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  1. It's the 20th anniversary of the Sandlot. Holy hell

    1. Cinderelly115


      Seriously? Crap..thanks for making me feel old.

    2. Coast


      You're killin me, smalls.

  2. I'm hoping for some IP houses this year! Bring back the Blood and guts! they Used to go through buckets of blood each set on the streets... New icon would be cool but im not going to freak out if there isnt an icon again. A cool story line works just fine with me. Also a new Nightmares shirt!
  3. is it Halloween yet?

    1. WESKER69


      Halloween or HHN?

    2. TsunamiFox


      It is to me. :/

    3. boogeyman13


      It's always a little Halloween for me.

  4. OK guys and gals, With only 3 days left until halloween ( the final night) lets go ahead and see where everyone stands on their thoughts of who should win the prestigious title of house of the year! Everyone please Vote and i will tally up the votes and see who Wins before it is announced on Wednesday. So vote below in a comment and may the best house Win.. (Let it be known that this will in no way what so ever have anything to do with how the event picks its HOTY.. just sayin) Dead End Gothic Penn & teller:Newkd vegas Alice Cooper: Welcome to my nightmare The walking Dead House of Horrors.
  5. is that what they are? hmm ok. I dont really understand why they would put a sub category of what they already have out.
  6. As i was wondering around the park on 10/14 we noticed a random new group of people. They are very new so maybe not many of you have seen them yet. but they are there and you should start seeing them hopefully out on Wednesday. If you can figure out what they are please feel free to explain it to me. Im just not getting it. I noticed that they all have a plastic face and most of the costumes are either from previous events or are from Mardi Gras. so lets figure out what they are. i kind of doubt they are putting a whole new legion in so late in the run. It could just be filler spaces for when the hordes are moving for all i know.
  7. I have decided to only review on the house this year. So here we go.. The Walking Dead- I am honestly not a huge fan of the show, but i came into the even with an open mind. I have seen a couple shows before so i could get a grasp of what i was in for. From what i noticed was most of the show is large wide exterior shots and i knew that it would be hard to contain that into a house. And i was right. I am not impressed with this house at all. At this point in the run i have gone through numerous amounts of times seeing both casts and its just MEH to me. very dull very boring. 4/10 Silent Hill- I am a big fan of the game and of the movie. I was very excited when they announced this house at Comic Con. I am still impressed with the house (even after doing it 5 times in one night) I do however wish they could have waited a couple rooms to actually put you into "silent hill" i feel as if there is no transition. Sure they have the Siren, Which if you are a fan you know that is what goes off when ever you are going into "silent hill." Yes i know there is a Siren that goes off but its just kind of there and isn't always going off. I also LOVE the pyramid head Everything about him is amazing. I do wish that he would have kept his weapon with him. but i do understand why they don't use it anymore. I also think they should have gotten someone a little more muscular for the role but you have to work with what you have. The nurses on the other hand almost ruined this whole house for me. I don't know if non of them have seen anything on what their character is supposed to be like or what but, it was a huge let down for me. All in all a very good house and my 2nd favorite Hollywood house this year.. 6/10 O and P.S LOVE THE ROBBIE THE RABBIT EASTER EGG Penn & Teller- I LOVE this house. It is this years "fun" house just like everyone knew it would be. and they pulled it off perfectly. From the Vegas feeling as soon as you walk in until you walk out. I do have to say the 3D isn't all that impressive and it never is, I usually end up walking through with no glasses on at all and its just the same. I am a fan of all the gags that are in the house from the entire buffet scene with all the buttons on the other side to the wedding chapel with Elvis. It really is Vegas inside of a dome. This is my favorite Hollywood house. 8/10 Alice Cooper- Ever since i was a young child (which honestly wasn't that long ago) I have been a Alice Cooper fan. The Greatest stage show at a concert! and when i heard they were bringing it to Orlando this year i was so pumped. I dis like that i hear people say they don't like this house because they don't get it or there is no theme. And they are wrong O so very wrong. this house is themed perfectly to Alice Cooper. I do understand people don't listen to Alice Cooper or don't even know who the king of shock rock is and that's ok with me but it is a good house. The only thing is that i wish the music was louder in the house, at points you cant even hear it. TURN IT UP TO 10! and i really do wish that the guillotine in the last room would work. 6/10 House of Horrors- This house is very hit and miss for me. At first they couldn't get the lighting correct in the house so it was either really really dark and you couldn't see anything or it was way bright. but luckily they finally figured that out. It not what i expected it to be in all honesty. I understand that this house was put together in a short time because of the building of a new ride. so i let that one slide, I enjoy that you walk through the universal plaza theater which brought back great memories from the year of the Director. but then the rest of the house just kind of happened. Not a whole lot of detail in this house in my opinion. Gothic- This house is House of the year! hands down! this house is everything a haunted house at HHN should be! From the design to the scares everything! So much detail went into this house it is unbelievable! i hear people complain that they just reused set pieces from other house blah blah blah THAT'S IN EVERY HOUSE! but i digress. This house is AMAZING! the gargoyles are dressed head to toe. which is a rarity. From the 2 flying gargoyles which are epic to the stilts. They put every element into this house. and even brought back the balcony scene from dead silence. Which i am still a huge fan of. This is very little i can say about this house that I don't like or would change. A&D did an amazing jib with this house and i hope it shows that they don't need these Big Hollywood houses to help the even out. 10/10 Dead End- The first time i went through this house I wasn't that impressed. I thought it was as if Reflections of fear and legendary truth had a baby. and I still honestly feel the same way but my feelings have changed. I took the house for what it was worth ( a better legendary truth) and ran with it. After going through the house multiple times I am starting to warm up to it. It feels like a classic haunted house. i really do enjoy the 2 mirror effects they have. the house is very well detailed. there is so much to look at. This was still a great house that was put together by the A&D team. 8/10 All in all this year has been a pretty good year for me. The shows are getting back to where they need to be. The Streets are going to get there. The hoarders where a great idea, and for the first year of them doing it i was impressed. And if they stick to this it will become pretty awesome throughout the years to come.
  8. im hoping they release the in park task ( if there is one) before i leave for the park today
  9. im so glad im not the only one to give names to the tiles.. now i dont feel so much like an idiot... tv guy, 6 footer, bird, other bird......so on and so on...
  10. They could totally do shirts with the different hoard logos on them. i would pick up a couple of them
  11. One would think that the guy from the picture they posted right before the reveal on facebook will be spotted with the hoard.
  12. This year is going to be a good year... I have a good feeling. o and the fact i can hear the rehearsals when they are going on.
  13. It is the store as you leave USF on the right..
  14. I think they will bring back the hoodies this year. They would be stupid not too. It was far too popular not to bring back, i do however hope they change them up. there is so many creative things that they can do with these hoodies and they just did the minimal amount and just threw them on the shelves.
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