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  1. That's amazing! You're lucky to have been able to attend every year of HHN!
  2. Good afternoon to everyone, As a HHN community, I was thinking it would be awesome to have a thread where we could share & have trades or exchanges of HHN memorabilia. What are you prized possessions? Favourite piece of memory? An item you missed & would like to find? An article you're willing to trade. I'm really looking forward to reading about everyone! I feel we need this as some of us are already thinking about HHN 27! Cheers everyone! defgmx P.s. I'm looking for the 2007 Event guide, should anyone have a spare.
  3. I'm planning on going on either Sunday the 16th of October or Sunday 23 of October. What do you guys think about those dates? Lots of traffic?
  4. As obsessed as I am with reading about all the awesomeness & great years of HHN, I'm also somewhat intrigued to read about what you guys consider to be the worst or least favorite HHN ever if ever. We can include least favorite houses, scare zones & or icons. Go!
  5. Good day to you all, Looking forward to HHN this year & especially am curious about Legendary Truth & how one gets updates & becomes involved with it. So with that being said, anyone care to provide some info for the when's & how'she? Can't wait for October to begin defgmx
  6. This was the first year for me that I went twice. My first day was Thusrday 21st and second day on the 28th. My first day everything went extremly smooth. did half the houses in about an hour. quick lines. My second week was also fast but I have to complain about the scarezones not being ready (or the scareactors not being in their zones.) It was about 7:00 or 7:30 and the scarezones for Mardi Gras, The Coven & Saws & Steams were empty. I was deeply disappointed. Also, I think the scarezone need to be setup in a better and more cohesive way. For example,If you go to the 20 years scarezone and then you want to walk down the coven, at the end you're back to were you started. so you have to walk through the 20 years scarezone again. I feel it'd be better to have all of the scarezones in your way. anyone else agree? Lastly, not that i'm complaining but I can't help and wonder why there has been alot less crowds this year. Out of all the years I been to (2007-2010) this year has felt as the emptiest.
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