house? We poke fun at them (all of them) mercilessly...why can't we zombify them and get them in a house? NOTE: I am not saying that I think it will happen, I am just saying that there is very little out of reach for ideas these days. No one is safe. I can't figure it out for the life of me, unless they are doing some sort of day care or school (or orphanage!) once again. The cutouts plus the cheesy 70's furniture ring no bells in my head. Mae
  4. I enjoyed the house, but not for the startle factor. It utilized 'unseen' threats; great sound effects and partially obscured or interrupted scenes very effectively. Without the 'boo!' factor I think it may have suffered a little, but I felt the paranoia it created worked well. Maybe I'm more sensitive to things like that, I don't know. By the end of the house, right before you see the giant alien monster, I was so tense that I was jumping at everything whether I was meant to or not. I think that it can only benefit from being moved to a SS. Mae
  5. 1993 Back then, Spencer's gifts was just about the only place to get really gory and scary Halloween props. Everyone else had 'safe' decorations. We went hunting for something for a spooky party and there was this stack of flyers...I wish I could find the 2 I kept. I'm sure they are in a box, somewhere. We didn't get to go that year, but we made sure we planned to go the next. The rest, as they say, is history. Mae
  6. Anytime I go past US 1 on 95 South...I don't travel that far very often, and when I do, it's usually to go to Orlando. Even just going to St Augustine gives me that revved up feeling. Mae
  7. I'm of a mixed mind on this subject. I do enjoy the clues and hints, mostly because I love coming to the forums and talking about it with you guys. They also help me get through the long days of Summer, which has never been my favorite time of year (nerdy, pale, slightly asthmatic, overweight...no, Summer is not good to me). The build up is so exciting, my anticipation has never been diminished by a few spoilers. That being said, going into a house with little to no knowledge about what's coming is pretty darned intimidating. It doesn't happen often, but last year I made it to Catacombs with very little actual info as to what was going on in the house. It was transcendental, I tell you. Mae
  8. Are there any (interpretable) hints about the scarezones this year? I know we have some code names for the area next to Mel's (Lucy?), but has anyone heard anything else? Mae
  9. Thank you, DS. I'm still insanely curious about the parade building. My mind keeps going back to the cathedral photos Aiello posted earlier this year... (let me check that I'm thinking of the right location...eta Yup! I was!) Mae
  10. Microwavable pork rinds...

  11. It is a John Carpenter joint; I can't take the article seriously due to that error. I mean, that's a BIG error. Maybe he made a mistake, like thinking one thing and saying another, but this is Variety. THE entertainment trade paper. I just can't see that getting through unless there was a reason. Mae
  12. Warehouse 13 rocks.

  13. i'm watching insidious for the first time. this is some creepy *ss sh*t!!!

  14. From the HHN 17 guide: A secret facility in Florida studying the Bio-hazardous remains of Artic outpost 31 accidentally unleashes some-THING. The Thing: Assimilation was never supposed to be in the Antarctic. The remains of the two men were transferred to Florida. In the case of a prequel, I think moving it to the SS with buttkicking AC is necessary.
  15. I'm trying to work on my movie making skills (they suck) and was having fun with some of my HHN 2008 footage. Here's moment I thought I'd share. Mae
  16. Topless dancers!!! Well, it is the wishful thinking thread... mae
  17. "It takes two hands to hit 21" That made me laugh, as it's obvious the poor schmoe in the picture on the website now only has one....(or none). Mae
  18. 1994 was my first year and words cannot describe how hard I fell in love that night. 1995 we went on my birthday and my friends had the entire queue of Back to the Future sing "Happy Birthday" to me. 2000 parade! 2001 the last Bill & Ted show was amazing; the cast and audience sang our national anthem before everyone left. 2004 parade again! 2007 NOES house scared all of the guys in my group. YES 2008 EVERYTHING eta: a very specific memory of Path of the Wicked; went through at a particularly crowded time, got separated from my husband and friend, trapped by the Lion and Tin-man. Went through again a little later and was accosted by the Tin-man once more "I remember yuuuuuuuu..." Got it on tape.
  19. PERFECTION! To a new age of gods and monsters!!!!! Mae
  20. I added HNN to my Google+ circles!

  21. The icon in zombie Walt? My vote is the Noir/gangster angle. It's been thrown around a lot in the past year and there are far too many clues pointing in that direction. Mae
  22. Woodteeth is also slang for someone with brown or 'fuzzy' teeth. It could just be a person with bad teeth. Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter would be spectacular! It made the rounds in our house last year and we all loved it. Dorf on Halloween? Mae
  23. Oh, man, when you said that I got chills.... I remember watching those movies on Cinemax, far far too late in the night when I was 12 years old. They certainly weren't the best of movies, by today's standards, but for sheer creepy atmosphere there wasn't much better. The soundtracks were amazing, too. I would loooove a house based on those movies! (Off to get them from Netflix to reminisce...) And I still love the idea of zombie Mobsters....(Legacy...that still keeps coming up!) Mae
  24. Yes! I remember that, too! Wasn't Mike Aiello touring medieval churches earlier this year, too? An Inquisition house would be amazing and terrifying. Aside from all of the Monty Python references, I think it would be highly successful. Mae
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