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    I love to sing, act and wakeboard.
  1. AHH HHN

    1. Squared


      come find me in ZombieGeddon this year. Last room... It's ON!

  2. Ill try my best to stop by! Cant wait to see you guys again and hopefully meet some new members!
  3. So...Would you mind telling me where you were cast? Not so I avoid you but so I can come visit you! hehe

  4. Theres a moment you know....your fucked.

  5. Being insulted before people want to use me is obnoxious. Like honestly?
  6. Ahhh schools whooping my ass. Love living in New York alone for a month.

  7. I leave tomorrow for a month to Sarah Lawrence College in New York to go to school and study Musical Theater. Super excited but im nervous because I dont know anyone "/ Shmee.
  8. Shme. This weekend is usually an awesome weekend up here at the lake. But for some reason, every year its been getting worse and worse. Guess the people you've been bestfriends with since you were born change after time...
  9. Did you not go into Cleaver, Body Collectors, Doomsday, and SAW? Those were prettttty damn gory. But for the smells...I personally love the smells they inject into the houses. It just gives it more of a realistic touch and some of the smells (especially in chucky) smelled soo goood!. Plus...It's also an amazing feeling if you happen to pass by a smell that resembled the ones that were in a house throughout the rest of the year.
  10. There actually is a schedule for the website updates. They dont just update it whenever they feel like it.
  11. I kayaked today. I also decided I dislike kayaking. The wind in New Hampshire likes to change direction so its facing towards me the whole time -___-
  12. I really wish people would get over the Jack and Chance wedding rumor. Its so annoying x.x
  13. Lol don't worry its virgin Alcohol is nasty. And its good! Thank for asking The deadline was twod ays ago at 11:59 so the submissions are closed and we will find out Monday if I make the top 40. Ill defeinitely keep you guys updated!
  14. Bloody Mary's are soo gooood.
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