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  1. Queue barriers went up last night in music plaza.
  2. Something that looks an awful lot like entrance signs went up in New York today.
  3. Hopefully this means a huge event next year. Let’s all work together to ensure this pandemic gets squashed!
  4. Ooo I'll play! 1. Yeti 2. Graveyard: Hide and Shriek 3. Universal Monsters 4. Nightingales 5. Stranger Things 6. Depths of Fear 7. Us 8. Ghostbusters 9. Killer Klownz 10. House of 1000 Corpses
  5. No one ever talks about Canyon of Dark Souls, and I don’t get it, a truly dark and claustrophobic zone without actually impeding the flow of traffic. One of my favorite examples of unique scare zone design.
  6. Man, this year is tough, having ten houses really gives you a lot to think about, even if two or three of them are not very good that’s still a great average! I’m less impressed with Scare Zones this year, to me, Scare Zones set the tone for the night even more so than the houses. Obviously the houses are the main event, but the zones have a bigger effect on my overall rating for the year. So let’s give this a try: Houses: 1. Carnival Graveyard - If the rumors about this house feeling open are true combined with an abandoned feeling and a crazy theme park aesthetic, this will definitely be my number one. We've all known from the beginning that the original houses are always the strongest (with a few notable exceptions) and now after Scarecrow, Dead Waters, and the Fallen all blew people away last year, everybody else knows it too, so maybe they even got a better budget and approval for some great stuff in their originals. 2. Trick ‘r Treat - I can't help it, this movie is the pinnacle of Halloween movies for me. If they can pull off the feel this will skyrocket to the top of my list. I liked the zone, but I wasn't nearly as impressed with it as everyone else was, so if they can improve on the overall quality, I'll love this one. 3. Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After - I'm ashamed so say that this will be my first Scary Tales branded house. While the twisted fairytale concept has gotten a little cliche now, it's still a good concept and should make for some great set pieces. 4. Stranger Things - I adore the show like most and am excited to come face to face with a demogorgan and see how they pull off the upside down, but I worry about the rest of the house. This show is less about horror to me than the great characters which are simply not scary. We'll have to see. 5. Dead Exposure: Patient Zero - I know it's a gimmick, but it's an intriguing gimmick, plus with the Paris connections, I'm wondering if this is a secret sequel to catacombs, maybe not literally, but the same feel. 6. Poltergeist - An eighties classic full of legitimately scary moments, 80s cheeseball nostalgia, and a great cast. Will be interested to see how this translates into a house. 7. Seeds of Extinction - This is the house that I know the least about, but it seems to be making some of the insiders excited so there you go. 8. Slaughter Sinema - These bottom three are low on the list for a reason. I love the idea of a comedy house, I laughed my way through Leave it to Cleaver for example, and I found Penn and Teller charming and funny, but the rest have left me cold. If they can actually make me laugh and get scared I'll love it, if not... 9. Halloween 4 - I love the Halloween franchise, I'm excited for the new movie and I would point to the first Halloween house as one of the most exceptional IP houses managing to capture the tone of the original film while being legitimately scary and checking off every box. However the fourth movie is mostly garbage with some jump scares. Honestly that might not make for a bad house, but we'll see. 10. Blumhouse - Last year on my first run-through I thought this was the stinker of the event. However, given it's location it often took longer than other locations to build a long line, and therefore become a house we repeated over and over again, and each time the Cast had more and more energy, overwhelming my first impression and making me legitimately like it and get scared by it by the end of the event. My problem this year is the IPs. The Purge is beyond been-there-done-that, and Happy Death Day was great, but I can't see it translating into a good house. Scare Zones 1. Twisted Tradition - I'm a sucker for the classic halloween feel, so give me pumpkins and a good Central Park zone and I'm solid. 2. Vamp ‘55 - Let's be honest, the New York zone is the same every year. Wide streets with some props and some people with weapons. Big in scale, but not big enough that it's gets in the way of the entrance to the Mummy or the Houses that enter here. I think the most different one was probably the Halloween Psychoscarepy zone at 25. That said, this could be different too. Obviously the 55 aspect will at least mean different music and tone so this could be great. Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Apparently this is a sin on this website, but I have never seen this movie, and was barely aware of it's existence. I watched a clip that seemed silly but it could make for a good zone. Revenge of Chucky - Meh...I liked the house in '09 well enough so maybe it'll translate into a different kind of zone. The Harvest - Dressed up photo-op zone. At least it sounds like it will be dressed up. Remember when we used to have six scare zones. I miss that.
  7. I'm excited to see Meteor so high on your list, if it is what I think it is, it's the house I had the most reservations about when I first heard about it. I'm also disappointed to see Poison so low, again if it's the house I think it is I was looking forward to it. I suppose we'll see.
  8. 1. Trick r’ Treat My Favorite Halloween movie of all time! I wish it was a house but maybe some other year. I just hope that Sam is a walkaround character and not just a static figure. As long as there’s actual characters from the film and not just general Halloween characters this will definitely be my favorite zone. 2. Festival of the Deadliest I don’t really know what this is but the visuals seem very gothic in nature, almost a throwback to the HHNs of old. If this zone delivers I’m sure it will be great. Plus it will be nice to not just have a photo op zone in Hollywood. 3. Invasion The problem with the San Francisco zones the last few years is crowds. If they can pull this off I’m sure it will be great and provide a nice variation of tone. 4. The Purge I liked the third purge movie, and all the New York zones are the same. (City under attack by something, chaos) at least purge has some interesting and relatable visuals. Hopefully they bring back old favorites with the motorcycles and such and also newer visuals from the recent film like the car covered in lights and the bloody American masks. 5. Alters of Horror I have no opinion on this yet. Hoping it’s at least a nice photo op zone. I get it social media is important. I’m just having trouble picturing how it will look. We’ll see. 1. Scarecrow: the Reaping YES! Scarecrows and corn and classic fall visuals. This one should work for me. 2. American Horror Story: Vol. 2 I love the show and Asylum was my favorite season. Last year’s was great so hopefully they can pull it off again. 3. Dead Waters Visuals look fantastic, hopefully they look as good in person as they do in photos. 4. The Fallen This seems like the spiritual successor to Gothic which was a standout house for me. If they can bring back that feeling without it feeling too similar this will surely be a win. Classic Gothic horror works well for the event and should bring a nice shift in tone to the modern IPs. 5. The Shining A classic horror film for a reason. I just hope it’s not five minutes of Jack with an Axe. If they can find a way to pull off the blood flood then I’ll be happy. 6. Hive Great shift in tone for Vampires for the event. It seems like they were going for fan service with this one so hopefully it’ll be good. 7. Saw: The Games of Jigsaw I think the saw movies are okay and the intensity of the traps should work well in a house, but I can see this one depending entirely on the cast. It could either be a Havoc: the Dogs of war with a good cast, or a Havoc: Derailed without. 8. The Horrors of Blumhouse Insidious was a great house. No need for Purge. Don’t know anything about Sinister. I’m sure this one will have long lines being right next to bill and ted. We’ll see. 9. Ash Vs. The Evil Dead Don’t care for the whole franchise. Hope those that do enjoy it
  9. They eliminated 12:00 closes last year, hopefully they will continue with the 1:00am closings this year.
  10. Is it just me or is speculation feeling a little Dead this year? Have their been any consistent rumors? I briefly browsed through the thread and found Saw, The Mummy, Conjuring/Insidious, and the Shining pop up on multiple occasions, but has there been any real talk?
  11. Uhm....Does that say Run exits "Across from MIB gear" .... that's gotta be a mistake right? or are you gonna have to walk around the back of Diagon Ally and Bill and Ted?
  12. Don't count on Diagon not being open. While it could have changed, last I heard, Ops was ready to have it open during the event.
  13. Now that we have had the full reveal, I can chime in on this! 1. Body Collectors- Recollections: I adore the Body Collectors Characters, and to me the environment of Shadybook is classic Halloween Horror Nights. I will be visiting with people who are newer converts to HHN, so I can't wait to experience this environment and story with them. I also love the snowstorm idea. Winter's Night was one of my favorite HHN houses ever, so if it can capture even a tiny bit of the wintry aesthetics of that house I will be pleased! 2. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem - Nightingales, Gothic, Forsaken, Bloodengutz...Again I can't wait to share these environments with my friends and family, and to relive some of my favorite experiences that keep me coming back year after year! 3. Run: Blood, Sweat, and Fears - I was not terribly excited for RUN at all, I thought it might be sub par considering all that they are taking on this year and would be a dud, but finding out that it will take place in Hellgate, and rid itself of the terrible hostile territory overlay made me much more excited for this house. 4. Freddy vs. Jason - I'm not a huge fan of either one of the properties, but this seems like a passion project, so I'm hoping a lot of effort was poured into this house and I can't wait to see it. Plus they are accessible horror icons to the public, a great way to celebrate 25 years! 5. Asylum in Wonderland 3D - I know i'm in the minority here, but I enjoy most 3-D houses, (With the Inbetween being the gold standard in my mind) and between my love of the Alice Stories, and the references to things like Ultra Violent Comics, I think they can pull this off. 6. An American Werewolf in London - I loved the original, so I'm sure I will enjoy it once again, but it is a little disappointing that this will be more or less "Scene for Scene" as Mike put it. 7. Insidious - I've never seen the movies, I've been meaning to at least see the first one. Then again a haunted house thriller will likely translate well into a haunted house, so I'm happy to be pleasantly surprised. 8. The Purge- Both of these movies were mediocre. But I thought it worked wonderfully in the streets last year. Beautifully chaotic. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised, and I'm hoping after once or twice going through that I start to see the environments of Woodsboro. 9. The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead - Yawn. Don't get me wrong I like the show. I like Zombies and they work in an environment like HHN. But it's just been done too many times before. I can see them trying to switch things up for the hardcore fans, and I appreciate the money this obviously brings into the event, but to me...meh. I thought I would also take a moment to discuss Scare Zones. To me the street experiences are almost more important in determining the tone of the evening that the houses. And I think we have a great array of zones this year. There is not one of the list that I would consider a dud, and I'm very happy that roaming hordes are happening as well to pad the streets a bit. 1. Evil's Roots - Call me a sucker for classic halloween. The construction pictures we've seen not only reminds me of Classic horror nights (the pumpkins) but smaller Hometown Halloween events from my childhood. I think I will linger in this zone as much as I possibly can! 2. Psychoscarepy- Unleashed: The only thing that could have made this zone better is actually building the Shadybook facade outside. It would have been fun to see the inmates fresh out of their prison, with fences torn down etc. But I'm very happy with this idea, and once again turning it toward classic halloween makes it a winner in my eyes. I love the cheap dollar store looking halloween decorations, I'm hoping they bloody them up a bit though. 3. All Night DIE in- Double Feature: Alternating Black and White and Color Sets, Classic movies monsters, What more could we want? My only fear is that it will turn into a second photo op zone as the original did at points during the night. But I also am happy with some of the photos I took in that zone, so I guess it's a double edged sword. 4. Scary Tales - Screampunk: It took me a moment to realize it said SCREAMpunk and not STEAM punk. I hope the general public doesn't make that mistake. I love the Scary Tales franchise, It's a great year to bring that back. I'm hoping for a variety of different characters and a huge cast, but the production central zones usually have reletively small casts compared to the other zones. Maybe they will do some killer aestectics, or, (and I know it's a stretch) bring back our flying monkeys! 5. Icons - HHN: Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for this zone. Once again I can't wait to share these characters with the newcomers, but it seems like another year, another photo op zone for hollywood. I hope there are enough characters around to keep my interest. Also, RAT LADY is back! I honestly didn't realize that she had gone until I stumbled across a photo of her a few months ago. What a great 25 year surprise!
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