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  1. that would work. ^^ also i dont think the first 3 films have the environments either but if you just take the ghostface character and stay true to the concept of scream you can do an awesome job with just pure minds do something original with it murdy i beg of you. thats basically with they did with the TT. NOTHING now can represent Scream besides the ghostface characters around the backlot. (waits for DTH to come back on and prove how all 3 would work for environments ) lol
  2. ugh tell me about it. how long will it be before murdy finds out the old regular SZ themes wont work any longer ? ugh it be nice if they took the fire cannons and through it down on the lower lot so they can at least have something down there. theres so many SZ effects and different scares they can try out. It was exciting when WTH was announced and now its just getting old. Im not saying to get rid of the fire cannons but they can use it else where. Also WTMN is a nightmare lol it doesnt have to be structured.(randoms better in this case) Everything seen is capable of being in a nightmare.
  3. lol i have to DEFINITIVELY agree with this. DTH said it as if ghostface is as scary as the infamous michael myers. It would be like if scream had a maze and than you say " if scream can be done. so can halloween" Ghostface is a major well known icon in the horror universe but i still DONT and WONT consider him to play with the big boys ever. (Freddy, Jason, learthface,mike and a few others)
  4. thanks guys i know our HHN has come a LONG way and has grown tremendously so im anxious to see how we face off against are older siblings currently. I know we wont be fully up to speed with them yet but i just want to know eachs pros and cons and also things that one park has that triumphs over the other.
  5. the trailer was playing on opening weekend not sure how you missed it lol and i agree dth i dont believe they needed all the films to make a tram or maze. They clearly didnt even put to use the rights from one of the films
  6. he probably tweets it a hour or 2 before the event starts. i seen a few people use the codenames and get cards its pretty neat. Anywho nice review evil clown. im surprised to see you didnt like alice cooper it was a very well constructed maze but oh well everyone cant like it i love la llorona to but does that mean well be gettin a repeat next year 0.o (knocks on wood*) i sure hope not
  7. yea im not sure why one cant be in front of it. hell if there were gonna re-use clowns they should of done it there. Also the western street wasnt our best scarezone but i def. like just having it there for extra possible scares or a way to keep me in the mood. I just hope it comes back next year maybe a western style version based on a silder scarezone
  8. ahahaah freak i noticed the poster to on my last visit. i didnt notice it opening weekend though. Ugh like DTH says as longs as its NOT hotc im all for it. I know nothing of the concept or anyting either yet so i cant really visualize how it would go. I was figuring if we were to get another 3D maze next year it would be based on his halloween movie coming out in 3d next year. hmm who knows i guess well just see how this goes....back to the HOTC thread there was a incident that occurred last week . I guess some guy and his friends were causing problems somewhere in the maze. Security came and handled it rather quickly and the maze resumed
  9. i think it was because the hispanic culture is know to eat alot of pork...im not 100 % sure though 0.o
  10. YES thats the one ! i wasnt really sure though because on my last trip i didnt see it so i thought maybe there wasnt one. thanks for clarifying this trev. Oh and i seen you on friday again keep up the good job
  11. What i find annoying the most is universal giving these "special" deals for only online service. Why cant this be allowed to people who want to buy these things at the park. For example , the FFP pass. Was it fair to not only strip the rights from the ticket, sell a small limited amount, and up the price but decrease the number of date but to also basically only make this deal availabe to people with credit cards. WTF is that ? i had to go through twist and turns to find someone to allow me to use there card. I find it personally more easier to just get these tickets at the park and for them to strip us of that right to was plain ridiculous. I hope this "major buissness decisions" wont lead back to them re-using the big 3 over continually.
  12. zombieman when you say a "extra cup" for 1.99 extra are you meaning a whole different designed cup or the same one but for cheaper ?
  13. Well i wanted to make a few adjustments to my review thread for a couple of things. Lets start off : The Thing : Assimilation First time around was a let down. Not sure because of the timing i went (which was no more than 30mins after the park opened) so i would find that strange but in all it didnt par up to my expectations. After my last visit on friday i can say i was a bit more please with the results. I got scared from beginning to end. I noticed more SA's this time around and the dark room was actually done better as i pictured it should of been. I noticed the SA in there this time around so that was better. All in all it was a good experience this time around. grade: B+ La LLorona : Villas de Almas Perdidas Nothing much changed here besides the SA's becoming more agreesive. I was also scared from beginning to end here and being seperated from everyone throughout the whole maze didnt make it even less creepier than it already was. Loved the stilt walkers and all. The grade will remain the same. Scares,enviroments,effects: changed to 10/10 If the TT couldnt get any worst it did once they removed the fence maze and added in a bunch of soundproof walls. I noticed more SA's and got more scares this time around so that was a plus. Sighs* are Scarezones are becoming lazy. After next year i dont want to see anymore freakz, klownz and zombies..or anything else that ends with a "z" in that case. Reapers was such a let down knowing what they could of done with this concept. It was lazily done and if changing the costumes is enough to convince you its "all new" than hey thats what floats your boat. I except more from all the SZ's next year. Seems like there doing a good job with decorations in 3 out of the 5 SZ's but its old so maybe thats why im bored with the concept. Actually Freakz can deserve more decorations. Zombies was the only one really executed beautifully IMO. Klownz to but hey thats a repeat. One thing i didnt like this year in the SZ's was lack of fog. :/ Hopefully next year it will be back to the method of "not being able to tell whats in front of me." Next year grading the entrance SZ and lower lot SZ im showing no mercy. Theres absolutely no reason why they cant add decorartions and props down there. For christ sakes you did it in 07 so you damn well can do it again. You took one step forward and than two more back universal. Also the front just needs some more props to feel in the gap between there and new york street. And im expecting the return of our 6th sz again next year themed nicely and decorated beautifully. it was a huge let down to see we hopped down to 5 scarezones. John just needs to take a trip to orlando to see how nicely there SZ's are done one year and than maybe he will see what were talking about. Also we NEED sliders to return next year i miss seeing those guys slide up behind you and give you a good scare. Also we have the potential to have many more scarezones. One can be from the side of the shrek venue extending all the way to the bathrooms. Another can be in front of the simpsons. Another can be from the the flintstones bbq to the escalators. Basically what im saying is theres TOO MANY empty gaps !! HHN tries to advertise theres "nowhere to run or hide" but really we have huge gaps of spaces that say otherwise. This is what seperates 2006 from all other years. 2006 was the only year i noticed there was NOWHERE to run. We had scareactors on the escalators, food courts..heck even the bathrooms( not intentionally lol ). Point is all the empty gaps of spaces i just named were covered up believe it or not. Maybe because we only had 2 mazes and a TT so they had more money to buy more SA's. I STRONGLY encourage murdy next year to put just as much effort in the SZ's as he does for the mazes. It can be done . especially with the flow of cash they'll be getting from transformers. It just takes me out of the element personally when im walking from the end of new york street to the lower lot with no scares or anything in particular to keep me in the mood. I think ive written enough so ill save my final closing statement for another time lol
  14. I know i actually liked the fence maze :/ it wasnt much but it did enhance the experience and was a good replaceable for the sheets maze. I wanna boycott to bring them both back next year lol
  15. Creeper make sure to do a hollywood and orlando comparison thread to know how were matching up with our older siblings and enjoy yourself !! I respect murdy as a person but criticism is needed not quit sure of why you apologized. Without it we probably would have a return of freddy and jason. You spoke your mind and there nothing wrong with that. Lol and i think i got a different experience from you and dth on the escalators. I heard everything from start to finish and quit frankly alice coopers voice was annoying
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