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  1. I apologize if this has already been pointed out, but 6 of his quotes relate to madness/insanity/inner evil
  2. Shadybrook farms? Something tells me that's not turkey...
  3. I recommend getting a FFP with Express if you're unsure about crowds. Since you're coming all the way from the UK, it would be a small price to pay to see all the houses without waiting in line. And definitely a small price in comparison with your plane ticket.
  4. How could I forget about Glee? And my guess is that they'll cast a girl in the Beiber role
  5. On Saturday, everyone should tune in to ABC Family. The lineup for the whole day is as follows: Beetlejuice Edward Scissorhands Back To The Future Part I Back To The Future Part II Back To The Future Part III Grease Grease 2 Good movies all day
  6. People always state the obvious, but I didn't see anyone post it
  7. I can't believe nobody has pointed this out yet, but: "From the flickering flames of lantern's light, eerie shapes begin to take form as horrifying, disturbing images of this year's Halloween Horror Nights are revealed." And now we have images within the lantern's light. That's an odd coincidence
  8. I agree with TheEyeOfHorus. It's hilarious. I would be so happy if they did something like that. I think most of us would have a fangasm.
  9. Would Publix also count as a sponsor?
  10. Is that the one for the IOA after 4pm upgrade?
  11. My ears are gauged. Would that be a problem when auditioning? I mean I can wear gauges that are skin colored and its hard to tell my ears are gauged. I don't want them to be like "he wouldn't make a good __insert_role_here__ because of his ears."
  12. I have a strong feeling that Nightmare Man is a codename.
  13. The fence-like things remind me of the fences outside of Creatures. The Creatures facade as well as the Wolfman house achieved that outdoor feeling
  14. Not if you get an Annual Passholder to get you the discount. That's what I did before I had an AP.
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