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  1. That's what is so great about this house, even if it is bad, it will just appear cheesy and great like the film. They've already proven they have the Klowns and some of the set designs locked down. The scares might not be the best but, I can't see how it won't be fun.
  2. If I remember correctly you are around 6'10 right? Did you attempt the tunnel or just go around it?
  3. funny looking at all the names on the leader board knowing a good number are from here. I'm right behind Corey right now.
  4. That's awesome they are showing them here now! I've missed them since moving here, aside from online. Oh yeah and hey from 'The Woodlands.'
  5. Being overly 'husky' and tall, this crouching business does not sound fun. I'll take the lazy path thanks.
  6. The cd looks like a vortex, which would line up with the vortex being in the Victorian house. Edit to add content. The name of the account is theifrit - Ifrits are supernatural creatures in Arabic and Islamic cultures
  7. In 1982 a student horror short came out, the name of that film- "The Dummy" No idea if this has anything to do with it.
  8. We will be there that night, feel free to message me if you want to set up a meet up for a drink or a house walk through or something.
  9. After 5 years, we will finally be making back to hhn, We will be there on oct 14th.
  10. Excited finally after 5 years of missing out, we will be back at hhn this year.

  11. Have not been on in a while, miss this place. Happy to be back!

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      Welcome Back!

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      Thanks JL. Now, just have to get the time to catch up on all the boards.

  12. Hey C_D, I remembered our discussion about local haunts and what not, Just figured I would give you a heads up. Today on the travel channel they are re-airing americas haunts, I think episodes 3 and 4. it's on the travel channel starting at 4 pm today.

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