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  1. Alright, time to make my list of scares for opening night(Friday the 20th) before I start forgetting about certain ones and what not. All of these are solely from the 20th. I couldn't make it on the 21st, sadly. Also, I was with both my mother and sister on the 20th so some of the scares I list will also be some of the ones I saw scare one or both of them as well. Mainly doing that because after the first house we went into on the 20th, we decided to switch up how we normally line up in a house. In the past, I was always in front of while my mother and sister would both be behind me. However as stated above, we switched it up after our first house of the night and I ended up behind them both instead. It allowed me to witness them being scared in a house for a change and that was a very interesting change for me. I quite enjoyed doing things that way. Also, apologizes for the long incoming post and for possibly having the times wrong! Now then, with all that said onto the list! This first thing goes out to ALL the scareactors in the houses and the streets! The intensity and aggressiveness on the 20th was AMAZING! I am honestly and truly impressed by the sheer amount of intensity and aggressiveness shown by EVERYONE and hope it not only stays that way but also increases in intensity and aggressiveness as the event goes on! As for the opening scareamony, I was quite impressed by it! I was up in the front and to the right side of the main gate where all the Walkers were reaching through and shaking it. It got me so pumped up for what was to come and I applaud everyone who took part in it! Now onto the houses! House 1- Cabin in the Woods@around 6:20-6:25pm Props to Fornicus/Hell Lord in the first Cube Room who came around the corner and startled me quite good. Props to the Doctors in I believe the Break Room who were going wild with their tools, didn't scare me but did make me wary of going anywhere near them and was making me want to just get out there FAST! Props to the scareactor on the left in the Finale room who lunged out at me. Props to the Doll scareactor who lunged at me. Props to the scareactor who I believe is the Japanese Floaty Girl/Kiko who ALSO lunged out at me and got me good! House 2- Evil Dead@around 6:30-6:40pm Props to the scareactor playing Natalie in the kitchen cutting her arm off who jumped up at me as I was walking past. Props to the scareactor playing the possessed Natalie with the nail gun who came out and shot me with it which made me jump and laugh at the same time! I laughed cause my real name is Eric and considering what happens in the movie....well I just thought it was too funny that I got that scene in the house. MASSIVE props to the scareactor in the vine covered path right before the Blood Rain scene! You really scared my sister GOOD! I have NEVER seen my sister scream while jumping SIDEWAYS so fast OR so far before! More MASSIVE props goes to the scareactor playing the Abomination in the Blood Rain scene who also scared my sister really good! She also said she was so repulsed by the costume that she couldn't even LOOK at it once she got scared. Finally, one more round of MASSIVE props goes to scareactor with the chainsaw hiding and waiting to ambush people coming out of the house after guests let their guard down due to thinking it is over! I had only just walked out of the house and was a few steps from the exit when I just hear a chainsaw rev up behind me. I look behind me and see the scareactor come out from their hiding place with a chainsaw right behind me and I let out deep, throat rumbling "WAAAARGH!" while bursting into a short sprint in order to get away. House 3- Havoc 2@around 7-7:15pm Props go to the Dog of War strapped to the metal table who then breaks free! Got my mother and sister good! Massive props to the Caged Dog of War on the right in the scene right before the train derails who kept my sister distracted which allowed another scareactor dressed as a Military Guard to sneak up on her from the left and got in her face without her realizing it until she looked to her left and saw the scareactor which scared her GOOD! Props to the Dogs of War in the Finale who use the fog to hide in and jump out when someone gets close! House 4- Walking Dead@around 8-8:15pm(Cast changed while waiting in line. Not sure what times that happens at exactly though.) Props to the Walkers on both sides of the Crouch/Duck Tunnel who lunged at me as I was making my way through! MASSIVE Props to all the scareactors in the Finale Scene! Walked into the Finale Scene just as the warning sirens and lights started going and all the Walkers just crowded around us and got in our faces! House 5- La Llorona@around 8:30-8:35pm Props to the scareactor sitting down in one of the pews who jumped up and scared me good! MASSIVE props to the Living Statue(I believe they are statues) scareactors in the hallway-like area! Got scared by TWO of you really good! Something about that type of scare always gets me good! House 6- Afterlife@around 9:20-9:25pm(Wait time said 60, we only waited about 40-45) Props to the In-Between Demons! Got both me and my sister good! Was also really great to see them again! MASSIVE props goes to the scareactors in the Dead Exposure-like room with all the bodies hanging on both sides of the path! As soon as I stepped into that room, I stopped dead in my tracks for a moment as I realized what was about to happen in the room. The scareactors did a FANTASTIC job using the disorienting effect of the room and the bodies to their advantage which in turn allowed them to get quite a few good scares on me! As a side note, my mother wishes to give massive apologizes to I believe the first scareactor on the left in the Headlines Room. She did not mean to hit you at all and sincerely hopes she didn't hurt you. She was just disoriented by the room and was trying to feel her way through it when you went to scare her. It was a pure accident and she even tried yelling that she was so sorry to you but she wasn't sure if you were able to hear her. She wanted me to pass on her apologizes to you here just in case! House 7- Resident Evil@around 10:25-10:30pm(very rough time here) Props to the Chef who startled me and made me jump a little! Props to the Hunter who also startled me, made me jump a bit, and got me to take a few quick steps away from it and around the corner! House 8- American Werewolf in London@around 11:40-11:45pm(also rough time) Props to one of the Nazi Werewolf Scareactors who got me really, really good! Massive props also go to all the scareactors who puppeteer the Werewolves! Those things are TERRIFYING and ALL of them scared me really good! Streets@Various times throughout the night We didn't spend too much time on the streets. We went through each one once but didn't really linger for long in any of them so we didn't get too many scares. Mostly of the time in the streets was spent taking some pictures and then going to the next house so we could get into each one at least once. However, from what I saw and the few scares that we did get, the Walkers on the streets are very aggressive and intense so massive props to you all for that! A super special, massive props mention goes to the Chainsaw Drill Team at around 7:25-7:30pm I believe.....whatever time it was around then when the Drill Team had completely taken over the bridge between Bill and Ted and MIB. That was a FANTASTIC position that forced guests either brave them or backtrack and go around them using another path. My sister is TERRIFIED of the chainsaws and so when we took the bridge across, she was clinging onto our mother for dear life which only made the Drill Team REALLY go after her! Massive props for that too!
  2. Well then, something odd is going on here. Now ALL of the pictures on each house and show page have been removed! What is going on here?!
  3. 1) Resident Evil 2) Cabin in the Woods 3) Evil Dead 4) Afterlife 5) La Llorona 6) American Werewolf in London 7) Havoc 2 8) Walking Dead
  4. They were on the site earlier but it now appears that they've removed the pictures for some reason.
  5. Oh my Sae.....I would go absolutely crazy with joy if they did that! Sadly, as said by JDW....the logistics of that wouldn't work but if it somehow were to work out....I think it'd be one crazy awesome house if done right!
  6. Hm, not just a prison and flashback. Interesting. Something that I've thought of is a return of the Nightingales. Since they appear in times of war and horrible tragedies, that would be the flashback bit. As for the more than a prison thing, if it IS the Nightingales....then the house could include a prison scene but not be just a prison. Maybe another War setting or something else.....for the bigger history buffs here, was there any massive tragedy involving a prison but not just taking place in it? Maybe the inmates got out or some disaster wrecked a prison along with the surrounding area and killed/wounded those inside? If it is another War setting though, my only thought is WWII. That way, it would be more than just a prison but the prison would be the Concentration Camps.....of course, I highly doubt Universal would ever do anything like that because of how horrible those things were and how many cries of outrage they'd get for using them. Of course, this is all just my thoughts and I'm pretty sure I'm WAY OFF course here. Just tossing my two cents in is all.
  7. Happy Feaster everyone!

  8. I edited my previous post. I removed the link and replaced it with a picture of the enemy I was trying to link to. Haven't a clue why the link wasn't working. Ah well. Regardless, go take a look at the picture. Also, the enemy in that picture of yours is called a Romper. Kinda ape-like in appearance, movement, and sound. Your nickname for it is quite funny.
  9. That is me and my sister. Feel free to target us both as much as you like! Get aggressive, up in our face, taunt us, and anything else you want in order to give us intense scares that we will not forget. Also, call me out by my screen name on here if you'd like!
  10. I think I know what those monsters in the Otherworld alleyway are. The monster picture shown is the closest thing to the ones in the house. The are called Mumblers. They are lesser seen and known enemy from the very first game. In the US version, I believe they only show up specifically in the second Sewers trek you make in order to reach the Amusement Park. In the PAL version of the first game, all of the Grey Children monsters(the demon kids with knives) were replaced with the Mumblers due to laws regarding the killing of children / child-like resemblances in a video games over in Europe.
  11. I just downloaded all but track 18 due to the link to track 18 isn't the right one. The track 18 link is the track 17 link.
  12. I have a small theory, please excuse me if this has been said before and also feel free to tear my theory to pieces as well. What if, the reason Legendary Truth is doing all this research on Fear is so they can summon and CONTROL Fear for their purposes? For example, they could force him to make new cases for them so their business could continue to thrive forever? The reason they are researching ways to send him back is for blackmail.....if Fear decides to go wild or disobey them, they can just put fear into Fear by threatening to send him back to where ever he came from if he doesn't do what they ask. What if, the reason certain members of Legendary Truth defected is because they found that out and the reason the members who defected took the device and everything to do with the Bloody Mary case is because if they left those notes, the corrupt members might find them and give them even more ways to put Fear under their control by using more methods of fear? We all know the Bloody Mary wasn't exactly the best at curing fear.....instead she induced more fear into others and killed others using their fears against them. If those kind of notes got into the hands of the corrupt Legendary Truth members.....they would be able to control Fear pretty well. As for the device that the members who defected took, it took a picture of some sort right? Maybe what it did was "take" your fears so Bloody Mary couldn't use them against you.....and then realizing what was going on....stole the device so the corrupt members couldn't use those fears to make Fear stronger or perhaps give the fears back to those whom it was taken from and allow Fear to use them against you? Well.....that is about all I really have though.....like I said, feel free to pick it apart.
  13. Well, here are my thoughts on the houses for this year. A little late but better late then never right? The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes- Really looking forward to this one! I'm extremely happy to see Cindy finally getting her time to shine! I have a feeling this house is going to be awesome due to it being for the hardcore fans. Have really high hopes for this one. Psychoscareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook- Another one I am really looking forward to and have high hopes for. My first visit to HHN in 2006 allowed me to experience Psychoscareapy and it became the house I went through the most. Not because of Jack though. I don't know the reason why but I just loved 2006's Psychoscareapy so I really hope this one is just as good. I am upset that I missed the first and third PS houses but at least I'll be able to visit the fourth. Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate- I'm on the fence with this one. While I love that the fact it ties into the whole Legendary Truth side of the story and while it deals with one of my favorite things, that being ghosts and evil spirits....I'm also unsure how well they are going to be able to pull this one off. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. ZombieGeddon- This house happens to by my third most anticipated house of the whole event. Zombies are another of my favorite things and considering this seems to be the cheese house of this year, I'm eagerly waiting to see what kinda stunts they pull in this one. Havoc: Dogs of War- Not really feeling this one to be honest. I don't hate it but at the same time....I don't like it either. I'm really not sure about this one at all. Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past- By far my most anticipated house for this year! I can't wait to see what they've taken from years past and put into this house. I can't wait to visit this house at all. Hades: The Gates of Ruin- Second most anticipated house of the year! I'm a HUGE Greek Mythology nut so I can't wait to see what Universal makes the greatest creatures of Mythology look like! Catacombs: Black Death Rising- Another one I'm on the fence with. All depends on how well they pull off the look, feel, and overall environment of real Catacombs. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a flashlight mounted helmet house because while those are okay....I feel it would ruin the feel of this house.
  14. Wow! All these pictures of the scarezones have me extremely pumped up for the event! Also, they seem to be using a lot of old props which makes me happy. I think I even see some props from HHN XV which is awesome. Correct me if I am wrong though.
  15. This is going to be my third year attending HHN but unlike the last two times where I had gone alone to the event. My mother and younger sister are going as well this time. Since I was able to go at my own pace and do what I wanted the first two times I attended, I was wondering if I could get some advice on what exactly it is like going with others, what I should expect, what should be done to make sure all the houses can be walked through and to make sure that we see Bill and Ted, and any other advice you are willing to share. We plan on going for one night only sometime during the events dates of Oct. 21-24.
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