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  1. The Thing sounds better from the way you guys make it sound haha. Even though I didn't hit everything like my first time going this year, I DEFINITELY had more fun (or it could be that my group had better personalities than those in the group i went in with the first time) I think its a better to go towards the middle/end of the month because SA get a better hang of things, they find new tactics to use, and there are better changes to mazes/scarezones/tram/etc La llorona was still great but def not worth a 95 minute wait. I woulda probably went to Wolfman/HOTC and The Thing without that wait. Yeah it was weird, the lines LOOKED normal, there was only an extra queue next to the entrance but it wasnt that long. So I assumed it would only be about 40-50 minute wait. But the line curved and curved, soon it went around the Curious George playplace thing, then went around the back to the Gibson Amp and back again to the normal shrek queue. Craaaazy line. This makes me wonder if we can actually put another maze at the Gibson Amp. There is definitely enough space, but where would the lines go? Especially the over-flow lines. I wish i stayed to watch the Ringmaster haha, i never watched Insult Emporium (other than on youtube). I was gonna watch it in... 2008 but the Insult Emporium got canceled like two weeks into the event and it was too late
  2. Ok well let me tell you this, we ended up going late (around 8) and my group was very uncooperative with where to go because the girls were REALLY scared lol. So we did NOT hit everything, which means I will not have a review for everything. First things first, I went opening weekend and yesterday (closing weekend? lol). So basically I was mainly looking for changes. The reviews will be in order of what we went through: Klownz: Area was great, I still wish there were more chainsaws there, I only saw maybe 2-3 chainsaws here. Personally, I think chainsaws are a great way to "pump someone up" who is just entering the park. It was fun watching some of them chase people in the locker rooms and even in the gift shop haha. Only problem was the girls in my group ran into guest services and stayed in there for a good 5 minutes which wasted precious time I also liked watching one of the clowns (or... klownz) skip around while holding a bag of popcorn - offering it to guests. There was also a huge crowd surrounding the Ringmaster. I'm not sure what the fuss was about but I suppose he was telling jokes or something. 8/10 would be a 9/10 if there were more chainsaws, but thats just my preference Reapers: Went straight down to lower lot next because I assumed lines were long already, plus some of the best mazes are here. Like what some other people said, it was cool that the Reapers added some facial hair, mohawks, etc. to their costumes. It made them seem unique. And I saw the same exact thing Grind saw... a Reaper literally slide/leaped to the floor and did a handstand with his chainsaw. IT WAS AMAZING. There were also Reapers hanging out in the bushes by the JP entrance, there were some good scares there. Another funny sight, the Reapers were in a circle and fistpumping and jumping around, then some girl tries to copy them so they just stare at her for like 30 seconds. She walks away and they all follow her hahaha. 9/10 big increase because Reapers seemed much more enthusiastic and cooler this time Hostel: Next up was Hostel, I told the lady in the front the code: "Harvest Festival" and got a card. The girls in my group got scared and thought it was a code for them to scare us more LOL. The maze was much more memorable than the last time I went. Scareactors were on their A-game. I had ALOT of good scares and I found myself looking down/ducking alot of the time. I got to Steven's scene and I wasn't sure what Steven looked like so I just yelled it out haha. I BELIEVE it was him because he got in my date's face and went that "extra mile" for aggressive scaring haha. 9/10 still not perfect because it reminds me of Saw but still a great maze with very enthusiastic scareactors Alice Cooper WTMN: This maze seemed about the same, there werent many changes that I noticed. For some reason, alot of the SA were picking on my date so she claims that she hated the maze but in the end she said she loved it haha. She kept asking me about the "story" of Alice cooper and there was not much i could say haha. Memorable scare when i walked past the woman-spider thing, I never noticed that there was a boohole on the other side of the room and well.... i kind of ran into the spider thing was was nasty... hahaha. 9/10, no noticeable changes but still an amazing maze JP: The Mummy: Terror Tram: Wow, alotta changes from opening night. There were ALOT more chainsaw people at the drop off. Last time there were about 4, yesterday there was at least 8. The little midget SA was taking a break (or maybe we were walking too fast) and so we didn't get much from him. The good news: there was little to no traffic at the Bates' Motel. The SA were very aggressive here but it was DEFINITELY missing the fence maze which was the best thing of the TT when i went opening weekend. However, there was alot of traffic when you start on the "hike". The bushmen were VERY well hidden and got me a couple times. Funny moment when Norman Bates called a... i must say... a very LARGE and TALL lady a "sir". Then he quickly corrected himself and said "ma'am". I'm not sure if it was on purpose but it was definitely funny because she DID look like a man. LOL no offense to her... There seemed to be MUCH more SA in the area which is good because when I went opening weekend, there seemed to be a lack of SA. They also added a bunch of neon green lights at one of the buses so the "mutated soldiers" would fit into the area. Hmm, the ending was different from opening weekend. The tram guide kept the Ghostface costume on and kept us entertained... saying he was naked under the costume and such aha. 8/10, much better than opening weekend but losing the fence maze makes it lose a potential 9/10. The Simpsons: Can't believe we wasted an hour in line for this ride. Girls wanted to go on it cause it was their first time. La Llorona: 95 minute wait. Really. Girls wanted to go in this cause they heard it was "the best maze". Which is true (in my opinion), but it DEFINITELY wasn't worth a 95 minute wait. The line went as far back as to the Gibson Theater. Not much changes to say about this maze other than the SA being much more aggressive than in opening weekend. Great final scares (the ones outside of the maze haha) 9/10. Because of the long waits for Simpsons and La Llorona, we couldn't hit anything else. So we went to the last showing of Bill and Ted Bill and Ted: Much much much better! I found myself laughing alot more and the crowd was very into it (especially when Rebecca Black is killed by the asian guy from The Hangover). I noticed that the dance routine in the end isn't as long and the whole show didn't seem to drag on. I wasn't a fan of the music but it was enough I guess. Captain Mexico had a bigger role and was much more funny in this version. I noticed they changed Osama's girlfriend to the girl from Twlight. Much better, 8.5/10 I wish i went to The Thing, i wanted to see the changes, but i guess its alright. Thats it for this review folks. Happy halloween
  3. went again last night, will post up a review later i wasnt able to go in everything though :/
  4. sounds great. yeah i remember when i went, it went off alot of times while walking through that small room. plus it wasnt much of a scare because you already saw the truck and kinda knew what it was gonna do
  5. Well, i know many of us want to meet some of the scareactors that are from here. And many of us want to use the codename "bansheeman." This thread can be for scareactors to post what character they are, what location theyre at, and what times they are normally there. This helps me and possibly others out because its a pain to scroll through pages and pages of topics just to find out who's doing what and etc. So... scareactors (or if you know a scareactor's info), please post here As far as i know, Stevenfortmrw is in the Hostel maze (but i dont remember which area and what times), Trevler is a zombie in zombieville, and Hobbz is a chainsaw guy at the drop off of TT.
  6. Yes, DTH, thats the code i'm looking for :/ Any ideas on what it could be? From Trev: So, just to make it easier for y'all to stalk me, here are the times you will NOT find me in Zombieville. Each period lasts for 30 mins. 7:00, 8:30, 10:00, 11:30, 1:00
  7. hey whats the secret phrase for hostel again? i forgot :/ i'm planning to go again this saturday ! yay!
  8. looks solid. and about the merch stand, i'm not so sure about it having everything the universal stores has.
  9. i'll find you when i go again later this month... hahaha.
  10. My gameplan gave me alot of extra time. I went early and was near the front of the opening scaremonies. From there I would recommend going to The Thing first because its on the way the lower lot (plus you get some good scares if ur the first ones there). After that I would recommend going to WTMN and then Hostel. After that, JP and then The Mummy and maybe WTMN or Hostel again (its totally up to you, but i would choose WTMN because not alotta people knew where the queue was for that maze; making wait times short if the park just opened). When me and my friends followed^ that, it was only 8:00, we only used up an hour and we went through all that. So we took a break at cinnabon and decided to go to the Simpsons because it was only a 25 minute wait (thats up to you though; we went because the wait usually jumps up to 1 hour later on in the night). From there we went to TT and took another break because it was what... like 10-ish by then? We bought some food and waited in line for La Llorona (i believe this line was the longest I had to wait for, and even then it was only about a 35 minute wait; plus we had more time to eat in line hahaha). And of course, we took another break just because we had so much time on our hands lol. We walked through the "game" section where people were shooting hoops and stuff and walked through Klownz and into Wolfman. Wolfman didn't have that long of a wait (15-20 minutes because lines died down for it). After that, we hit Bill and Ted at 12:15 (lined up around 12) and ended up walking through Freakz into HOTC. HOTC had an alright wait (30 minutes tops) and then we exited through Zombieville. We decided to go through The Thing again (because the first time, we had the backhand of the scares, and this time was no different The night was almost over and we honestly could have went through Wolfman again but we were tired and decided to leave lol. With the gameplan I had, i believe if we hadn't taken breaks, we could have finished everything by maybe... 12.
  11. this is hard, but i'll have to go with la llorona haha. Especially because it had a different vibe from all the other mazes
  12. second best maze of the night. i loved the sets but ill be honest, i had low expectations so maybe thats why it was AMAZING for me. giant black widow shot water in my eye which wasnt cool but it was acceptable haha. scare actors were VERY aggressive in this maze. music wasn't very loud which was cool because I expected it to be as loud as the music in JP: in the dark. if you want, you should definitely hit this twice if you finished everything in the lower lot because not alotta people know where to queue for this. 5/5
  13. BEST MAZE OF THE NIGHT. Also the LONGEST WAIT of the night. The maze was awesome, just something totally different from HHN's other mazes. The scrim was awesome. Wish I could say more but I'm really tired lol. There was also a REALLY creepy la llorona eating... yeah i dont wanna spoil that part, but it was disgustingly awesome LOL. final final scare they always had after u left the maze got my friend hahaha. she chased my friend all the way down the hall.
  14. Creatures looked great. SAs looked great. But like everyone else had said, there weren't enough scares. I actually went through twice though, because it was amazing to look at what Murdy did with the maze. Creatures looked really awesome. 3.5/5. I wish I didn't have high expectations for this maze.
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