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  1. Since many sites posted about this, you may already know about the changes. There may be a few more changes I forgot, but nothing major. They just changed around some of the plot points and had to take away certain jokes and add in others.
  2. Glad I didn't purchase the tour yet. I'm hoping something can be worked out and changed...
  3. I think it would help if they explained the house. There's so many rooms where I'm like, "??? What is going on?" Maybe it'll get better, but I don't have high hopes.
  4. I've really been enjoying this house so far. The casts have been on their A game and I manage to get scared at least two or three times per walk through. I also watched the movie for the first time a couple weeks ago, so I think that contributes to my liking as well.
  5. He did. I would share some on here, but most of his photos include him in them. I am sure someone will end up posting them at some point though.
  6. My friend did the tour and his photos were from Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, American Horror Story, Ghost Town, and Krampus.
  7. 1. Ghost Town 2. Tomb of the Ancients 3. Lunatics PLayground 4. Halloween 5. Krampus 6. The Exorcist 7. American Horror Night 8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 9. The Walking Dead 10. Repository (only because I'm not going to pay for it due to $)
  8. 1. Dead Man's Wharf - Annabel Lee! I loved the San Fran location last year and I feel the wharf will definitely be another great zone. 2. Banshee - Love Central Park and think this will be another great zone. 3. Vamp 1955 4. Survive or Die 5. Chance in Hell
  9. It had the inflatable wall from the beginning. They just didn't always inflate it. It slows the line down.
  10. Last show was great as usual. Can't wait for next year!
  11. Final counts for the year... American Werewolf in London: 9 Asylum in Wonderland: 10 Body Collectors: 17 Freddy vs. Jason: 19 Insidious: 13 Jack Presents 25 Years: 42 Purge: 8 Run: 15 Walking Dead: 4 Bill and Ted: 21 Carnage Returns: 3 Nights: 24 Awesome year with great people and awesome scareactors. Can't wait for next year.
  12. They pulsed the line a bit tonight and my friend and I got to go through half the house with no one in front of us. Such an awesome experience!
  13. They do it when it's time for their cast change. It's better after the first few sets, since some of the clowns are up at the front of the park for the opening so there's less clowns.
  14. Both Bill and Ted and Carnage have swing actors to fill in when actors may need a rest or if they hurt themselves.
  15. I was talking about wanting to see the plant in this house before we went in and lucky enough, we got the plant. Unfortunately, I think this house is not one I'll be going through too often, since it does give me a headache with the loud noises and strobes. We went through close to 7pm and the announcer was not out yet. We asked some ops and they said he usually is there when it's dark outside.
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