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  1. <----- Forgets about Horrornightnightmares for like, a year, looks at concept art, is kinda genuinely freaked out. I can expect how Zombies will act, I've seen Evil Dead and Insidious, Sabbath will have metal playing I'm sure which isn't scary to me, but this... this is fucking MORBID! I can't wait!
  2. I am actually very excited for this. La Llorena was my second favorite maze after Kill Jason Kill... because 2010 was my 1st year so I didn't get to experience TCM. I loved La Llorena... I guess a good part about me is I am VERY jumpy naturally and a super easy scare so the popout scares get me EVERY time despite the fact that I sorta know what will happen. This is the least exciting announcement so far, granted, but this also seems like the best year so far to me.
  3. Screamscape does not have an official relationship with HHN... BD does. They have always been right in the past, believe they were the ones to officially reveal kill jason kill, but they are more than a rumor site. I would be a little cautious, but I am with Freak... 99.999999999999999999999% sure it's true.
  4. I am wondering if it's due to it not being officially leaked. BD generally is pretty accurate as well as usually has some sort of "relationship" as in they get preview and everything as well as HHN fans on their site. I am "counting" this as official!
  5. You guys are way the fuck too good at this... lol. I read here everyday but can't speculate too much cause it will make my head EXPLODE! I kind of see your point on Albert Fish, but what could that be... unless they are going SUPER HARDCORE and doing a true serial killer maze, which would be awesome but would never ever ever ever happen at a theme park haunt. What I want to bring up... and I am probably totally wrong, but bear with me. I seem to remember a tweet from Murdy when Walking Dead first aired saying that he would like to do something on the Terror Tram. I also have issues with a WD maze because the fear of the Walking Dead is that there are hordes of them everywhere... seems hard to do in a house unless they are attempting something new. Lastly the average HHN scare(distraction, scare) needs to be very fast, yet the zombies are slow. I know the code name points there... just food for thought... especially if it is based on a property.
  6. CHERNABOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To all who know who that is I love you!
  7. @HorrorNights do any of the antagonists in the mazes weild a unique iconic weapon? @thesaurusboy688 it is certain This seems like TCM to me. It's not going to be Jason or Freddy. It also jumped out at me that Pyramid Head is known for a gigantic sword... but based on the clues we have TCM. Calling it now... it's iconic and unique. Another thought I have is if I were a betting person Silent Hill will go in Wild West... there must be a reason he chose that area for The Thing last year, and the Pyramid Head animatronic at Sinister Pointe was supposedly pretty big... that fits to me. I also see evil dead posible... but I think it's just the fanboy inside of me.
  8. Two things that popped into my head... Bigger than a car got me thinking Walking Dead as an RV is the main vehicle and also popped up in Florida. This also got me thinking, but it seems like a while ago(last year) when there were Walking Dead rumors that WD was going to be on the TT. Probably not since it seems like Florida will get a house as well, but it seems to make more sense there. Is it weird Trick R Treat is starting to become a possibility in my mind? At the December 2003 Christies auction of Playboy archives, the 1967 Vargas painting "Trick or Treat" sold for $71,600.[5] Liposuction made me think of the animal hoarding scene. Animal hoarding makes me think of a large group of animals... in Trick R Treat there is a large group of werewolves. It also says that there will be scaractor animals(but some will be props) and scaractors would play the werewolves. There is also a carnival scene where there are no clowns, but I imagine in the room (if this happens) the principal dressed as a vampire will show up. The motivational art sort of made me think of the comic books... not exactly motivational, but he said a dark version of the motivational art on twitter. Maybe each room could be transitioned with some sort of comic book style art... that way there could be transitions(similar to the holiday maze at HHN Florida) this is all just what I am thinking of. Of course the Dante part and the D don't fit... but there you are. Also Trick R Treat could have some sort of subname... such as with the Thing Assimilation. Just random ideas... play with them if you'd like. We need to figure out animals/countries... if we do that we're golden. Excorcist seems likely and Alice seems somewhat likely as does walking dead. The other are a crapshoot so here is my "evidence" for TrT but we need a few more hints... but good work so far you guys!
  9. ^ That's a good idea, but I think I have come up with a slightly different one... Insanity itself... there is a little bit of fact in here, but most comes from my head. On Olympus there were many God's and Goddesses that ruled over the land. They were loved by the people of Greece and each was worshiped by all the people of Greece... at least most of the people of Greece. Athena, the God of Wisdom ruled the land, providing thought and knowledge to all of the people of Greece. Over time she began to notice that some people were defying her however, using their intelligence to steal, to kill, and to gain high status of society. These people formed a cult known as The Mindos... a group of people who believed themselves smart enough to become Gods. Athena then decided to create an entity called Insanity who filled the minds of the Mindos with thoughts of monsters, demons, and other things that mankind fears. Insanity was cruel to those who defied Athena and he decided to curse the children and ancestors of the Mindos for generations to come... and worst of all it was always random so although not all the Mindos were affected it could easily plague their children causing the families eternal suffering in one way or another. The insane were put to death until the mid 1700s when they were put into poorly run institutions. As people began to doubt the power of the Greek God's and believe in other God's insanity became angry. In the early 2000s he went to Hades, asking him to make the vision of the insane real... create the monsters that only they believe in. Now in 2012 the monsters have been perfected and have been unleashed into society... killing the living. The attacks are often believed to have been caused by other man or even naturally causes but really they are the fears and visions of the insane. In 2012 at Halloween Horror Nights Insanity and Hades will ride from the Underworld as God's of the new World... bringing with them unseen fear. More to come later
  10. I am bringing this back as well... here is the story if anyone is interested. Mazes will come if this thread is resurrected. I am trying to make an icon or something, but the basic premise of the event is that there are these people in an asylum believed to be mentally insane, but really they are the only people able to see an evil that posses and kills the innocent. The people in the asylum are too terrified of the beasts to contain themselves so they are constantly sobbing, yelling, or screaming yet no one believes them despite the fact that they are the only ones who can actually see the demon's possessing the living.
  11. 100% agree with Trev here. To me Ghostface is dumb... I mean the movies are fun, but I put them in the same category as Final Destination. I may get a jump or two, some laughs, and some good kills but there will be NO SCARES! I like Scream, but Ghosface is GOOFY! Also to whoever brought up La Llorena the reason it worked as a house and not as a scare zone is because she is scary and her story is VERY dark and has dark environments. Scream has NONE OF THE ABOVE!
  12. ^ All right. I am VERY happy at the moment... I came up with an awesome icon that fit's into USH INCREDIBLY well! YAY!
  13. Yeah. I will post them sometime after this weekend, but they will get posted. It's just a VERY big week as I have a huge test in about an hour. That being said I have an idea of what I want to do, but it's not a sure thing/theme. As of now I'm going with the tagline: HHN: FEAR FIGHTS BACK But that could easily change. ^ Thanks for the kind words.
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