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  1. Um.....hi....what'd I miss, guys??

  2. Finally get to go to HHN. Phew.

  3. Just renewed my Dreammaker membership!

  4. I pulled out last years' HNN shirt today for casual Friday. I wore it.

  5. Woot! My frient just bought me tix for Queensryche in Nov as a birthday present!


  7. Holidays can be scary...come to my house and see!!

  8. Microwavable pork rinds...

  9. Warehouse 13 rocks.

  10. i'm watching insidious for the first time. this is some creepy *ss sh*t!!!

  11. I added HNN to my Google+ circles!

  12. Every time I see Ace of Spades in the Spec II thread, I hear Motorhead.

    1. Legacy


      Lemmy would be a bad-ass Icon, and Motorhead would be a bad-ass house... lol

    2. Liam W

      Liam W

      totally agree Mae lol

  13. OMG this year is going to be so freakin cool.

  14. i love the new background

  15. If things continue as they are, there will be no HHN for us this year.

    1. JDW


      OH no! I hope not!

  16. HELP! I'm trying to find a picture of Jack that I know was on this forum; he's coming out of the instant photo booth with a 'cmere' finger pointed at the camera....anyone know which one I mean???

    1. JDW
    2. Mae



      I could not find it! I went through that stupid thread for an hour! I must have kept skipping it, somehow.

      You rock!!

  17. I wonder what tomorrow has in mind for me, or am I even in its mind, at all?

    1. Stumpy


      Perhaps I'll get a chance to look ahead and see

      Soon as I find myself a crystal ball

    2. Mae
  18. I watched a spooky little haunted house movie last night called Spirit Trap. I think it's worth a watch.

  19. I missed my anniversary! Mine was May 16, 2009. :-)

  20. I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

  21. I smell like BPAL Samhain, I have a plate of jalepeno stuff olives and homemade pico de gallo...life is pretty okay.

    1. JDW


      wearing the robotic scarab myself :)

  22. I like biting; it's like kissing but with a winner.

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