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  1. The ones from Howl O Scream were LR44 and the HHN ones look about the same but I haven't unscrewed any. I've actually got some old cups I was planning to list on eBay in the next couple of weeks and I will open one up and report back here if someone doens't beat me to it. But removing the batteries from most years should be easy, you just need a decent size flat-head screwdriver and I think a half a turn is all you need to unlock it and the batteries come right out. If yours doesn't blink, I would remove the batteries before they leak into the cup.
  2. Thanks for that! I knew the stuff could be accessed on the Wayback Machine but I think some stuff didn't get saved perfectly. This looks good. I'll spread the word
  3. Sorry to bump this old post but a friend suggested I check here. If anyone does know the owner of the site, I could host the website on one of the shared hosting plans I already pay for. Either they could just hand it all over to me and I'd restore it to how it was or I could give them FTP access and they could upload everything and continue to run it. I wouldn't charge for it and I don't recall that site being heavily trafficked or being full of bulky videos that would clock the server.
  4. Years without icons are pretty much the same as a year with. But instead of some people being disappointed by an icon's house, they will be disappointed by a different house instead.
  5. Yay I have more stuff to look for on my next trips
  6. I had noticed two thick ropes that let me tug them. I didn't want to yank anything down though. I will feel safer trying this next time.
  7. So for the last few years I hear about Easter Eggs in houses. Sometimes people use that term to refer to names on tombstones or old props from previous years. But I also hear things like "push this button on the wall in Run 3" I was more curious about the latter. I don't want to just grab things in houses and get kicked out of the park so I was just wondering if anyone knew of any safe things in the 2016 houses and what cool thing happens. I saw a lightswitch in Krampus on the wall and it was tempting to flip but I didn't do it haha.
  8. I wanna say this house was located either across from where the Mummy is now or around where Vampyr was a few years later. Run sucked from what I recall. You went through an area that was all fenced and the scareactors were just around you. Every few seconds a loud horn would blare and it gave you a headache instead of scares.
  9. There's a HHN group on facebook. 3 of us there are planning to meet up tomorrow night around 6pm. The group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2205223235/ I hope it is ok to mention that since groups aren't competition for forums really...not if you want meaningful conversations over time anyway. My facebook profile is https://www.facebook.com/scithe?_rdr=p so if you don't want to go alone please send me a message and I can give ya the exact spot that we're meeting. The more the better... my jokes and puns are terribad so the more that are there the better the odds are that at least 1 guy or gal will be a dork too and laugh! So far we're all strangers so in that sense we'll be on equal ground. I'm not a murderer and I'm hoping none of you guys are either.
  10. I've been going to HHN since 1998 but I missed last year. My usual partner in crime might not be able to go this year either so if there is a group meeting up, maybe I could tag along. If there is a group that meets up together, are there typically goals of content to go through or an idea of how much you'll see? I don't know how many times I'll be going this year so aside from the Bill & Ted show, I am hoping to hit as many haunted houses as possible. But if I stumble onto the cast changes with the performances in the scarezones I wouldn't mind seeing that stuff either.
  11. Can't wait to be at HHN!

  12. I'm not there but according to the android app, all lines are at 60 minutes. That seems very long for an opening night in September. Most years I've been there on opening night they don't get that long until after 10...and that's usually just the one by Jaws because it gets swarmed with people leaving Bill and Ted.
  13. I definitely recommend checking out the last night. Bill & Ted usually change things up for the last show. My favorite was the year B&T would jokingly call Lex Luthor, "Dr. Evil!" and on the last night they do it but Dr. Evil actually shows up and knocks out Lex Luthor while taking over the role. With just a few minutes left on the last night of 2007, I managed to get 11/13 Jasons to dance with me and my friends as we went through Friday the 13th. That was awesome! There was even a camp counselor chasing a Jason with a knife!
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