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  1. Oh nice, welcome to humble ol San Antonio!

  2. Or..... Trophy date night, Where you have to bring a Trophy date, winner gets free booze for the rest of the night.
  3. I read one of your posts and i see you're from san antonio, i just moved here 5 months ago from orlando.

  4. You're really funny in real life :D

  5. Count me in as well, i'll be there. If anyone could get me a copy of the map before the park opens, i want to make my navigation route possible.
  6. IF they have a margarita called a Maggotrita that's what i'll be drinking, i hate beer.
  7. Has anyone noticed that the facade for hades looks like jack? -Discuss.
  8. I'm pretty psyched to go this year, it seems like they really went out hard this year. Catacombs first.

  10. In my opinion, Everyone should boycott the show, so he gets kicked out and UO puts together one of those awesome shows that they used to have every year, I don't think it would hurt to have another even themed show, i enjoyed them actually, like the 2008 jack show, where they did this fun gory stuff.
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