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  1. Reaper, I have a creative mind myself and wish to show it off SOMEWHERE. I would love to request your permission first and credit you as the inspiration to post ideas here and will just have to start my own thread with some pics and general rundown of the house ideas.
  2. Anyone know on average the number of rooms a house typically has?
  3. As much as the scareactors were on fire and awesome last night on the 6th, I just want to voice a serious appreciation to the staff who works the lines to the houses. A lot of them kind of just stand around, but there are plenty that actually keep an eye on things in the lines and there was one line with some horribly annoying young asses in front of us who were arguing about smoking in line and jumping the railings(the Thing house) I'm sure they deal with people like that ALL the time. They do a good job taking care of obnoxious people for the most part. I think get a fear that those people are just gonna be morons in the house too, but they kept getting so scared of the thing creatures that they would run into the next room hahaha.
  4. This is an awesome scarezone. I didn't want to spend too much time reading up on things about houses and zones because I wanted to figure it out all on my own. Finally realized that the women actually represent a 'Seven Deadly Sin' I managed to get Gluttony, Lust, Sloth(I rthink that's the one on the chair who just lays around) and Greed right away, but was having difficulty finding the connection of the others.
  5. That's awesome bout Stephen King, guess I'm not the only one to think he deserves a house. I would take out 1408 and just leave in 'The Shining' as they both take place in a hotel. Mine included animatronics of Cujo, The Mist and Christine. Also don't forget Carrie as well in the Prom Scene
  6. Me and a friend of mine have started work on what our own haunt event would be like if we had control of a haunt-event. So far we have almost 3 years worth of houses and scarezones. A few of these may seem familiar as another member, Leonardo IcePick, HHNFan1981 and I are friends and put our heads together to make a 'wouldn't it be nice?' event for shits and giggles to see how many years worth of original(and adaptations) material and so far we are just about 3 years in. For the most part, we have 9 houses for each year. Our event is called Nights of Nightmares. Do not have in depth detailed descriptions of the houses like Dante would have, but the gist of the houses. NIGHTS OF NIGHTMARES I ICON: KILLER PAINTER HOUSES: 1) The house about the people hunting other people for sport. You wander through a jungle setting with hunters shooting and the captives reaching out at you. 2) The Stephen King stories house: Come face to face with horror icons of Stephen King books: It, Cujo, The Shining, Carrie, The Mist, Christine, etc. 3) House based on the computer game ‘Doom’ 4) Legend of Sleepy Hallow house. 5) The Bakery: The sweet smell of cookies, cakes, pastries will lure you in, but the bakery holds a dark secret: people are being used as the ingredients, and the workers will stop at nothing to ensure their secret is kept hidden. 6) House about the burned-down wedding chapel: The jealous lover of a bride ruined her big day by burning down the chapel she was getting married in. Now the spirits of the victims haunt the chapel. 7) Slime Mines: Investigate the disappearance of a crew in a mine shaft and discover that a living gooey substance has held them there for many years, and has been getting bigger as it fed on the crew and is hungry. Think the Blob in an underground mine shaft. 8) ICON HOUSE: Enter the world of the Killer Painter. The colors and art design are key in this house. SCARE ZONES: 1) Like a Ripley’s Freak Museum out of hell. 2) Vampire Biker Gang 3) Believil – Folklore characters: Santa, Easter Bunny, Leprechauns, Tooth Fairy, etc run rampant. 4) Loosely based on The Crazies, rednecks have gone berserk after their water has been tainted. 5 In this forbidden garden, mutant botany lives. 6 The Dead Presidents: In this zombie scarezone, our forefathers have returned from the grave to feast on those who have been pissing on them since their deaths. NIGHTS OF NIGHTMARES II ICON: VOODOO MASTER HOUSES: 1 ICON HOUSE: Travel through the Louisiana bayou where you are stalked by humanoid cryptids in the murky swampy area as well as the Voodoo Doctor’s hut. 2 SALEM WITCH HOUSE: Be stalked by the Salem witches who have been massacred as well as their accusers. 3 AMITYVILLE HORROR: Witness the hell house of Amityville with the trademark eye windows and glowing floating pig in the window. 4 ALIVE?: Loosely based on the film and true story, a plane crash in the cold mountains leads to cannibalism. Queue line idea: journal entries of one of the “survivors” as he/she speaks about the other crash victims and their hint of cannibalism, also news reels of the people being missing. 5 Time Travel based house: Come face to face with horrors of the past including the prehistoric/cavemen era, the roman/ancient era, dark ages, etc. 6 A maze of a parking garage: strange creatures are lurking in a mall parking garage. 7 Toon Town: The set, atmosphere and everything is cartoonish, the scareactors are dressed as lovable cartoon characters, but with only one difference: they are evil and unlike cartoons, death can happen. 8 Meals on Wheels: 1930-31 Prohibition-Depression era America, gangsters are runnin’ rampant and finding out another way to exploit the citizens of the country: taking the blood of their victims and making everyone else drink it. 9 Gabriel Knight: House based on the computer game. SCAREZONE 1) Black Eyed Kids Neighborhood: Creepy-alien/demonic black eyed kids stalk guests. 2) Cowboys vs. Vampires: Be careful when you wander into this zone. There is a war going between Cowboys and Vampires, and you certainly don’t want to get into the crossfires of either. 3) The Dark Ages: The Dark Ages were not a fun time to live. This scarezone will not be a fun one to walk through. The living humans were tortured to death and pitted against each other in battles to the death and the tormenters are looking for more recruits. 4) Trainwreck: What happened on the train track stays on the train track, but as you walk through this zone you’ll see that it wasn’t usual error. 5) The Gateway: Souls wishing to enter the pearly gates are being blocked by jealous condemned and demonic souls. 6) The Cornfield: These scarecrows aren’t going to be singing about wanting brains, they are a demented cult that doesn’t take kindly to trespassers. They are looking for their next sacrifice. NIGHTS OF NIGHTMARES III ICON: DAUGHTER OF SATAN This is the first event to have the most scarezones: 8, each represent the rings of hell as defined by Dante in the Divine Comedy. SCAREZONES: 1 The First Circle: These souls/demons lay in Limbo, ghostly and unable to live in Heaven for not accepting God. They are bitter for this. Be spooked by the guardians of the first circle. 2 The 2nd Circle: This zone is for those possessed by Lust: Can you control your lustful desires as you look at these beauties? Try not to stare, because they show their true colors. This zone is lurking of guardians of the 2nd circle. 3 The 3rd Circle: Come face to face with Cerberus who guards the Gluttons, icy rain falls from the sky and the self-indulgers walk about. 4 The 4th Circle: The Greedy are condemned to this circle, come face to face with its guardians. 5 The 5th Circle: Those who were overcome with anger in their living life are condemned here. More guardians of this circle are about. 6 The 6th Circle: The Heretics of the 6th Circle have escaped their flaming tombs and are running about as well as the guardians. 7 The 7th Circle: Perhaps one of the biggest scarezone areas this year, the 7th Circle houses the violent, including those who committed suicide who have been turned into trees, guardians walk about as well. 8 The 8th and 9th Circle: Another one of the big zones, this one houses the frauds and those who committed treachery. This zone houses our icon and its guardians. HOUSES 1 Bermuda Triangle: There is much mystery surrounding the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. Find out what really happened with the strange disappearances. 2 Hospital of the Damned: A town has succumbed to a flesh eating virus and is taking up medical residence in this hospital. 3 Montezuma’s Revenge: This Aztec ruins house where every corner you turn brings you face to face with your fate. 4 Body Snatchers: Based loosely on the novel and film franchise, Body snatchers takes place in a secret U.S. holding base for extra terrestrial activity. The aliens have invaded the base to free their species and wreck havoc on their captives, taking over the bodies of the base’s officials. Now it’s up to the guests to figure out who is the alien and who is the human. 5 Splatterhouse: The traditional video game-based house as returned to the event, this time, you are entering the world of Splatterhouse. The general set and concept is taken from the first game: being walled up in West Mansion and stalked by the demonic creatures that haunt there as a result of a mad scientist’s experiments, but the house includes nods to the franchise as a whole. 6 Landfill Maze: Imagine a world where in order to control the population only the rich, powerful and beautiful are allowed to live. Everyone else is killed and dumped in a landfill. The people who do the bidding and work in the landfill are loose. This house includes guest close encounters with bulldozer, crane and dump truck replicas. the last 3 houses for NON III are yet to come.
  7. I want to apologize to the scare actors in this house. My friend was in a wheelchair and the regular house staff person made us go in a different path and it involved going through a section where the scareactors were popping out. I guess there was a section in the original path that wheelchairs can't go on? So anyway, we unfortunately came up behind a few scareactors and nearly tripped one of them as he was backing up. I want to say that was not our fault, it was not your fault either, we were just going where we were told. Hopefully they'll fix that for opening night if they're going to have to deal with more wheelchairs in the house.
  8. Thanks! Have they said what day they are gonna start giving the guest tickets?
  9. This may have been answered, but didn't wanna go through the whole thread to find out. I am an employee at the park and would like to know on what day will there be the employee preview? If you can't say it in the thread, please message me. I just wanna get it off and make sure my guest will get it off as well!
  10. I'm definitely in, but I'll see what my schedule will look like for that meeting.
  11. I thought of an interesting idea for an HHN or HoS character, like he gets his own house. He wouldn't necessarily be an Icon of the entire event, but for example Sam Meetz wasn't an icon, but had his own house, backstory, etc. A guy who is just in LOVE with either HHN or Horror in general, an obsessed fanatic of either/or/both. He has his own t-shirts, horror/HHN-icon action figures which he keeps encased in their original packages, can own you in HHN/horror trivia. It drives him so crazy that he's basically lost touch with reality and he lives in this world of horror where it even makes him as psychotic and dangerous as any other horror icon out there, so much to the point that he believes he is his own icon and wants guests to add to his "collection" aka body count.
  12. Just to let you know there are people who are reading your ideas out there, Cody. Great imagination! Hey if I pitch you very rough synopsis of some of my house ideas, would you be able to work with them and flesh them out like yours? The ones I have I know would never make it to an HHN/HOS idea and I wouldn't be able to write it out like you either. I can think up ok ideas but fleshing them out seems to be a problem I have with that sort of thing =/
  13. nice ideas, Kip! Like the 50s housewife idea Torture device fashion is great too!
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