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  1. Once again, you outdo yourself sir. Well done and cheers!
  2. ^^^ What Gambit said. He beat me to it ;-) They are very clear in the description.
  3. Excellent work you guys. You are incredibly talented. Well done!
  4. I think this is a very clever and unique take on the classic Universal Monsters with the possibility of also being very, very scary. Plus, it's always nice to see them back in the park. Can't wait to see who makes an appearance ;-) PS folks- Halloween 2 AND 3 were Universal films :-)
  5. Already looks like a new classic and everything the makes HHN Orlando so special: original content, fun storyline, amazing sets, unique creatures/monsters. Cannot wait! Count me in with everyone saying this is most anticipated :-)
  6. Too true, too true. That's why if you commit yourself to doing only (recognizable) IPs, you're going to run out of content pretty quickly.
  7. I have very mixed feelings on this. It was my favorite maze last year and it's not an official IP so that's good. New and revamped scenes, also good. We'll see how different it actually is once it opens (unlike say the Saw repeat). But 2 repeated themes this year?!?! Come on Murdy...
  8. Can I still bitch and whine about Hollywood's event? ;-)
  9. Well, we'll see what "all new" means this year. Sometimes that means shuffling around some things and switching out a couple rooms. Sometimes it really does mean everything is new. But based on the clues and descriptions that have come from Murdy, it sounds like it'll be another nonsensical hodgepodge of random stuff just like the first. And I was excited for the return of La llorona but now that AC is back, I don't want 2 returning themes. Hopefully they give us a nice surprise and something else new. I'm down with TWD and SH.
  10. Hey there folks. I'm back (and justs pent the last few days catching up on this thread... whew!). Instead of throwing out my thoughts on everything, you can pretty just take anything that DTH316 said and imagine me saying "word" below his every post. I'm amazed at how much we agree on :-) Anyway- exciting news about a more involved HOH overlay! That's great. I would say we should temper our expectations a bit. I'm sure the path and layout will remain the same as well as much of the props and scenery. I think we'll see a lot added here and there but very little taken away. Remember that they have to switch it right back in its old form come November. As for the return of Alice Cooper? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........
  11. Well they are currently developing a Woman in Black sequel (see below). It made $127M worldwide which isn't bad considering how little it cost. I wouldn't completely rule it out :-) http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=91426
  12. Hey all- I was recently a guest on the 100% Unofficial Universal Podcast. It was a special Hollywood-centered episode and we got on the subject of HHN (naturally). Thought you all might enjoy it. Here it is. Please be kind (flame-retardent suit on just in case). ;-) http://www.uuopodcast.com/the-unofficial-universal-hollywood-podcast-july-4th-special-show-notes/
  13. So I have finally caught up on this thread! Whew!!! You people are monsters! Anyway, a thought I had while reading all the speculation (and it was quickly mentioned by someone else earlier and ignored) is what if this is a TV-themed year? Here's why I've been lead to that conclusion: The Walking Dead - this seems to be a foregone conclusion and it would obviously fit into TV. True Blood - was on the survey and also has been speculated Universal is in the midst of remaking The Munsters ("Mockingbird Lane") - could be this year's comedy house while providing some corporate synergy ala last year's The Thing. The clues we got from one of the SS houses: the vortex and "wrong side of the bed" immediately made me think of Poltergeist (when the brother is attacked by the clown and pulled under the bed). Plus, it's 30 years old this year. And how does Carol Anne communicate with the poltergeists? Through the TV. The popularity of HR Bloodengutz last year did not go unnoticed by A&D. He was TV host. The word "WATCH" scrawled across the teaser image. Self explanatory. I could be totally off base here and it doesn't explain some of the other speculation (Hunchback, 19th Century, Silent Hill) but I do think there might be something there. Thoughts?
  14. Well my comment was completely having to do with the theming... or total lack of it. The entire house was 2x4s and plastic sheets. It was like they were out of money and time and said "crap... what do we do for the last house? Let's say it's "Under Construction" so we only have to build the skeleton of it." No doubt there were a couple scares in there but the effort in the design was far below what we have come to expect from HHN.
  15. ^^^ Agreed! Like, like, like!!! People Under the Stairs: Under Construction was one of the cheapest, thrown together, half-assed houses I've ever seen at HHN. Truly embarrassing.
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