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  1. My friends and I did The Ringmaster September 2017 and are actually heading to Orlando next weekend to try another room. Would you suggest The Asylum before The Archive? When is the R-Rated room expected to open?
  2. I did the Ringmaster room last year and it was amazing. In my 10+ escape rooms, this one was by far my favorite and there are a ton of HHN easter eggs in it. I hope to go back for Asylum this year, but I am not quite sure when. I highly recommend this place to anyone!
  3. That is an interesting aspect I didn't consider.
  4. Doubles do not cost 2x the price of the single drink though, so if it is not exactly 3oz, you are still coming out ahead.
  5. I would rather the event just go dry. I am not a child and would not like to pay to be treated like one. What a joke.
  6. Plus Irma. A lot of Florida was damaged in one way or another and I assume there will be some sort of attendance decrease because of it.
  7. Then don't bother trying to understand
  8. I agree with this. The changes suck; the food is much worse than past years and the alcohol situation is really unfortunate, but the houses are good.
  9. The changes that have been made really suck in my opinion. I understand queue routes need to change over time for various reasons, but the way they did it doesn't work well. Also not being able to get through by MiB seems unnecessary. Lastly, all of the alcohol related changes are really frustrating to me.
  10. I live in Naples and evacuated to Orlando for the storm. Although Naples seems to have gotten some of the worst of the storm, all my friends and family have been spared anything substantial besides some pool cages and fences. Power is out and will be out for who knows how long, but all things considered this in my opinion, this could have been much worse.
  11. They have posted it at least 4 times over the last two days. My guess it is a complete mistake on their part on misunderstanding what has actually been announced.
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