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  1. I hear it all night. It's on loop inside my head, haha.
  2. "Like wolf among sheep, the wendigo spirit has taken hold! I now mark you and all others as cattle to the slaughter."
  3. I don't think Roanoke was the replacement for a scrapped Boogeyman house. Roanoke was hinted at last year by all of the hidden Crows inside the houses.
  4. There are Wendigos in the finale indeed.
  5. Both cast A and B Civil War Vampires are with the Union
  6. Come find me I'd love to take a picture.
  7. One major factor I faced scaring last night in the streets was the cluster of people around the bars. These "dead zones," you mentioned were definitely not being helped out at all by clusters of people blocking scare actors from safely traveling from one side of the area to the other. I hope to see the traffic flow go more smoothly on opening night which will hopefully give you a better street experience.
  8. Yay! I miss our interactions in the Body Collector Operating Theater/Forsaken Chapel! See ya in the streets
  9. @JW. Thanks for my clan symbol. I made it my profile picture on FB.
  10. But it seems like your basing your opinion on the reaction of the group of people you went in with. Just because they didn't get scared in a certain room doesn't mean hundreds of other guests don't get scared when they come through. "this cast is not really good at all," seems like a pretty bold statement. Just saying.
  11. I beg to differ on this one. Having 5 Fire crew that night probably didn't help but claiming only three scenes were good is a little hard to swallow.
  12. The cursed souls in John Carpenter's The Fog had Red Eyes which The Forsaken pays homage too however ours are Green.
  13. I'm glad that you're loving the house. I'm typically the one in the chapel with the sword but I was on bungee Sunday and it was nice running, err... I mean flying towards you for your three visits. You have good timing! Weren't you the one who always clapped with me in the Body Collector room last year in Hallow'd Past?
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