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  1. It began drizzling while in the line for Psychoscarepy, then it was all downpour right after that!
  2. Aha! That Frankenstein is deeefinitely a good friend of mine!! I'll pass on the commendations to him! : )) I don't believe he's on these forums.
  3. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs415.snc4/47834_10150268548190227_793715226_14580184_2250558_n.jpg That would be me on the right : )) with the blue hair. According to my scareactor friends, it's pretty easy to spot me nowadays because of it, haha. I'm active backup this year, but I can only work on days that I don't close at my day job-- which is not this weekend at all, lol. So I'll be attending for the third time tonight. I'll even be wearing the same jean jacket as in the picture! <3 I've hit each house once now, so my goal is to try to alternate the casts vs. what I saw already. Hope to receive some good scares! ; ))
  4. Good to know! Excited for that to start up. : )) The site is quite a bit more eerie now without the music, lol.
  5. I do believe the Cindy mentioned is my friend Tara! : )) If she doesn't see this first, I'll pass on the commentary! I just gotta give some props to cast A of both Havoc and Zombiegeddon-- the amount of energy those two casts had when I went through was just incredible. Easily made them my two favourite houses of the evening!!
  6. Catacombs: 1 Havoc: 1 Orfanage: 1 Zombiegeddon: 1 Hades: 1 Legendary Truth: 1 Hallow'd Past: 1 Psychoscareapy: 1 Bill & Ted: 1 Brian Brushwood: 0
  7. I gotta admit, out of the houses I got to do on Employee Preview (of which there were five), Zobmiegeddon was my favourite : )) I'll likely do a more proper review after tonight, but the energy put into ZG when I went through was awesome. It just was, overall, a really really fun house!! Can't wait to go through again tonight. <3 And, yes, zombie babies ftw deeeefinitely.
  8. I wish I could make it, but I've got work until 730p then I'm popping around the corner and hitting up HHN afterward : )) but I will hopefully run into some people while playing in the park!
  9. Attending the employee preview tonight! Text me if you have my number! If you don't, message me! : ))

  10. I hope after tonight's employee preview, so will begin the Legendary Truth updates! : ))
  11. Hopefully see a handful of you there!!
  12. Back from Dragon*con!! Back to reality with the conplague, lol.

  13. And we'll have a lot more to do soon once the event gets rolling. : ))
  14. Thanks for posting up all the information! : )) I got caught up in events at home so I wasn't able to make it to the Q&A, but that's some very interesting information released. I sense a downhill ball-rolling now that September has begun, and the onset of the event is drawing nearby. (I love that someone pointed out that the coordinates point to the Bass Shop Pro and Steerington is off on a fishing trip, lol. Maybe the "event" is that he got kidnapped or murdered of something while shopping! lol Yikes!) Anyway, much appreciated to those that went ahead and put all the questions and answers in one place. I'm also really interested to see if Gerry Morrison is related to LT~ <3
  15. Adding in my two cents to agree with Halloween weekend being fairly dead (pun intended) -- it's been that way for years, Halloween is infamous for being a slow day. : ))
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