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  1. I hope it's an apocalyptic theme. It can work. I don't like Silent Hill and The Walking Dead - cash grabs and not creative. The design was created already through the series'. I would love to see scare zones that are right outside of the house entrances with a nice transition between the two. For example, a snowy/fog ridden zone for Silent Hill, then zombies that are on the other side of the fog.
  2. One has a lot more legs showing, the other has cleavage. The bottom looks more vicious.
  3. No, they don't outdo themselves every year. There has not been genuine, overarching atmosphere in years. The event hasn't been connected with a solid story in years. The scare zones have not seen scares in years. HHN 18 was the last year scare zones were genuinely entertaining and, at the same time, creative. Since HHN 15, there has not been cohesion to the event. Ask ANYONE what were the best houses, and long time vets often will site older houses (Scream House, Body Collectors, Ghost Town, etc.). Yes, there are houses which worked well in recent years, I can't deny that - but those houses had something different about them. It may be the actors waiting even in FRONT of the queue's entrance, it may be the overall event was tied in better, but it was something. When was the last time we had a genuine icon that wasn't rehashed to death?
  4. Would you agree with me that the general atmosphere and excellence of the event peaked around HHN 14/15? Best house they made.
  5. No one is going to go to HHN just to do the Silent Hill house. What a waste of a house in a really disappointing year so far.
  6. What happened to these guys, Kenny and Roddy? [media=]
  7. Wow, if the rumors are true then this year is looking awfully terrible.
  8. I will update this thread by week's end. Sorry for the delay, very busy.
  9. Great weekend = low scores? Hmm. Disagree with your "actors make the house" comment, it is equal. Otherwise, agree with the low scores.
  10. (Temporary placeholder) A few good houses, scare zones barely saved by energetic actors, poor marketing theme that is irrelevant, and a clear indication the new era fails to live up to the legacy HHN name. Much more to come.
  11. I watched an Unmasking the Horror walkthrough on YouTube and the gentleman said that Universal purposely did not include roofs lately because they wanted ambient lighting and sound to add to the atmosphere.
  12. With you on that. As I've said before, the sets are good, but the fear and atmosphere is gone. That's what made HHN 15, for example, special.
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