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  1. At this point both lights on and lights off w/ audio, effects, etc. Legacy is correct, it is terrifying either way lol. I think this one is really gonna surprise everyone.
  2. Insidious is genuinely very scary without scareactors. Excited to see how people react when they get to go through.
  3. Idk maybe not, every time I listen to it I just feel like I need to run away from something lol
  4. Sort of a side note, has anyone heard the song Run by AWOLNATION? I feel like this song is perfect for a theme song or something for the "game show", especially because of the name!
  5. Mandy! I was there on Friday and right when I saw you I knew it was you lol! You all did great it was awesome! Hopefully going to be going back sometime this month. (: Long time no talk!
  6. Congrats Havoc!! Awesome house!! The scareactors really did make the house, way to go Cast A and B! I'm so glad I got to see both casts! Oh yeah shoutout to Mr. Timeout...you were great hahah! (: love, Mandy's friend who walked through with her Friday night (;
  7. Oh believe me, it's not that I didn't like it! I thought all the houses were incredibly good this year. I did only go through once, I'll have to try it again. Maybe it was just the one experience, but there weren't a lot of scares for me. The detailing was great though.
  8. Haven't made it through all the scarezones yet, so I'll do houses. 1. Hallow'd Past 2. Havoc 3. Hades 4. The Orfanage 5. ZombieGeddon 6. Catacombs 7. PsychoScareapy 8. Legendary Truth
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