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  1. Make Bill and Ted team up with Rick and Morty! Wubba Dub Dubbalub Dudes!
  2. When are the going to add a treehouse of horror scare zone in the Springfield area where the Simpsons ride is?
  3. OK also what about Both Springfield areas in Universal Orlando and Hollywood to do a treehouse of horror theme scare zone
  4. thanks for that appreciation and thought on wishing it could happen at HHN during MKX's game release
  5. Mortal Kombat Scare Zone/ Haunted House (w/ Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and Predator's cameo in the haunted attraction) ok people might have mixed reactions on the last mortal kombat game feat. Freddy from Nightmare on Elm st. also my idea will have you questioning me on what does it have to do with horror? doesn't matter if it is horror or not but the gore and violence and plenty of startling scares like scorpion in rage around the coner shouting; "GET OVER HERE!" as he tries to drag you over to kill you.
  6. i see, i want to ride on a halloween themed simpsons ride, but hey that was my idea for a seasonal ride for hollywood and orlando
  7. True about mortal kombat isn't horror but with all gore and violence its fine
  8. Houses: Mortal Kombat Freddy vs Jason Senderman Code Dead (i made up the title of a haunted house) like its similar to doomsday based on the film from england or penn and teller's nuked los veges walking dead Scarezones: Mortal Kombat walking dead Dark Xmas Treehouse of horror (Scare zone) Shows: Bill & Ted
  9. We want Slenderman and other creepypasta charaters at HHN 2015, also a five nights at freddy's house
  10. i agree with your suggetions but what does Pink Floyd's The Wall have to do with anything halloween and horror?
  11. Haunted Houses (Just 4 at the top of my head): Mortal Kombat Haunted house Metalocalypse: Dethklok themed haunted house Slenderman and other creepypastas Haunted House Paranormal Activity Haunted House Scare Zone ideas: Klokateers from Dethklok as Sniper rifles on top of the towers (like a Nazi concentration camp) with loud Fake guns to not really kill the guests just scare them with loud gun fire, with no bullets coming out. one scare zone with crucifixes standing with skeletons and dead corpses. (Just like in the Bible with Jesus Crucified.) Mortal kombat with athletic scaractors in combat Shows: Bill & Ted Rocky Horror Picture Show: a tribute Dethklok Band Concert and other death metal bands like GWAR and Disturbed.
  12. Halloween Horror Nights final fear 24 hours from dawn to dusk Starting Oct.31st - Nov.1st like Disneyland's 24 hour all-nighter, But on Halloween to All Saints Day to end the event for next year. BAM! you got more money Universal Studios!
  13. or maybe they should make a haunted house for halloween horror nights, where you get to walk through mordhaus and encounter zombie klokateers with chainsaws and fake guns that sounded like its shooting but bullets don't go out. and also dethklok music plays.
  14. could we make the parody show a bit more interactive, like the rocky horror picture show a tribute? y'know where the audience where told to shout out or talk back to the stage with pop culture related quotes or offensive slurs? I wanted the show to be more hilarious and interesting.
  15. I can imagine facebones on screen in the entrence in orlando and the terror tram in hollywood.
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