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  1. I've got one for the Alice Cooper queue. It's one of my favorites by him, ever and it was playing on my way into the house on 9/30. Be My Lover, on the Killer album. Sigh. Yeah, had good times to this record. Mae
  2. Um.....hi....what'd I miss, guys??

  3. Finally get to go to HHN. Phew.

  4. Hi. It's been a while. I do have an excuse, though. Promise. I have a question: when we started gettting info regarding dates and FFP's, was it indicated anywhere that the second weekend would be included in those dates? I know it doesn't NOW, but I swear that it was stated that it would be the case. Does anyone have a link to a conversation where it was discussed? Thanks all! Mae
  5. Just renewed my Dreammaker membership!

  6. I pulled out last years' HNN shirt today for casual Friday. I wore it.

  7. You talented types make me so jealous... Mae
  8. Woot! My frient just bought me tix for Queensryche in Nov as a birthday present!

  9. I was watching some of my old videos the other night...2001, I think, and there were scareactors right at the gate to 'greet' you. They've had some activity there; 2007 had some clowns and the carousel bikes added, and 2008 had the mirror people, could we looking at more interaction there this year? We could have more of a theme to the entry, making it an official scarezone. Mae
  10. All the talk of Easter is making me think of this little darling... Mae

  12. When you consider what you get for the costs, the price actually evens out quite a bit. I love local haunts and support them as much as I can, but I still see the draw to a massive haunted event. 8 houses - Even meccas like Netherworld and Bates Motel charge 20-30 bucks for 2-3 haunts. So, they match up at 10 per haunt. Scarezones - I have yet to be at a haunt with as extensively decorated outdoor areas as a theme park can provide. They do great stuff in their queue's and sometimes even in the parking lot, but for sheer immersion the parks have the obvious advantage. Rides - If you are so inclined....I don't think local haunts can provide much more than jumpy houses or, occasionally, a traveling carnival ride. They would probably upcharge for those, too. Please do not think that this is in any way a slight to independent and regional haunts; I love, respect, and envy what they do and would love to join them someday. However, dollar vs dollar, HHN, Knotts, HOS, and the large theme park variety haunted events do provide equal to the costs. If they go much higher, I may not be able to enjoy as much as I'd like, but that is due to my own financial burdens and not the fact that it's a fair or worthy price.
  13. Keeping it brief: The first house in 2007 did not take place on the base shown in The Thing; it was supposed to take place in Florida. It did have a pool table. Pool tables don't mean anything specific; however, in consideration with what we do know, the chances are rather high that Dr J is completely on the money. Mae
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