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  1. HAVOC girls are a tight knit group, it's so good to be working with them again. I love my chainsaw almost as much as my bald head back in Shadow Creek. It's a close one though. Still a month to go as well. Lol. YOU GUYS are awesome. The scares, the praise and applause we get coming off set. This is my dream role and I am so glad we're turning so many skeptics into believers. We're giving 120% out there, all day err'day for the fans. Keep the reviews coming and we'll keep mowin'em down! Pictures and videos are great too, of course. (Look for the crazy white girl with the dreadlocks ^_~)
  2. Guess who got a barcode tattoo :D

  3. HAVOC: Unleashed definitely has my vote! Siiiick. For the record, I'll shave my head for Shadow Creek ANYTIME! I'd love to see some progression with Shadow Creek. Other test experiments being mass-produced to try and erradicate the Dogs of War, unsuccessfully. We could definitely use victims if and when they do bring us back.
  4. I will definitely miss the people I've met who made my first year as a ScareActor one of the most memorable experiences of my life. This event has brought me so many new and amazing friends -- HAVOC - Cast A, represent for my Dogs! Other preformers at the grill, and also everyone I've met here on Nightmares. Saws n Steam, you all were amazing and I couldn't imagine New Yorkshire without you after HHNXX. The casts of 20 Years of Fear put up with sooo much and still busted their asses to make it look easy and win HOTY. You guys earned it. To all of the fun guests and true fans of Horror Nights, thank you. All of the hard work and dedication we put into this job is for your enjoyment and subsequent addiction. See you all next year! Same bat time, same bat station
  5. Wow!!! Thank you so much! We've actually heard HOTY thrown our way by several guests already and it really is humbling to know that people seriously appreciate the dedication and INSANE amount of energy we put into every set until the last minute This cast has become like a family and we have so much fun scaring the crap out of as many patrons as possible to get your money's worth. Keep the reviews coming! Good and bad alike; I fill everyone in on feedback I happen to catch online and they love hearing it just as much as I do. It gets us pumped! Thanks again, everyone.
  6. Epic day. Did you catch Baldie Madness at Universal this afternoon? Great scares tonight. Doubling my quota tomorrow.

    1. Justman1020


      you should probably pay attention in chat right about now, as im about to make you very VERY happy. :)

  7. Is it Thursday yet? I'm thirsting for screams.

    1. Stephanie


      I'll scream for ya :P

    2. Syn


      That's what she said. Heyooo! ;P

  8. Mwaha! We shall duel again, I love staring contests. You did well and I look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks! Thanks for all the awesome feedback, the 'Dogs' appreciate it so much
  9. Thank you!! Both HAVOC casts have been working hard to get pumped before set times, but I think A is just plain psychotic
  10. Good to know. Next time I see you (which could be problematic because I can't see much until the strobes kick on), I'll grab your head and give you a good noogie out of rage. Rahhhhhh noogie! And I have so much energy during HHN so far that it's uncanny. My first year, awesome role, good placement, and a kickass cast that is ready for war. Bring on the drunks and shrieking women. I'm ready.
  11. Yup, that was me Two of the videos on HHN.com actually got good mid-snarl shots. And, I don't blame you at all. They 'say' not to do anything in retaliation and go thru the proper steps to have the guest removed, but when I heard Chelsea got slugged I lost my cool for a few. She disappeared mid-set looking pissed and no one knew what happened until we got back to the green room. If it happens to me, security might need to bring another zip-tie. Bet. I shaved my head for this, so anyone looking for a fight may just get one. Haha.
  12. Awesome! Always great to read a good review. Both casts are VERY dedicated (if you can't tell) to their roles and I think our house may be the underdogs this year! You keep coming back and we'll keep upping our game as Halloween gets closer
  13. Lmao! Chelsea would agree, and she was almost taken out Saturday night when she got punched in the face during our last set. She's okay. Was pissed and didn't get a good look at him but she could tell he felt bad after he realized he'd hit a girl. I'm surprised she didn't go 'Alpha Dog' on him. I would have.
  14. *curtsy* I was actually linked to this post after putting it up in a 'Favorite Scare' thread on our house's Facebook page! I'm so glad I could make HAVOC an experience you won't soon forget, and give your boyfriend my regards. After I saw you jump on him when I popped out, I think I owe him a beer and a piggy-back ride. Haha
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