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  1. The rumor going around was that the Chucky house would designed around the effect that you are his size, ( Big furniture, so on so forth). I think that it would have been cool to see.
  2. I personally, have no information, or connects. Everything I post is pure speculation, based upon what has been publicly posted, and is not to be taken to heart, it is also solely reflective of what I would do/ the situation would end up to be. I do not want to mislead people into thinking I have insider information, the answers or anything of the sort. I do not, If i did I would not be posting it anyway. It is all just stuff I have come up with in the wonderland of my mind. I am just a designer and enjoy attempting to make something of this. I will be less misleading in the future.
  3. I think Blade = Saw Doll = Chucky The really only one I am unsure about is Magazine.
  4. Haha, yeah, some people hate this and are condescending when it comes to this but it is harmless fun. You are onto something with Squarehead, look at the rest and take it from there.
  5. Take it as a big puzzle. Each word is at its base in one way related to the others Doll, squarehead, hairy, magazine, screen, new, blade, fangs and usher. 8 houses, one icon. Think what has been said. And then go from there take what you think, keeping in mind the functional role the icon might have. I think you will have a lot of fun putting it together though.
  6. Okay. I have put a name to everything except Magazine. What could magazine be. Magazine, Comic Book Graphic novel, magazine story.
  7. Well so far we have from the source who originally claimed The Usher would be the icon... Cinema, a gas chamber, a sewer, a big kitchen and a ship + a recently registered name which was = The usher. And now from your email we have Doll, squarehead, hairy, magazine, screen, new, blade, fangs and usher. I have formulated my own opinions on what is going on. But that is what has been presented. Dissect each words as you wish.
  8. Can you post the email exactly. Like how were the words separated/ listed and such.
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