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  1. Been going since 2008. Here's my review from attending on 9/28 this year. Resident Evil: this is what I wish they would do with the Walking Dead. I liked seeing scenes with Leon and Jill Valentine as recognize able characters. Jill opened fire as I passed her and I got tagged repeatedly by the air-minigun as a result. The pause screen was also awesome. 8/10 Walking Dead: as a fan of HHN and Walking Dead I wish they would do what they did with RE and fill the house with recognizable characters from the comics/show. My group agreed this was the worst house this year and aside from Zombie Merle was very generic and underdeveloped. 3/10 Afterlife: I'm not going to rate this one as I have vision issues that prevent me from seeing 3D(I don't have binocular vision). I did go through it and it seemed fine though. NR. La Llorona: this house was an exemplar of fantastic set design with attention to detail. We went through this house last just before closing and the scares in the first half seemed a bit phoned in however it picked up by the end. I loved the audio explanation of the house concept going in. A very solid house. 8/10 Cabin In The Woods: I liked everything about this house but I'm going to give it high marks just for the inclusion of Jack and the Caretaker as creatures/scares in the house. 9/10 Havoc: I wasn't big on this house mainly because the guys in cages came off as more weird than scary and it was distracting. Not to be too crass but many of those guys came off as hitting on me more so than scaring me. 5/10 American Werewolf in London: aside from the issue of a wolf hitting me which was discussed in another thread this was a great house. The changing scenes followed by some awesome puppets made this house great. 8/10 Evil Dead: This was a good standard house that did not distinguish itself in any memorable way to me. It was a good house but I left it thinking "okay? Next" 6/10 Bill & Ted: please pay some better writers for this. This show has been great but some years it seems like its written by a comedy amateur. Other Thoughts: I do not like the lack of event theming and scare zones. A couple of cheapish looking house sets too makes it seem like they did this year's event on the cheap. There were a couple of good street scenes like a zombie tackling an actor then crawling after him after being kicked off, but I'm used to scare zones that have had areas of the streets transformed. I do hope we get years with themes and icons sprinkled in in the future and do not continue down the path of making Orlando and Hollywood more and more similar. Also move the blood pack nurses OUT of the areas with concentrations of street zombies. It ruins the atmosphere. I still had fun and will be back next year. But I must admit I had a lot of the wishing for the "good ole days" attitude after attending this year's event.
  2. I was annoyed because I don't like being hit. I don't consider that unreasonable. Been coming since 08 and never had anything like that happen. I've been in plenty of scrapes and it was a stout hit not just a tap or a touch. Reading about these puppets and thinking about it in retrospect though I'm glad I didn't say anything about it as it was likely 99% an accident.
  3. I went last night and as I walked by the first wolf on the left in American Werewolf he popped out. I kept walking and he hit me in the shoulder. It's not like I'm bruised but it was a pretty stiff hit and left me pissed the rest of the walk through. I thought about complaining to someone but ultimately didn't want to be a baby about it. So was this out of order or under the new rules are actors allowed to do this now?
  4. Okay while Nightingales was my overall favorite house the Feaster Bunny scared the ever-loving-shit out of me and that is not an easy thing to do. I did not see him coming and all of the sudden there was a RAWR and this dude just comes sprinting out of his boo hole and DOES NOT STOP. Came right up to inches away from my face and for a split second I legitimately thought I was about to get mauled by a carnivorous rabbit. I wanted a picture with him so badly after the fact but unfortunately that's impossible to do in a house.
  5. Also not really a scare but the spinning blacklit room in Hallowed Past last year was instant debilitating vertigo for me and my friend
  6. One that really sticks out to me is Bloody Mary's year. I cannot for the life of me remember which house it was but there was a section where a girl appeared to be behind a mirror. Me being my smarmy self smiled as we went by as it seemed cool. The room had a strobe light effect in it and her hand went out of the mirror at me which was startling as I could have sworn there was glass there
  7. Yeah so far I just have 6 in my group. The appeal of the RIP tour to me would be the reserved show seating and possibly some backstage access? They are kinda vague on what the tour entails. Does VIP front of the line access mean you get to skip fast pass users also?
  8. So me and my friends go to HHN every year. Started this annual tradition back with Bloody Mary 3 years ago so this'll be our fourth year straight. Last year we thought we were being smart going on a Sunday night only to learn that there was no school in Orlando that Monday for a teacher work day so the place was horribly swamped with 60-90 minute wait times everywhere. This year I've come into some money at an oppurtune time and am considering buying a private RIP tour to spoil my friends. We are planning on going Thursday Oct 20th so I'm not sure if it's even neccesary or if that will be a packed night but I'm looking for feedback from anyone who may have done the RIP Tour/private RIP tour and/or anyone who works for HHN that may have some feedback on it.
  9. Couple of thoughts. WTF was up with it being so freaking crowded on a Sunday night? This is my third year going to the event, the previous two years I went on Saturday nights both times, on Halloween Night and the day after Halloween neither of those times was it nearly as crowded as it was this time on a Sunday night. I got in at 6, the intro video was really well done this year IMO and I definitely enjoyed the theming and mythos behind it all. Even getting in at 6 though we only were able to hit 3 houses + Bill and Ted by 11 PM. We came out of Hallowed Past and wanted to go hit Zombiegeddon but it was a 90 minute wait at 11PM and we didn't wanna get back to the hotel at 2AM. We went counterclockwise for the first time this year and hit Legendary Truth. I really enjoyed the intricacies of this house. If you saw a huge dude going through with his ears covered that was me. Not because of the ambient noise or the scareactors but I had the highest pitched banshee shrieking girls in front of and behind me that were making me go deaf. Despite that though I really enjoyed this house. Next we hit Hades which was by far the "scariest" of the three houses we hit. Tons of boo holes you really cant see. The one with the guy in a lizard costume really got me. Finally we hit Hallowed Past which was my favorite house of the three we went to. I'm not sure if the Chucky doll is automatic or triggered by a scareactor but if so it reduced a girl in front of me to the ground and then trying to run backwards to get out. The spinning blacklight room seriously nearly gave me vertigo And the mirror room definitely gave me an "oh crap" thought when we walked in because there was no telling where anything was coming from there. Unfortunately I missed whatever the big scare was at the end, it had people in front of and behind me dashing out as fast as possible. Bill and Ted, which was one of my favorite things the past two years seemed really lame and not nearly as funny this year. I dunno what it was but it just wasn't as funny. Coming out of Bill and Ted's they actually had blocked off going right entirely back towards Orfanage and Zombie Gra. I asked people working by Men in Black wtf was up with that and they had no idea. However that definitely contributed to us wanting to head out instead of walking a long way around to get back over to Zombiegeddon. As far as scare zones I really liked Esquelate Muerte as something different from past years. I also really liked Zombie Gras. 20 Years of Fear/Fear Revealed was my favorite section for a whole littany of reasons not the least of which was the photo oppurtunities. If the scareactor who played the Storyteller that night reads this thank you very much. I got a great picture of you stabbing me The Usher was also very amicable to pictures. Whoever was playing Jack was all over the place though and it was very difficult to get a picture of him. All in all I had a great time despite not hitting as much stuff as previous years. Will probably go back to going Halloween weekend to avoid the pre-Halloween crowd I guess. On a final note going into Legendary Truth there was a couple that seriously tried to bring their infant in a baby carraige into the house with them. An ops person and a police officer barred them from going in so thank you very much to whoever did that. On that note the parents left the baby outside with their teenage sons while THEY went inside which really made it seem like they are just terrible parents but I digress
  10. I was the annoying guy two years ago. I have terrible vision and really don't see well in the dark. I forget which house it was but the entryway was VERY dark for a ways in. I was trying to keep an arm on my friend's back in front of me because I couldn't see where I was going. The trail apparently turned at one point and I lost him and kinda just aimlessly shuffled looking for the way to go and ended up finding an exist to an employee area or something. A flashlight guy eventually got me going the right way though ;P Also I am NOT one of those people who constantly cracks jokes but there was one time that same year my group got surprised by a guy with a chainsaw. He got us good but after I recovered I was like "But he's got a Bud Light!" From those commercials if you remember them. The scareactor snickered a little bit and said "Nice."
  11. This'll be my third year going in a row. My #1 pet peeve is kids there. This is not a kid friendly or kid appropriate event in any way shape or form. Bringing a child 13 or under to this event should be construed by the police officers there as child abuse. Not only does it have the potential to send kids to therapy but it's just a hassle for the rest of the guests at the event when something has to stop or can't be enjoyed because of a kid freaking out. Last year I made the mistake of taking my girlfriend. (Well she said she had been before years ago and knew what to expect, I tried to caution her it wasn't for the faint hearted). After about two scare zones she started having a freak out because she couldn't handle people "getting in her face". So I'm there trying to get her through this so we can get to a safe area then find a way out but some scareactors would not leave her alone. I said to a couple of them "dude please stop she's seriously freaking out and I'm trying to get her out of here" but apparently that's like throwing gasoline on a fire because that made them do it MORE. Eventually a nice young lady who was working a concession helped us out and showed us a way to go around them to leave. Lesson learned, I'm not bringing her this year but it was pretty obvious she was NOT enjoying herself and I wished they'd have backed off at that point. Finally I'd like to chime in with the back crawlers. I'm the kind of person that has the gumption to turn around to the person behind me and tell them to knock it off though which I had to do in Fractured Fairytales the first time I went. Also the MORONS that try and "get the best of" the scareactors in some way are bleeping retarded. You understand you do not actually look cool or tough because you were able to annoy or startle an actor right? Do it to a real zombie and I'll be impressed.
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