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  1. @force2294 Your post reminded me.. I think it was two years ago @HHN, my gf at the time and I were waltzing around and noticed a box one of the scare-actors would pop out from behind to frighten people. So, when she popped out, I went behind the box. When she went to go back in hiding I popped out and scared the hell out of her. She was not pleased. She followed us around all night… which was more disturbing than scary. lol
  2. @DTH316 Thanks man. I'm glad you enjoyed Trick so much. I'm working on a feature film now. @LeeRay Nope, nothing like that.
  3. Hey Trick-or-Treaters! I just wanted to stop in and THANK ALL OF YOU bad-ass true-fucking-horror fans for all the Trick support. Even though Trick didn't "win," as of Monday it did receive the most "favorites," "likes," and "comments" on YouTube. I think it was pretty high up in the views as well. Very overwhelming support. It was also shared over 200 times on Facebook. This is only because of ALL OF YOU! So, thank you thank you thank you thank you to everyone that enjoyed the film and shared it so much! That support means so much more to me than winning or anything else. The biggest reason I would of liked to win this thing, and this will sound crazy, but... I guess... you know...... I'm crazy! Is I was going to, if Trick won, I was planning to take the cash prize and make a new short minute and a half Demon cartoon that I wrote which related directly to the HHN contest & release it on Halloween as a Thank You to everyone. It was really dark, twisted, and funny. So, it disappoints me that I won't get to make that and share it with everyone... I wish animation/film wasn't so god damn expensive. So, instead, please just settle for my humble Thank You. If the Demon could, he'd sneak into your room tonight and thank you as well. Congratulations to the winning film "Jasper" and all my fellow finalists! Now, let's all have fun at Halloween Horror Nights! It looks amazing this year. from hell, WRWRWR
  4. I can't wait to check out this maze. It's going to be insane!
  5. @stateofdk Yeah that filmmaker made a few profiles. HorrorChick was one of them. Thanks for the positive feedback on Trick. I'm happy you enjoyed it. PM me and I'll send you my email. Keep in touch bro. Good luck with everything.
  6. If it was me I would of stopped, helped out in any way I could, and participate in the filming process! And THEN kill everyone…
  7. Hey Gang, I just saw that they uploaded the short films to the Horror Nights Youtube page! Awesome. Here's the link to Trick, looks better full-size. Apparently, someone is creating a bunch of youtube accounts and posting childish and negative comments on all the films in the competition… well except for the one film "they" liked. Pretty obvious what's going on there considering they all signed up to youtube on the same day and posted right after one another. That's really annoying and a drag that someone would do that. Anyway, any of the filmmakers that get comments from those users just ignore them. I hope that person stops and just lets people enjoy ALL the films. Congrats to everyone in the competition. @stateofdk Thanks for posting the extended version! PS: I live right down the street from the Grove! Small world. Cheers, WRWRWR
  8. "What's the process like?" @DTH316 The process is similar to live filmmaking. And it obviously follows the same visual language as live filmmaking. I'm working on some pieces for an art exhibit coming up so I don't have time to completely break it down but below are the broad strokes of what took place for Trick. !) Wrote script. 2) Worked with a storyboard artist. Which involved acting out scene, showing shot angles, camera moves, etc. 3) Cut those storyboards into a silent showreel. Added Camera pans / zooms. 4) Worked with composer on score, voices, sound fx for the silent showreel. 5) Tightened up showreel with sound in place. 6) Sent showreel w sound to animator. Got back shot by shot. Made changes as necessary. 7) I did vfx and some coloring. Plus any touchups. 8) Went to Lit Post out in LA to finish up coloring and do more advanced finishing. 9) ADD MORE PUMPKINS! Sounds so easy from that list. Haha. Ok, gotta jet and get back to this art exhibit. Hope that helps bro. Animation is a LONG process, especially for a small team… which is what Trick had(5 People!). Hopefully that all made sense, I've been up a really long time and I am completely delirious at this point. I'll try and check back soon. Going to be a crazy week! 666, WRWRWR
  9. This is the Zodiac speaking… Wow. The HNN support is overwhelming. Unreal! "Your most welcome, and I liked you quick and subtle refereances to freddy and leatherface, you deserve the Prize for sure, as an inspireing film maker I took great insperation from your short, so good luck and keep up the good work." @Grindhousehero13 That means a lot that it inspired you. Good look with all YOUR projects! Send me stuff, PM me and I'll send you my email. I tried to make references to pop horror icons. It's probably hard to tell due to the size of the video on the web…. but….. there are more. "I think Trick was an instant favorite with us, myself included. It reminded me a little of Trick R Treat. Amazing job." @electro_killer "It reminded me of Trick 'r Treat also but not in a "stealing" way. As in, it could've been a segment smack dab in the middle of the movie and would've been probably the best part about it." @DTH316 Thanks! And interesting comments regarding Trick 'r Treat. I've never seen it, but I do remember catching a spot for it on the horror sites last year and it looked great. I really want to watch it now. "You, sir, deserve to win. I've been talking to people everywhere about this short film, posting it on my facebook and etc so people can go out and vote. If you don't win, it'll be a gosh damn crime. Keep making films, animated or live action, I'd love to see them. Being a screenwriter myself, I couldn't help but love how that story of yours developed." @DTH316 Thanks man, our team put a lot of hard work in ever aspect of it. Glad you dug the story development. It was a fine line to walk, especially since all you horror gangsters know leatherface. So, I was hoping there was enough misdirection going on so people didn't put it all together too fast. Of course, being under three minutes helped that since you blink and it's over.. haha. Love to read some of your writing. Good luck with everything you do. PM if you want to exchange emails. "You really deserve to win. The best part was: its ORIGINAL and CREATIVE. it was something i haven't seen in a hhn contest " @iRampage Thanks so much for that. KILLER comment. "Trick was really good, havnt really seen anything like it" @AgentOfChaos93 You ROCK. Thanks! In all your comments about spreading the word and sharing it: Thank you sooooo FUCKING much! If more people see it and anything else becomes of Trick IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU CRAZY HORROR LOVING PSYCHOS! About the "Win" comments: I created Trick for people to watch & enjoy. I'm happy it's in the top 10 and got exposed to all you TRUE HORROR NUTS! Otherwise you probably wouldn't have seen it. So, regardless of what happens with the contest, I'm just happy more people got to see Trick. To me, the point of all this is to share work, so I'll submit to anything that furthers that agenda. I've been making films regardless of circumstance since before film school. I don't see any end of that in sight… The Demon, WRWRWR
  10. Hey Pumpkinheads, I wrote & directed "Trick"-- First: YOU ARE ALL BAD-TO-THE-FUCKING-BONE! I'm amped that a lot of you dig Trick. A friend sent me this discussion and I saw all these awesome Trick comments so I thought I'd chime in…. "it was just really creepy and am i the only one that got a creepshow vibe from it? with the magazine and everything?" @LeeRay Totally, love Creepshow. Watched it tons of times as a kid. I tried to keep in tradition with what Halloween felt like when I was growing up. I'm 26 now so I'm sure you can guess from Trick what other horror flicks I watched… "Trick would have been soooo much better if it was real life vs. a cartoon." @Hobbz Although I'd love to see a real life version of The Demon(Just so I can hang him in my house and talk to him) I really wanted to do a cartoon. So I wrote this short with it being a cartoon in mind. I am working on a serious "live action" horror feature now and I think you'd all dig it. So, If any of these things I'm putting out now, like Trick, get some attention and do well I think it could really help get a move on some of these other projects. "Who else LOVES the bat from Trick? ... Icon material for 2011!!!! lol" @DTH316 Fuck yeah! And thanks for that awesome review of Trick! Glad you liked it so much! You too @Grindhousehero13 Let me know if I can do anything to help you guys spread the word. Banners? Images? Posters? I don't know. lol You all rock. from hell, WRWRWR
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