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  1. No hate from me! I have seriously been hoping for a Five Nights house since HHN 25. Every time I see the Five Nights merchandise during Horror Nights I always have a hope that it means a maze isn't far behind. The lore of the games is damn near TAILOR MADE for Horror Nights (or some similar Halloween event.) Tight hallways? Check. Creepy, rundown location? Check. Twisted Innocence? Check and check! I would LOVE For the queue line to play the phone messages! Especially Night 5. If they don't include the Night 5 recording, a mistake was made! It wouldn't even be the first video game based house! They did Resident Evil back during HHN 23! As to why they've never done more? I'm not sure. Maybe they think it's a bit too niche of a genre? They could go The Exorcist route and focus on Same Room Different Scene type approach if they focused on a particular game. For example base a house focused on Five Nights at Freddy's 1 on the whole week. The last room of the house being a 20/20/20/20 situation with EVERYBODY including Golden Freddy going ALL OUT on the guests. If anybody can bring it to life, it's the Horror Nights Crew! With Horror Nights getting bigger and bigger IPs, I'm not sure if the team is considering contacting Scott, or if they are going after the bigger fish. I know that some of the Horror Nights higher ups have kids and are probably well aware of Five Nights and the fact that Markiplier is the King of Five Nights!! Who knows. But, themazethinker I can tell you put a lot of time and passion into your post. Thank you, dude. They will know the joy of creation.
  2. Gesaffelstein - Hate Or Glory You are taking part in a mandatory vaccination of the Zemrit Virus as accepted through United Nations. All member states are issuing identical procedures to ensure public safety. Please stay in line, single file, moving forward. Do not attempt to leave the line line. Anyone attempting to leave the line will be placed into immediate Quarantine indefinitely! Please note: Exposure to the vaccination may cause short term sensory depravation, including lack or distortion of vision. Do not be alarmed. Vision will return, in timeā€¦ Continue forward, and breathe deeply upon entering the vaccination gate!
  3. Doing something SLIGHTLY different... I am a Scareactor this year, Cast A for The Shining... And who knows if they'll ever see this... But... The guys that come through every night after Stay and Scream is released and chant "BEAR! BEAR! BEAR! BEAR!" before getting to Bear... You guys are awesome. I'm just after The Bear, the Party Guest who says "Great party isn't it?!" And it gets me hyped when I hear you guys chanting! I know the night has officially started. And dude with the long black hair who is also there every night for Stay and Scream. You are awesome too!
  4. While I can't provide numbers for ticket sales, food sales, or alcohol sales for Daytime Hours vs. Halloween Horror Night Hours. I can personally confirm a few things. The crowds ARE a lot thicket during Halloween Horror Nights, I can say that. And everything is open and running, I can confirm that, too. I went to Universal during the day of Halloween, and decided to check out Woody Woodpecker's Playland, simply because I never get to see it running. Everything was on, and open, including the Barney and Curious George areas. Although the Circus Show was still perpetually postponed! The poles for the lines into both The Purge and the Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead were removed for the Daytime and put back in place every single night the event happens. Fear Factor is closed for Bill and Ted since they take over that stage area, but they still need to work around the exiting set pieces for that stage. So, every year, Bill and Ted will have a different yet similar stage set up! Yes, the park closes at 5PM so things can be set up for Halloween Horror Nights. But it doesn't stay open that late typically anyway. The parade is a big time staple of the Daytime park, and always gets a big crowd going all the way down the parade's path. Both kids and adults alike seem to enjoy it. I don't THINK it impacts Halloween Horror Nights much, the parade doesn't occur at night, and those vehicles are parked for the night. But I am curious of something myself. What are those vehicles we see parked on the way into The Walking Dead? (B79 Parade Warehouse) Those are not the same vehicles used during the parade. As for Alcohol sales, there are enough people getting drunk to warrant a drunk tank, so they can be processed and arrested by Orlando Police. So pretty hefty sales I would imagine. Does the parade block traffic for those not interested in it? Yes, but you can still get to where you're trying to go. And Halloween Horror Nights is still a glorious thing for horror fans, and fans of the dark and twisted!
  5. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Thank you to HHNFreak2006 for starting the topic and compiling this list! I was curious about several of these songs, and now I can dig around in the list and give them a listen! Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to the list! This is why I like forums, information collecting can be a wondrous thing!
  6. Hello everybody! My friend and I will be recording our experience at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando this year, and in order to bring better production, and better equipment, we started an Indiegogo campaign. The main goal is to rent a brand new camera that JUST came out this month! The videos will be put up on Youtube, for anybody to enjoy. Both of us will be shooting, and I will personally be talking on camera while waiting in line for a House, talking about what we have seen, and me speculating on the House we are about to enter. Yes, many people do this exact thing, but we have a different style, and focus on the Scarezones, and get in depth with talking about things. The channel has earned a few subscribers just for our HHN Videos! Everything is explained in the video. So, if you have a few dollars to spare, please contribute, and if you see us in the park, please say hello! igg.me/at/hhn23video To the Mods: I am aware of the rule to be an Affiliate, of which I have requested to become... Due to the limited time, I felt I should just go ahead and post the thread.
  7. Thank you, Legacy. So what is the best way to go about doing a legit interview approved by Universal? Contact the Media Center? I do know that certain characters, like Jack will interact in character with people getting a picture. I have seen short little videos of Icons and Minor Icons speaking in character to somebody filming (for less than three minutes or so before taking off and getting back to chasing people), and that is what I am looking for anyway, simple, short, and in character. I know the main job is to jump out at people, or just look scary and in control of the area.
  8. Hello everyone! I was curious how feasible it is to get a brief interview with the Scareactors? I understand anybody who talks will be in character, and that is fine. Is this encouraged? Are you guys allowed to be filmed while doing so? I'm expecting a brief little conversation, under five minutes or so and be on camera. I expect that it would be far easier to interact with Scareactors in the Scare Zones rather than in the Houses, and the stilt walkers would be unable to reasonably speak to me. Same goes for mask wearers. Still, I'd like some feedback on how to go about this. What is the best way to engage you guys?
  9. November 1st is a Friday, so it MIGHT still be a bit busy. You might also get lucky, and the park will be quiet that night, and the Scareactors can really get into character and jump at you!
  10. What I'd like to see is a parade for whoever the Icon is for Halloween Horror Nights XXII. Very similar to how the Death Drums show would roll through the whole park during HHN XXI, and even had cloaked cult members following it. It WOULDN'T be one of the two shows really, just have a parade for the Icon roam through the park a few times a night. I'd like to see it done BIG though. Have the crowd clearers be in costume, for the sake of the parade. Have trumpeters lead the way, with cult members, barkers announcing the icon and heckling the crowd, and various minions of the icon parade around, and RIGHT in the middle have the icon on a float calling all the shots! Maybe even have the icon get a theme song that would play during the parade. Here's just a break down of my ideas: 1. Parade for the icon 2. Trumpeters leading the way 3. Ring Masters/Barkers announcing the icon 4. Minions 5. The icon on a float 6. Possible theme song I think it would give the icon some MAJOR attention, and could be a first ever roaming scare zone? Or just have the parade march forward, and not interact with the crowd. Regardless, a parade would be fantastic!
  11. I'd like to see Cindy become a main Icon for HHN 21. She's been in the minor icons for the past few years, and from what I've seen has generated some fans. I know from some videos of the VIP Lounge for HHN 20, she was THIS close to being the main icon for 20, with carrying the totems for the past icons (instead of Fear), and burned down the tree into the "XX". Instead she got her own house, and her theme got transfered into that. Her house was one of my favorites, and I'd like to see her get a starring role next year, or one of the upcoming years. I would also like to see another retrospective house like Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past. That was a great house to see, and I've heard a lot of postive reviews for it, plus, it gave first timers highlights of years they have missed. It doesn't HAVE to be every year of HHN like Hallow'd Past did, but maybe bring back an old house from the 90s for old schoolers to nostalgia over, and new schoolers to see the roots of Halloween Horror Nights! Or another idea is just have Hallow'd Past become a permanent house (not likely, because every year it would grow). Regardless, I'd like to see a retrospective house and street-zone like we saw in HHN 20.
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