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  1. Haha, yeah that's the one I got right! c: No problem! Glad to help! Hahaha, too true. Though I did love the cotton candy scent cannon this year, they really should of had a cart selling cotton candy right outside after. They would have made a killing!
  2. I was lucky enough to win a behind the scenes tour on twitter and John Murdy let me film it all. So here they are if anyone wants to watch! Part 1: Part 2:
  3. I may have to try Frankenstein then! If I can figure out how to get there haha. My boss is letting me leave work early so I should get there in time. What time do people normally start lining up? I think I read that they let people in at 6:30 then you go in and see the opening scaremonies? Do they always let people in early for the rest of the event days? I can't think of anymore questions, too much excitement to plan properly! Thanks for all your help!
  4. ^ @KosmikLOL 1. Haha, ok I wasn't sure if it was tucked away or something. 2. Hmm I do enjoy the ride, I'll have to try it once since I'm going multiple nights. 3. Ok! I imagine Frankenstein will fill up though for HHN nights? 4. I am an annual pass member and I know there's a separate ticket, but that day is a part of the killer deal pass I already have. I wonder if they will allow the overlap. Thanks for answering!
  5. ^ @Hauntfan - Wow, thanks for answering so quickly! Damn, I loved that about Orlando's event. Guess I will just have to get there early, which I planned to do anyways. I'll have to bring my daytime one and find out then! More questions?? Of course I do! haha. Where are the opening scaremonies? I've only had the chance to go to the park once so far, so you'll have to be a bit specific. What time do they start? Is Jurassic Park in the Dark also dark INSIDE the ride? Where is the best place to park? We parked in Jurassic but I think on the map I saw a Frankenstein garage? I'm not sure if anyone knows the answer to this, but I saw that annual pass can get a behind the scenes tour on Oct 7. Does it include those with the killer deal ticket? I'm sure I'll think of more! Thanks for answering Thank you for the welcome I've been around lurking for a few years, but I'll definitely try to be more active now!
  6. Hello! I have some questions if anyone is willing to answer them I recently moved here from Florida, so I've only been to the Orlando event. In Orlando they have an Annual Pass holding area when the park closes for HHN to begin. It was a great way to stay in the park and get a head start. Do they have anything similar at Hollywood? Or is there just a separate Annual Pass entrance? I read in the thread about a FOL/VIP entrance? Any tips/explanations/descriptions/corrections would be awesome! I also read through the thread and saw mentions of the souvenir sippy. I have the normal blue one, do they make a specific HHN one? Can I use the blue one during the event? I managed to secure a Killer Deal Pass. So I'll hopefully be able to go all of those 8 days
  7. Coming out of lurking...?

  8. I called Guest Services today and was told there will be no IOA upgrade this year. BUT she said there will be a Universal Studios upgrade instead-- $15+tax by phone, $20+tax at the gate.You would enter Universal Studios after 2pm, then stay in one of the Stay and Scream holding areas. It was just decided on, and not even in the computers yet. She said to give it a day or so then call (407) 224-7840 to purchase the upgrade and tickets. Or maybe they'll add it to the website this coming week (I forgot to ask if it would be on the website, so I'm just speculating). You can call Guest Services yourself at (407) 224-4233, option two, if you have other questions about the upgrade. Hope this helps
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