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  1. We were up front all night scaring the crap out of people.....armyofrobots is an awesome person to tag team with!!! OMNOMNOMNOMNOM KITTY!!!! lol....
  2. Of course! lol...just you though. hahaha. jk
  3. ya caught me. lol, I do in fact do the hearts and the rattle to the face.... BOOP!
  4. aw shucks....*makes a heart* lol....glad you enjoyed it!
  5. *salsa dances* Cast B ... my cast lol. Curious....were you hanging off to one of the sides?
  6. Awww thanks I'll be working that night too lol....see you then!
  7. Assuming your referring to the one where she's making the "shhh" motion ....lol that's me, and the hair its a mesh material and really springy......best way to describe it i guess. (I asked the costume people after getting this question a bazillion times every night lol.) I love the hairpiece a ton!
  8. lol yeah, its not an aggressive zone at all....Creepy and get scares when we can. "Constant movement", half my cast has "Dancer" background....including me....so it's more of the creepy vibe as opposed to IN YO FACE I'M SCURRRRY vibe. Works perfectly when no one breaks character lolz. (i hope you don't think i took offense or got defensive, like a good portion of people you see on here....wasn't my intent. ) I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my zone <3
  9. Yeah.....We're not crazy about the daylight set either....lol. As usual we work on finding what works best for us and use that as a scare. I've gotten my fair share but you're right, needs to happen more. hopefully next time you guys come through we'll have improved since weekend #1 !
  10. Esqueleto Muerte Voodoo Goddess Cast B
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