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  1. Hi.

    It's been a while. I do have an excuse, though. Promise.

    I have a question: when we started gettting info regarding dates and FFP's, was it indicated anywhere that the second weekend would be included in those dates? I know it doesn't NOW, but I swear that it was stated that it would be the case. Does anyone have a link to a conversation where it was discussed?

    Thanks all!


  2. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music, minor in Film Cinema Studies from UCF. Two years of applied instrument on clarinet and bass clarinet, and two years of compositional studies. For my senior Capstone Project, I made a 40 minute portfolio of original compositions, orchestrations, and short film scorings... I'm currently the Office Assistant for Environmental Health & Safety at said alma mater. Go figure. I didn't want to teach, I'm not a soloist, and I would have had to have moved out of state to pursue a worthwhile masters in composition (the closest reputable school for comp is in Kentucky). So currently I have a degree that I'm not using at all, even in my free time. I'm considering doing the dual masters program in Nonprofit Management and Public Administration here at UCF, but I'm not rushing into anything.

    You talented types make me so jealous... :P


  3. small edit

    Good to hear then. We are having 6 zones, plus the oddity of Lucy.

    smaller edit

    I was watching some of my old videos the other night...2001, I think, and there were scareactors right at the gate to 'greet' you. They've had some activity there; 2007 had some clowns and the carousel bikes added, and 2008 had the mirror people, could we looking at more interaction there this year? We could have more of a theme to the entry, making it an official scarezone.


  4. When you consider what you get for the costs, the price actually evens out quite a bit. I love local haunts and support them as much as I can, but I still see the draw to a massive haunted event.

    8 houses - Even meccas like Netherworld and Bates Motel charge 20-30 bucks for 2-3 haunts. So, they match up at 10 per haunt.

    Scarezones - I have yet to be at a haunt with as extensively decorated outdoor areas as a theme park can provide. They do great stuff in their queue's and sometimes even in the parking lot, but for sheer immersion the parks have the obvious advantage.

    Rides - If you are so inclined....I don't think local haunts can provide much more than jumpy houses or, occasionally, a traveling carnival ride. They would probably upcharge for those, too.

    Please do not think that this is in any way a slight to independent and regional haunts; I love, respect, and envy what they do and would love to join them someday. However, dollar vs dollar, HHN, Knotts, HOS, and the large theme park variety haunted events do provide equal to the costs. If they go much higher, I may not be able to enjoy as much as I'd like, but that is due to my own financial burdens and not the fact that it's a fair or worthy price.

  5. Keeping it brief:

    The first house in 2007 did not take place on the base shown in The Thing; it was supposed to take place in Florida. It did have a pool table.

    Pool tables don't mean anything specific; however, in consideration with what we do know, the chances are rather high that Dr J is completely on the money.


  6. I agree that would be amazing, but i have to make sure you are talking about the same trailer. There are two thugs shown at 1:52 on my trailer, something awesome, and something that is just a set... But yeah, I hope it's the earlier of the two- that would add some real life to it.

    I found the one on the HHN site on YouTube and timed it that way.

    What was on the screen at 1:52 was....wow.


  7. I had previously thought that SS23A was the most logical location for the Thing House. However while watching the new trailer for the upcoming film I noticed at 1:52 something that I know for a fact is now located in SS22.

    So I am not quite sure what to make of it.

    As for Jaws, chainsaws yes, steampunk? maybe not so much.

    They put THAT in the soundstage? This is going to be amazing!


  8. Here's my take... and I mostly came up with this right before the clue came out (when I heard about the production equipment)

    I'm positive this is the Dark humor house and the Disaster! queue.

    Being that both are late night horror movie hosts. (one being the comedic parody of the other)

    The holiday decorations in conjunction with the production equipment makes me think it will be the filiming of a cheesy horror where the lead role kills the crew and you. (Much Like Hell's High or Lights, Camera, Hacktion!). the movie could be called "The Calander Killer" or "The Holiday Killer" or something cheesy like that.

    That's just my idea but it will definitely involve TV/Movie filiming, some sort of killing, and maybe vampires?

    Not to imply that this is the inspiration, but there's a really terrible anthology movie about holiday horror...I can't remember the name now, of course, but it had stories about the Easter Bunny and Valentine's Day...plus there's some sort of villian in Batman that did the same...


  9. Ok if the hint from our Mutual Friend does mean Fright Night something just occured to me. Last years event was supposed to be the climax of a 20 year cycle ending in Fear being revealed. This year was supposed to be a new beginning, a new era, a start of another cycle. I'm sure most of you remember what began the last cycle and it wasn't called Halloween Horror Nights. It was called Fright Nights. Be kinda fitting don't you think?

    Ooo, nice!!! Way to tie it all up!

    I would be totally into the campy Creature Feature/Fright Night type house. I don't think any of the Fright Nights (1, 2, or the remake) are done by Universal, so I doubt there's a direct link, but the idea could be fun to toy with in a house...or even for a future icon...


  10. you are forgetting about the room on 2009 Silver Screams, which did really look like movie

    they already did the room and they proved they could do the look of the movie well, I have a feeling we might see something very similar to the room in silver screams

    (Actually reading the comments seems like Everyone has a case of amnesia form Silver screams...jeez)

    Never forgotten!

    However, it was overwhelmed by the other scenes...The Thing's space was really, really small and consisted of crates, crates, and more crates. There was one static prop on the nights I went, not even an actor. In comparison to the rest of that house, it fell very short; The Strangers, Sean of the Dead, Evil Dead, and even the beautiful, abbreviated, and isolated Phantom of the Opera scene was more memorable. It just didn't fit in with the scope of the house.

    Which is another reason I look forward to it getting the soundstage treatment. ;)


  11. Okay... Tent 1 Spec (and thanks, Mark):

    Rumors has four roles listed for Sprung Tent 1: Floating Head, Shoes Man, Gutter and Star. I'm going to focus on Gutter, because all of this spec starts with re-evaluating how that name is viewed.

    A Gutter is most commonly considered a thing or a place, both with the connotation of something that retains and moves water. BUT, the word, "Gut" can also be a verb, meaning something similar to disembowel. So a "Gutter" could be an individual who is disemboweling another.

    Now, why this is happening is open to interpretation, but I'm going to speculate it is a form of punishment (it's only way this idea works...) inspired by the epic poem, Dante's Inferno.

    Now, according the poem, one of the punishments involved plunging the guilty head-first into rock and setting their feet on fire. That can be our "Shoes Man."

    Another punishment (that of Lust) is being blown through gusting winds, in other words being a "Floating Head."

    And Satan? Lucifer? He is known commonly as the Morning, "Star."

    The Rune Room can fit as well, since it can simply be carving in rock, or it can be a simple play on the word, "Ruin."

    So... Sprung 1, based SOLELY ON SPECULATION, can possibly be "Dante's Inferno."

    That sounds good. I can get behind that. in light of the "house always wins" theme, a lost wager could certainly result in some punishment.


  12. Why can't we all just get along?

    And, why not a Presidential house? We poke fun at them (all of them) mercilessly...why can't we zombify them and get them in a house? NOTE: I am not saying that I think it will happen, I am just saying that there is very little out of reach for ideas these days. No one is safe.

    I can't figure it out for the life of me, unless they are doing some sort of day care or school (or orphanage!) once again. The cutouts plus the cheesy 70's furniture ring no bells in my head.


  13. I enjoyed the house, but not for the startle factor. It utilized 'unseen' threats; great sound effects and partially obscured or interrupted scenes very effectively. Without the 'boo!' factor I think it may have suffered a little, but I felt the paranoia it created worked well. Maybe I'm more sensitive to things like that, I don't know. By the end of the house, right before you see the giant alien monster, I was so tense that I was jumping at everything whether I was meant to or not.

    I think that it can only benefit from being moved to a SS.


  14. 1993

    Back then, Spencer's gifts was just about the only place to get really gory and scary Halloween props. Everyone else had 'safe' decorations. We went hunting for something for a spooky party and there was this stack of flyers...I wish I could find the 2 I kept. I'm sure they are in a box, somewhere.

    We didn't get to go that year, but we made sure we planned to go the next.

    The rest, as they say, is history.


  15. I'm of a mixed mind on this subject. I do enjoy the clues and hints, mostly because I love coming to the forums and talking about it with you guys. They also help me get through the long days of Summer, which has never been my favorite time of year (nerdy, pale, slightly asthmatic, overweight...no, Summer is not good to me). The build up is so exciting, my anticipation has never been diminished by a few spoilers.

    That being said, going into a house with little to no knowledge about what's coming is pretty darned intimidating. It doesn't happen often, but last year I made it to Catacombs with very little actual info as to what was going on in the house. It was transcendental, I tell you.


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