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  1. What she said basically, everyone that kept coming back to see us is what made it so awesome. You guys knew all of our characters so well that you could even tell us apart outside of costume. We LOVED seeing you guys because we knew you would give us the chance to go to extreme levels with our interactions which is fun for all of us. So thank you for helping with what has been the most fun HHN I have had!
  2. Congrats Beasts! Thank you for letting us Traditionals play with you and for being our "puppies". (:
  3. Yay Corey! You better be washing that shirt so you can wear it again!
  4. Ah I didn't even see you! Did I go up to you? I was actually just thinking about asking you if you went yet haha. Definitely come back and let me know what day!
  5. We love the Beasts, you guys are our favorite to interact with.
  6. I'm the ballerina with the kitty mask and weird twitch. The girl with the fox mask is hilarious! I'm glad you all are enjoying our legion so far, we're having a blast playing out there.
  7. That is correct, before we were told no stopping for photos at all. Now we're told if someone asks we're allowed to stop for a few seconds while they take the photo.
  8. When I asked yesterday at the Twister store they said there should be more Friday, but it seems like everyone has a different answer so not sure. I'm just going to keep checking at the stores.
  9. Acid Assault doesn't have too much fog at all actually, near Twister there's a bit but not really by the building projections so you should be fine.
  10. Thank you! I'll definitely have fun scaring you! Glad to see you're psyched for it now!
  11. Well I just got switched over from being ABU to a full-time position in this scarezone. Hopefully we can surprise everyone!
  12. I love the idea of Nightmaze. I hope it works out as planned because it seems like it has the potential to be awesome.
  13. Universal just called me and asked if I'd like to be ABU. Of course I said yes, so excited!
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