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  1. Well half of you are probably right about scream being a maze this year. Just like no one really thought that mbv was guna be a maze but it was. And about this bunny gibbons thing. I did some research of my own and came too my conclusion that its probably a code name for leatherface. Hence its something about ed gein. no it wouldnt make sense too make a msze called the life and crimes of ed gein lol. But one character that was made famous by the actions of that man was leatherface. thats my assumption for now. I could be right or wrong. But that would be a good guess of mine though.
  2. Another crappy setup. Just in my opinion. Face palm . Lol come on john you can do extremely better then this kinda nonsense.
  3. Crappiest concept, characters, theme I ever seen in 1 location. Lame to the full extent.
  4. Totally agreed. He need to invest that budget money into other things sround the park instead of strictly mazes. Theres so much more uni can do with that money for hhn.
  5. Universal is very specific on who they hire. Not every walk in or open call is guna get picked. You also gota join agva which is the union they belong with before playing any roles. If its guna be your first year your better off going too knotts or the queen mary to be an actor. Ya universal does a better job on what they have to offer. Buf they are no way the easiest too work for when it comes to hhn. They rely on the "rehires" too keep coming back. Hence thats where the mass amounts of people are picked from too work the event. But the choice is yours. Of course murdy is guna say everyone gets picked. Cause he need to get the mass amount of people interested to go and try. But wont tell you everyfhing else.
  6. well it really does make one think. that he has all this time too think and plan out things for the back lot. and seems too me like last years terror tram was rushed together. But yes Im well aware of the budget that murdy has too work with. But that being said all that budget goes into the mazes and no where else seems like. kinda like the old pc game dino tycoon. You only get so much too work with and spend. and you gotta spend it wisely too make something work. but hell for the huge turn outs from last years event. i know theres a pretty penny that can be shared on more things then just mazes. as i said before i think they should invest in making the scare zones more elaborate. add some barriers, or towers where they can hide in. kinda like what orlando has. increase the amount of days and times, not everyone has off fri, sat, sun, and some thurs. and start the event at 6:30. too get the crowds in. make more "fall" type activities for the daytime crowd dedicate a daytime scare zone for the daytime guest in preparation for the night event. just little simple things like that can make that time of year at universal a little bit more better. or instead of having the bates motel theme around the bates motel during the tram ride during the day. make like something to do with a character used for the hhn event, distract from the front and have another character come from the other side of the tram too scare. or do some cool LED light effects that were used in grinchmas in the mummies tomb in the end of the tram ride. with also another preparation for the hhn event. little things like that can make the event more better then what it is. i remember murdy also tweeting last year about how some actors were complaining about the hours, weather, and other random things while working the event. too murdy or whoever might read these boards or topics my 2 cents bout that topic. if your gonna hire jabroni's that whine and complain about doing what they do, or not even do nothing just too collect an easy paycheck for doing nothing at all or flirting with teens, or. or brag about how they worked the event over the years. or push a button too engage a strobe light effect. i think you should reconsider your picks. regardless of how much "seniority" the have or how well of a job one might claim he or she does. theres alot of new comers waiting in the wings too be picked. Besides rehires. and wish universal should increase the security for people. last year there was a few actors that got a little too assertive. and not just them being in character. there were a few that pushed, and shoved, me and a few of my friends. Now i dont think thats apart of the event. But lets wake up universal. and make changes. for the event and in general. people pay a pretty penny too attend. lets give them what they want.
  7. well unless your a baller and got money like that then i would recommend staying at 1 of the 2 hotels on the universal property lol. Personally stay in Hollywood, or the south bay area of los angeles county and you'll find cheaper hotels. unless your not planning on renting a car. Cause most hotels in the Hollywood area offer shuttle services too universal, knotts, etc. the event is ok. not as long as Orlando's hours, days, and mazes, and scare zone. but it definitely draws a big crowds. Usually start letting people in at 6:45 or 10 to 7 at night for the opening scare amony. definitely get there early too avoid the parking hassles and wait at nights. and for the most part get your tickets early. there were a lot of days last year that tickets sold out before noon. yes fotl passes are the way too go. avoid the long lines with annoying people lol. food is kinda pricey in the park. as in city walk.
  8. well too continue on from the last time. yes a custom event would save the park millions instead of investing in different properties. the park needs more decoration, and festivities. longer hours and more days. more actors. and a way better improvements too the terror tram. and they should desperately lay off the chucky and his army theme for awhile. wasn't even scary.
  9. Hmmm a bunch of interesting topics on here. Well i think all that money that the park got last year would be suited for an event of there own " universal" based instead of wasting millions on different movie properties. the terror tram could be labeled as classic screams : which is all based on the classic movie monsters. Instead of modern ones. if done right and enough time too think things through it would be pretty awesome. Setting up black tents buying tarps can't be that much too invest in along the open parts of the tram ride. Only modern day character that would be pretty cool seeing again. Would be Leatherface. all the other mazes could be classic characters. except physcho. that one is kinda lame. and the scare zones could be anything.
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