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  1. I hope they'll use the original soundtrack for the house: I think it would be cool to use this in the versus scenes.
  2. Hmmm that would be very interesting to see. But what about a carnival themed house though?? Will there be one?
  3. I see a return of some old icons with a new face that no one has seen before
  4. The only thing that sucks is no Native Americans. But that would offend a lot of people. Even though they played a big role in Roanoke.
  5. If it would be based off of the revolutionary war that would be pretty awesome! getting in between the British and the Colonials fighting. Cannons going off, muskets and long riffles. But nothing high tec since the machine gun wouldn't come out until WW1 by the Germans. But it would have a very outside feel (unless they try making some of the forts used) but the house would use a sense of cold since the war was fought mostly in the winter.
  6. If it is the Boogeyman I hope they could make it better then what Hollywood had for El Cucuy. But that is also true too with Dead Space not being as popular as Silent Hill or Resident Evil. The only problem in my opinion is that I feel once Universal already did Welcome to Silent Hill (2012), Which I did like and Resident Evil: Escape From Raccoon City (2013) that the only way you could redo a Resident Evil house again is if you base it off of Resident Evil 4 or 5. But I wonder what other original properties they are working on... Hmmmmmm get's my ideas bubbling
  7. Now what I could honestly see happening in my own opinion is : 1.) Halloween coming to Orlando (maybe with a mix of the original and the rob zombie films or just rob zombie) having the asylum scenes, the titty bar, the hospital, the house and ending with the cabin? 2.) Catacombs sequel or a Nightingales sequel (WW2? or Vietnam??) 3.) No more take overs of TWD!! It was good as a house but not as an entire park wide idea. Because it did not fit in with the theme what evil has taken root at all (or at least to me it didn't) 4.) Urban Legends will be coming back with either the Chupacabra, Slender man, or Bloody Mary? 5.) DEAD SPACE?! would be amazing mixing the 2nd game with the 3rd.
  8. I agree. We do need an icon. Yes we still had successful years without one but look at the past years that we did have one or multiple icons. It's the missing key ingredient that will hopefully make this year more terrifying then it was in the past. And I hope that maybe we see a: 1.A return of Catacombs or Nightingales 2. Slenderman??? 3. Maybe a return of Bloody Mary??? 4. Actual themed Scare Zones like in previous years
  9. Thinking about auditioning for Howl O Scream...

  10. is Resident Evil, American Werewolf In London, Havoc 2, La Llorona, and Robert The Blade the last confirmed houses?
  11. This is why I'm happy I bought an express pass haha
  12. Does anyone have the games from 2009?
  13. Please i need help, i need the games from the houses from 2010!
  14. hopefully we can see scare zones again this year. I miss the scare zones they come up with.
  15. whoever was the female skeleton who would reach out and scream made my heart skip a beat hahaha
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