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  1. the emails say "Operatives are instructed to monitor the official LegendaryTruth Facebook page to learn more...." facebook fails to load half the time so it is hard to follow in the park same with the Wait Times, the message is either Wait Times is temporary unavailable or even better Wait Times are only available when at the Universal Resort, I guess the system was not updated to reconize that the houses and queues are outside the park. It worked two or three times and the wait times displayed were not close to reality.
  2. Props to the Walkers at the end of Walking Dead yesterday. I was the first one through the house, and their coordinated attack in the very last scene literally had me on the run. Also, not sure which scene it was in Werewolf, but I think it was before the transformation room. Whoever is in there scared the living snot out of my husband, which is no easy task. I laughed my way through the rest of the house. Wish I knew who it was. He just refers to it as, "Some guy pranced out and attacked me!"
  3. I hate to say it, but they need to just kill this show. Without callbacks, there's literally no point because no one cares. Yes, it's obsence and offensive. That's what makes it Rocky Horror. Either have the balls to do it right, like it was done in years past, or don't bother. I long for the original days when they first had it and emphasized that there would be filthy language and offensive words right from the start and encouraged the crowd. Too bad they're not as dilligent about kicking out people who smoke in line as they are in attacking those who use the F-words. Heck, I'd like to see them throw out people screaming swear words in other parts of the park. From what I've heard around me already this year, Rocky must be the only place that swearing is banned.
  4. So basically it's pointless for them to have this show. The ones who would be offended at the callbacks are the same ones that will flee the minute the Sweet Transvestite makes his appearance. The ones who understand and love the show won't come to see it in its neutered form because, really, what's the point? Rocky Horror is the sort of thing that, if you're going to do it, you have to do it completely or it's just not worth having at all.
  5. As the others have said, an accident. But why be pissed about it when you got a more intense experience? I for one would love a no-holes-barred house where they scareactors could really attack. Consider it a badge of honor. That's how my husband felt when an overhead scareactor at HoS misjudged during the first week a few years ago and accidentally popped him in the head. Poor scareactor freaked out (I imagine lots of babies would report it), but he thought it was great.
  6. I'm a Jumpy Screamer. Even though I have no actual fear. I'll cringe and duck and jump and scream my way through the houses. At times I will take on the Protector role, particularly if I'm in line with some Petrified types. I've even had total strangers latch onto me in houses, and I do my best to navigate them through, but of course that just turns them into scareactor bait.
  7. Even worse this year with people not knowing WTF was going on. Was at the first show yesterday, and there were a couple of people doing call backs and maybe five stood up to do the Time Warp. Very disappointing, as I'm sure it won't be back if this keeps up. I felt sorry for the cast because it was a very small, unenthusiastic audience overall (including the requisite jackass with their young kid).
  8. Another vote for looking for peeps with Nightmares shirts. I wear mine probably about half the time and alternate with vintage Vault and other HHN years. Feel free to join me if you see me & the hubby. We're there almost every night we can be with FFP+exp. We usually start out in the holding pen in the kid area, although sometimes we start at Finngenan's. My picture is on the photo thread, but just look for some crazy old short reddish-brown haired woman with glasses carrying a little Freddy Krueger doll.
  9. This is me, taken at HowlOScream Scream Cam this year. Please feel free to attack, torment, fold, spindle and mutilate me in the most brutal ways possible. I generally wear a Nightmares or Vault short or past year HHN, and I might be carrying a little Freddy Kreuger doll.
  10. Oh Havoc Team B, how I love thee. I suspect I will be crawling on the ground by the end of the season at the knees of that giant hulk. La Llorana, props for my best scare of the season so far on opening night. It was early, so likely Team A. I was admiring the gorgeous set design and had no idea a glowing white figure had snuck up on me and was just waiting for me to turn. My scream was piercing as I nearly wet my pants. Afterlife Team A was on fire last night. That's not one of my favorite houses, mainly due to the rather dead end, but y'all had me loving it last night. I was run ragged through that entire house. Best run through ever in Evil Dead last night, too (sorry, don't know which team).
  11. I've got mixed feelings this year. In some years past I went every night, stayed until the last possible moment, and was gripped by a deep depression that lasted for the next month. This year I skipped some nights, and now that it's over, my feeling is more of a low-level melancholy. With that said, even though I don't miss the event itself as sorely as in years past, I do indeed miss certain elements very deeply. When I was there for the Transformers announcement, I pined for Alice, Horrors, Gothic, perhaps even some Penn & Teller, and the streets teaming with trick-or-treaters, warriors, and chainsaws (and maybe a few Walkers). Those are some of the things I really, really, really miss when 4 o'clock rolls around each night and I feel like I should be getting ready to go somewhere. The scareactors totally made the event this year; it would have been mediocre had they not poured their hearts and souls into it, and the fans saw that and appreciate it.
  12. i love the looks from fellow guests you get when hugging. I got a hug from my favorite Cast A jock, and the people in front of me were looking back like WTF?!
  13. OMG, you all rocked the park last night! Most intense night of the event. I love you, all my little trick or treaters, and of course I can't forget the vicious chainsaw prisoners who wouldn't even let me pause to wait for the hubby. Loved the warriors sneaking around in the bushes and queue lines too. Alice, Alice, Alice, you're the house I already miss. Was happy to get to say goodbye to my favorite jock but sad that it's another house that passes into history. Got my best scare in Silent Hill; knife-wielding nurse was behind me, while I was totally oblivious till hubby made me turn, and I screamed like a maniac. Then she got me again! Dead End was packed with scares, and Penn & Teller was the most energetic I've ever seen it. I always love the slots room, and it was great fun to have Sigfried get in my face, then get double teamed by Roy and Elvis. My poor little Scratchy doll is still traumatized by all the maltreatment he received in Gothic. Gonna really miss good old House of Horrors, where the scareactors had stealth down to an art, and I loved the aggression of the zombies outside Walking Dead, who bounced me around like a pinball machine. Overall, this was a "meh" year in terms of the whole event, but individual scareactors, houses and hoards turned what could have been a bust into some wonderful memories.
  14. Sigh. This is the one house from 2012 that I'm really, really going to miss this year. I enjoyed Gothic and House of Horrors, but Alice won a special place in my heart. Amazing energy throughout the entire event run and just a fun experience all the way around, especially Team A (not dissing B, it's just that our timing put us through on A 90 percent of the time).
  15. Wow, last night already? I'm going to miss all my Cast A favorites in Alice so much, as well as Gothic and HoH, and of course all the trick or treaters. The weather is suitably chilly for autumn, looks like no chance of rain, so I'm ready for one last night. Hoping it's a terrifying one!
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